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Getting Rid Of Sickness Energy Through Feng Shui

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The “hulu” gourd, also known as bottle gourd or calabash, is part of the squash family. It is commonly used in cooking for its meat is very tender before the gourd which is full maturation. It can be used in soups or in stir-fries.

In Jacksonville Chinese medicine, the “hulu” gourd is used for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and especially for treating jaundice. The “hulu” gourd also has many functional properties. Many countries use it as a container to hold water or liquor. Ancient Chinese Scriptures also mention “hulu” gourds in wedding ceremonies by cutting the top of the gourd and making it into a cup.

Using the top of the “hulu” gourd as a wine glass to serve liquor is considered an auspicious symbol for marriage. In feng shui, “hulu” gourds are useful tools as well. Because the gourd has a small opening and wide base, it can be used to capture either negative or positive energy. Therefore, if placed in the right area in a home, it can improve relationships, boost wealth, cure diseases, and/or get rid of evil spirits.

However, I recommend using the “hulu” gourd to mitigate illness. In ancient times, practitioners of Chinese medicine use “hulu” gourds to store medicine and antidotes. Even religious people and monks store the medicinal plants inside the “hulu” gourds to carry around or even worship. There is a Chinese saying, certain “hulu” gourds contain certain medicine.

The doctors of ancient China field medicine inside these “hulu” gourds and carried them around when they visited patients. People believed “hulu” gourds can cure diseases. Based on the feng shui theory of balancing balancing the five elements and under the system of the flying stars, each area or location of a residence will contain an area that is prone to ailments and illnesses. We call it the sickness star.

The star correlates with the element the earth. When we find the area where the sickness star lies in the premises of a residence, placing a brass “hulu” gourd in that area can mitigate its effects and minimize illness because the metal quality of brass can weaken the element of earth. Therefore, this can maintain balance among the elements.

Written by Valerie

March 29th, 2020 at 9:47 am