Addressing Fibromyalgia with Acupuncture Jacksonville

Fibromyalgia can affect any person at any age although it is found to strike women more than men.  It is a health problem characterized by intense and widespread body pain. Sadly, fibromyalgia is a little understood problem and there is no known cure for it.  Besides the pain, fibromyalgia symptom can include fatigue and often these symptoms may be attributed to some other health condition.  Physicians really need to evaluate and monitor the patient thoroughly in order to diagnose a patient correctly.

To offset the painful symptoms of fibromyalgia, doctors have devised ways to lessen the effects of the symptoms.  The way of treating the symptoms differ from patient to patient and even if there are various ways of curing the symptoms they often are not uniform for each patient.  In this regard, both doctor and patient should cooperate to find a unique way to treat the patient’s fibromyalgia.  The treatment program needs to focus on the patient’s present state of health.

Oftentimes regular exercises are part of the treatment program.  The exercise should involve working out all the body parts of the patient.  Studies have shown that regular exercise is very useful for fibromyalgia rehabilitation.

To get the fullest benefits of exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, the patient needs to perform exercise three times a week with each exercise lasting 20 minutes. These requirements are aimed at getting the patient’s desired maximum heart rate.  For this, the ideal kinds of exercises are walking, swimming and biking.  These exercises also help release endorphins that will help relieve the pain on the painful parts of the body and improve the psychological state of the patient.

Jacksonville Acupuncture therapy has shown to be a very good way in helping the condition of fibromyalgia patients. Studies have shown that fibromyalgia stimulates hyperactive functions of neural activity that affect certain parts of the body making these parts tender and painful.  The benefit of acupuncture for this condition is that it prevents the hyperactivity of neural functions in a limited amount of time.

Acupuncture treatment for fibromyalgia can last for 3 weeks.  The patient may still need to come back for more sessions although this may be needed after months or even years which depends on the condition of the patient.  Western medical science tends to belittle or ignore the good results of acupuncture treatment for fibromyalgia although for patients who have benefited from the treatment have been living a much better kind of life thanks to acupuncture.

Herbal treatment can also be helpful in alleviating fibromyalgia conditions.  One particular herb that is shown to be effective is gingko biloba which helps in improving the flow of blood to the brain.  It also helps in relieving stress.  This herb improves the condition of the patient without any side effects and gives the patient a less stressful way to address his fibromyalgia symptoms.