Symptoms of Sinusitis

The most common symptom of acute sinusitis is the cold which in this case either gets worse after a week or does not improve even with treatments like common cold drugs.

There are various symptoms manifested by sinusitis. They include:

Sneezing and itchy eyes often related to allergic sinusitis
Lingering cold
Increased pain when you lean forward
Tiredness, lethargy and general fatigue
A feeling of fullness over the whole face
Pressure on one side of the head, cheek area, nose or eyes
Pain in the ears when infection spreads to your inner ear
Blocked ears arising from mucus spreading to the Eustachian tubes
Swollen eyes
Photophobia or eye sensitivity to light specifically during mornings
Pain in the teeth specifically on the upper jaw molars
Upper jaw pain
Halitosis or bad breath
Hoarse voice
Itchy cough
Sore throat
Appetite loss due to lessened ability to smell and taste
Lessened sense of smell and taste
Snoring due to forceful breathing caused by fluid build-up
Postnasal drip – This means that your sinus re-flows fluid down the back of your throat making you swallow the fluid
Congestion, nasal stuffiness or runny nose
Foul-smelling, thick, greenish or yellow nasal discharge that sometimes comes with blood
Fever ranging from 99 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit
Pain and tenderness in the sinus region
Facial pain or tenderness especially at the bridge of the nose or under the eyes
Frontal headaches particularly in the morning when you wake up

You may suffer from different symptoms depending on the type of sinusitis you have.

Acute sinusitis

Sphenoid sinusitis – This type of acute sinusitis does not frequently occur but when it does it causes pain behind the eyes and other symptoms like:

Postnasal drip or nasal discharge
Disturbed or double vision if the pressure affects the brain
Worsening pain when bending forward or lying down
Neck pain
Deep headache with the pain behind the eye, across the forehead and on top of or behind the head

Frontal sinusitis – Pain is felt on one or both sides or behind the forehead. Other symptoms can include:

Postnasal drip or nasal discharge
Worsening pain when reclining and less pain when upright
Extreme headaches in the area of the forehead
Pain when touching the forehead over the frontal sinuses

Maxillary sinusitis – Pain often is felt behind the cheekbones. Other symptoms include

Postnasal drip or nasal discharge
Pressure and pain that worsen when your head is upright and improving when reclining
Swollen, red or tender cheekbone
Tender cheeks
Pain in the teeth and upper jaw
Pressure or pain on both or one side of the face
Pain around the upper teeth, around or under the eye or across the cheekbone

Ethmoid sinusitis – Pain is felt behind the eyes near the tear ducts. Other symptoms include:

Pressure or pain that worsens when lying down, straining or coughing and improving when in an upright position
Headache in the temple or around the eye
Swollen tissue and eyelids around the eyes
Stuffy nose
Loss of smell
Pressure or pain on both sides of the nose, down r between the eyes and in the area of the inner eye
Postnasal drip or nasal congestion

The problem is that symptoms do not always point out the sinuses that are inflamed and so people with sinusitis usually feel general tenderness and pain in many parts of their body.

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