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Acupuncture for Low Back Pain

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This article talks about a 54 year-old woman who had been having low back pain in Cleveland for a huge part of her life, particularly on the left side of her body although her right side is affected, at times. She remembered the pain starting to occur after suffering from a severe type of pneumonia which led to her hospitalization for a whole week at the age of 9. She thought that the stay in the hospital contributed to her back pain or the virus she contracted had led to the injury in some way. She had coughed for quite a long period during her hospital stay and really believed her vigorous coughing may have led to her back injury. From that time on, she sometimes suffer from back pain when sick with a cough. Her pneumonia never returned though.

She felt that her knee was oftentimes weak in such a way that that it could give way at any moment which forced her to sit or stop walking at once. Her knee or back showed no abnormalities as revealed in medical tests.

Frequent urination is also a complaint aired by the patient which forced her to arise from bed to go to the bathroom a minimum of two times each night. Overall, she was quite depressed, fatigued and suffered from bilateral low- pitched tinnitus. The depression and fatigue she felt since her childhood; the tinnitus, however, has been lasting for about 2 years.

She presented with a slightly swollen and pale tongue while her pulse was quite weak and deep, particularly on the Kidney positions.

Diagnosis: Deficiency of Kidney Yang is the likely cause of her back pain. The deficiency may have developed due to being hospitalized at a young age, that either having a poor physical position in the hospital or the depletion of her Yang essence because of the virus that led to the stagnation of her Blood and Qi eventually resulting in Kidney deficiency.

Plan of Treatment: The Kidney Yang is to be tonified to help relieve the pain of the patient as well as to endeavor to strengthen her knee, and treat the early stage of the tinnitus.

Acupuncture Points: KD 9, BL 23, KD 6, BL 25, KD 3, BL 26, ST 36, SP 6, BL 60

After only some sessions of acupuncture (once a week for a whole month) the back pain of the patient was relieved. The patient stated that her tinnitus has seemingly lessened in intensity but was not entirely removed. Her knee felt a little stronger and level of energy level rose, as reported by the patient. Due to the treatment of her back pain, she discontinued treatment before she was able to completely heal her knee weakness and her tinnitus.

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August 24th, 2014 at 6:58 am

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