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The Natural Healing Art of Acupuncture Cleveland

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Patients who going to acupuncture therapies can notice improvements in their overall health after the initial four sessions, lasting often two weeks or more.  A lot of patients who have opted for acupuncture treatment do so because of longstanding stubborn, persistent and chronic disorders usually with pain.  Some health conditions such as fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia and pain can build up slowly until they reach a point that may force the sufferer to seek a viable alternative solution like acupuncture after all standard modalities have failed to address their illness.  Some people allow their conditions to worsen because of a busy life with no time for medical checkups and when these conditions become so severe to affect their daily lives that’s the time when they go to a medical professional for a checkup and treatment.  Acupuncture has been proven effective for maladies caused by physical and emotional stress like anxiety and depression.  People react differently to acupuncture therapy. Some respond quickly to its benefits while some may take a bit of time before they notice some improvements.  The latter type of patients may get discouraged if they don’t see instant results and may unfortunately terminate their acupuncture treatment before the body manifests some results.  To prevent this from happening, the acupuncturist should inform the patient of what to expect and the possible duration of the entire treatment.  Being a natural form of treatment some patients may slowly get treated that may take a month or more.  It is the patient’s constitution and the severity of his condition that may determine how long may the treatment start to take effect.

Patients may need to undergo five to six sessions before the body starts to respond to the therapy.  The natural healing process of the body may take a while to heal itself and to balance and regulate the body functions on its own but the results are often superior and long-term compared to medications and/or surgery.

A good example of the different style of treatment of acupuncture and Western medications in Cleveland is in the condition of hypothyroidism.  Acupuncturists use acupuncture and herbal medicine to help regulate the function of the thyroid.  The duration of the treatment might take a few months and only when the acupuncturist sees that he thyroid is functioning normally will the acupuncture and herbal therapies stop.   The western style on the other hand, will use drugs which mimic the function of the thyroid gland.  The drugs replace the function of the thyroid in regulating the hormones making the thyroid basically useless and not really addressing the real problem.  The body then will solely depend on those drugs to function “normally”.

If you want a holistic style of treatment to treat the root cause of your illness, then acupuncture can help you get well naturally and safely.

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September 10th, 2012 at 3:29 am

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