Asthma Acupuncture Has Been Around Since Ancient Times

Acupuncture for the treatment of asthma has been around for thousands of years, with its roots in the culture of China. Modern Western medicine may provide you with treatments that effectively address the symptoms of asthma; it however, does not have any cure for asthma itself.

The reason for this is that beyond the asthmatic symptoms of breathing problems, sneezing, coughing,, and wheezing, asthma has more to do with your overall health particularly your immune system, that can neutralize the allergies that trigger asthma.

Used traditionally as a way to improve general wellness, acupuncture can also enhance the strength of your body in order for the body to repel the everyday effects of pollution. Acupuncture’s roots come from the millennia-old Chinese ancient healing art known as TCM or traditional Chinese medicine. TCM has a theory that states that a person’s entire body is electrically interconnected. According to TCM, asthma and other human health conditions is the result of an abnormal flow of vital energy the Chinese refer to as Chi. Chi, like blood, flows throughout the body via energy channels known as meridians. When a meridian develops a blockage, Chi flow starts to slow down. An acupuncturist is then called to determine the part of the body where the blockage has arisen. The imbalanced flow of Chi causes the rise of diseases.

An acupuncture procedure involves the use of filiform needles inserted carefully just right under the skin at certain points in the body known as acupoints. This helps restore balance in the body and enables Chi to flow unabated once more to all parts of the body. A balanced Chi flow makes the body strong and healthy, prerequisites that are much needed to overcome asthma and other diseases.

A lot of people will start to notice positive outcomes almost instantaneously after a number of sessions of acupuncture treatments. But if you desire really longstanding results, you should go for regular treatments at least until your asthma has been entirely cured. The cure for asthma is best achieved with regular asthma treatments all under the strict supervision of your medical physician.

TCM believes that a good balance of energy and proper Chi flow does not only pertain to the health of the body. It can also be related to environment concerns. This means, for example, if an office or a home has “bad Chi,” the workers and the home occupants may experience bad health such as asthma, eventually.

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