Women’s Health And Chinese Medicine

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has clearly understood women’s health, and the problems that beset it. Today, this holistic healing system to well-being and health is an extremely effective way in treating health problems concerning women including all types of menstrual-associated maladies such as depression, mood swings, headaches, and cramping.

Childbirth-Related Issues

Post-partum depression – The full spectrum health problems affecting women throughout their reproductive and post-reproductive years

Customized Treatment

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Practicing Qigong On A Daily Basis

The Energy inside your body is circulating constantly. It fills all internal systems and all living cells. The flow of this energy can slow down due to the stresses of modern day living. Physical challenges and mental stress can obstruct the flow of vital energy. This movement of vital energy will cease to reach and fill important systems over time. Constricted, stressed muscles create rushed and stiff movements that block the continual, natural movement of … Continue reading

Five Causes of Kidney Yang Deficiency In Women

Sometime during their child bearing years, all women suffer from menstrual problems prior to menopause. While Western medicine has never considered menstrual problems to be an issue of women’s reproductive system, TCM or traditional Chinese medicine in Overland Park takes this condition seriously. If these menstrual conditions are left untreated, it can disrupt the harmony of a woman’s system, resulting in infertility, nervousness and other health problems.

  1. Aging

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Studies Show Gua Sha Therapy To Be An Ideal Treatment For Chronic Pain

When it comes to instant relief of pain, there is growing evidence that gua sha, a traditional form of Chinese medicine in Overland Park in which the skin is scraped by a blunt instrument, can be quite effective.

Gua sha therapy is a 2,000-year-old form of treatment, used by Chinese mothers for generations as a domestic remedy to heal sick children. It is now used all over Southeast Asia by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, and … Continue reading

The Role Of Chi In The Art Of Feng Shui

Chi is one of those words that, like aloha in Hawaiian, can have more than one different meaning in modern English. Chi can mean breath, life force, or energy. It can also mean vapor, an attractive figurative variant of its original definition. Having said that, we immediately understand why this concept is extremely vital in understanding the art of feng shui.

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What Type Of Massage Therapeutic Technique Works Best For You?

Do you suffer from variable blood pressure, back pain? If so, you ought to consult with a massage therapist. Just a simple basic massage can give you relief not only from chronic back pain but also from pain caused by injuries or wounds. Massage therapy can help you relax and sleep better especially if take it on a regular basis.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine And Its Positive Effects On The Body

As the name implies, Chinese medicine originated and is still being used in China. It continues to be the most popular choice among of certain individuals when it comes to addressing certain types of conditions and illnesses.

You can choose from a wide variety of Chinese medicines to help cure and treat some of the most common conditions. There are specific kinds of Chinese medicines that are widely used and very much sought after while … Continue reading

Qigong Can Help Cure And Even Reverse Osteoporosis

If you are aware about the incapacitating bone disease known as osteoporosis, you’ll also realize that it is a chronic and incurable disease. You may be aware that this condition prevents calcium from being absorbed by the bones causing them to become brittle over time. Because of osteoporosis, your body cannot absorb calcium no matter how much of it you try to supplement your diet.

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The Best Way To Approach Disease Is To Integrate Both TCM And Western Medicine Treatments Together

No matter how alternative medicine appears to be, it is definitely anything but. TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes herbal medicine, Chinese physical therapy (tui na) and acupuncture has been practiced for millennia to assist in the treatment of the human body. But since it is not commercialized and most people are unfamiliar with it, it is often sidelined. We hope this article will give you a little understanding of what TCM is.

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Moxibustion Therapy To Warm And Heal The Body

After the acupuncturist in Bellmore inserts needles into carefully chosen points, he proceeds to put blobs of moxa on the upper tip of needles and then lit each of the needles. While it was quite alarming to be turned into the equivalent of a birthday cake, the ensuing heat penetrated deep into my body, rejuvenating my energy levels and relaxing the muscles.

As heat from the moxibustion therapy cooled down, it was as if the … Continue reading