Chinese Medicine Treatment And Care After A Traumatic Injury

It’s a common belief that if you seem okay after an accident or a traumatic injury that you probably are; however, in most instances, after an accident or traumatic injury, your symptoms manifest several days, a couple of weeks, to even months after the injury. In this article, I want to take some time to educate you in how to care for a traumatic injury or accident, should you ever be in one.

One thing to realize after you’ve had an accident or experience a traumatic injury is that your body actually releases hormone-like morphine called endorphins and this gives you the false sense of everything is okay. What this is actually doing is protecting you from the pain that might be manifesting from the inflammation process that is probably occurring if you’ve been injured

This is why initially, you don’t necessarily feel the impact of the injury you have just experienced and it’s really important at this time to receive Western medical care to make sure everything is okay because you’re not able to feel it. Now, after the endorphin effect wears off, this is when your symptoms will begin to manifest because the inflammation will become more and more evident.

After you’ve ruled out the chance of sustaining a major internal injury, if you experience tightness of muscles, locking of muscles, pain or a restriction of movement, this is a sign that trauma is still most likely trapped in your body. This is where alternative medicine such as Chinese medicine can really help you. The Chinese people are no stranger to traumatic injuries.

Chinese medicine is wonderful when it comes to traumatic care because with a combination of acupuncture therapy in Spokane and herbal care, you can really bring down the inflammation and swelling around an injury as well as release any emotional stress that may be locked in that area of complaint. One of the benefits of Chinese medicine is to help prevent this area from becoming a weakened or injury prone area in the future.

It also helps to offset this area from becoming prone to an arthritic condition. So, there you have it. I hope this article will give you some insight as to how to care for yourself if you or your loved one is every in an accident, which I hope will be never the case.