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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Remedies for Dry Skin

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Diet is one important factor in acquiring a healthy skin. Unfortunately, not all people follow a healthy diet and the consequence of this can usually manifest in their skin.  There are people who have a rigid idea that all fats are bad and need to be avoided at all times.  The inflexible notion that a food is all bad or good can wreak havoc on the person’s body specifically on his/her skin. Minus the moisturizing effects of dietary fats and oils, the skin will completely dry out and wither like a prune.  The dry skin may not only require some lotion; the skin and the face can become deeply wrinkled and extremely desiccated as well.

If you suffer from dry skin, Chinese medicine may also believe that your internal body may be very dry as well.  The acupuncturist can diagnose your condition as due to a dryness pathogen or damage to the fluids of the body – all these merely mean that your body is deficient in moisture.

Acupuncturists see that moisture in a person’s body relates to Yin because of its moisturizing, nourishing and cooling qualities.  For every aspect of good health, the body requires moisture, from smoothing the transport of food through the digestive system to the lubrication of your joints.

Dryness, as a pathogen can come as a number of symptoms. These can be in the form of fever, indigestion, joint pain, dry eyes, nose or mouth, cough, dry sore throat and constipation.

It truly helps to be well-hydrated but the treatment for damaged fluids involve more than taking in adequate amounts of water.  If a person has, for example, constipation due to dryness, drinking water can help a bit.  He/she, however, will also require consumption of moisturizing foods in order to lubricate the intestines that will treat the constipation.

The following are helpful tips to properly moisten overall dryness:

Drink copious amounts of water – we now know that water alone can’t undo the damage caused by dryness, but if you become dehydrated your dryness problem will only get worse.

Eat lots of fruits – fruits often provide moisture to the body. For dry lungs, pears and apples can help. Darkly colored vegetables and fruits, in general, build up fluids in your body and nourish Yin.

Nuts and seeds have also moisturizing qualities – Chinese medicine often utilizes walnuts to treat constipation caused by dryness.  Avoid seeds and nuts that have been processed with other oils.

The body requires some amounts of fat to stay healthy – canola oil, olive oil, and flaxseed oil are some healthy oils your body needs.  Eat nuts, olives and avocadoes and other plant based fats.

Your house needs to be also properly hydrated- having the heater on in the cold seasons or living in a dry climate can cause your skin to be dry. Get a humidifier, boil water, build an indoor fountain or get some plant to supply moisture in the air.

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July 19th, 2014 at 8:52 am

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