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Acupressure Relieves Headaches And Migraines And Eliminate Stress

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Have you ever experienced a headache or migraine that has dramatically dissipated minutes after someone applied pressure on different parts of your hand? This kind of therapy actually has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years and it is called acupressure.

Very much the same as acupuncture, acupressure is only different to its counterpart in how it is done. Acupuncture uses needles stuck into specific pressure points on the body to activate the pressure point system of the body to boost the circulation of blood and energy throughout the body in order to treat illnesses and relieve pain. Acupressure, on the other hand, uses pressure of the hands. This manual pressure is applied into specific pressure points on the body to alleviate body and head pain like headaches and migraines and eliminate stress.

One practical form of acupressure you can perform on yourself and others is done using a mat called Nayoya Acupuncture mat. Historically, this mat has a tradition similar to deep tissue massage, reflexology, acupressure, and traditional acupuncture in Jacksonville, all techniques designed to eliminate stress in the body.

These healing procedures are based on the concept of chi which is the vital energy flowing throughout the body. In Chinese medicine, when the flow of chi is blocked by stress and other negative factors, physical and emotional illness develops. When important acupressure points on the feet, back, hands, and other parts of the body are rubbed or massaged, chi flow is rechanneled and restored which triggers the natural healing processes of the body.

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Acupressure A Useful Treatment For Migraines And Headaches

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For most practitioners, acupuncture is the best treatment for headaches, but they also believe that acupressure can be also a powerful treatment for headaches and one of its best features is that it is easy to learn and can be done safely at home. The differential patterns for the various types of headaches may depend on whatever organ system(s) is affected although almost always it is the Gallbladder meridian that’s affected.

The Gallbladder meridian is located near the eye’s outer edge and it radiates towards and upwards the back of the head. This meridian travels across the top of the shoulders and at the top of the trapezius muscles where it stretches downwards through the occipital area. This is the area midway between the shoulder joint’s topmost part and the base of the neck. For people suffering from chronic headaches, this meridian is usually tight; when it’s stressed, it even gets tighter. The Gallbladder meridian then runs from the shoulder and downward the side of the body, passing the gluteal area, then to both leg’s lateral aspect, and stops at the fourth toe.

According to Chinese medicine, the Gallbladder and Liver play major roles in the development of migraines and headaches. These two organs are closely connected to each other so much so that if one organ has a problem, the other is sure to be affected as well. This is why when practitioners treat one organ, they usually also address the other. The Liver meridian also impacts the top of the head and can be responsible for pain behind the eyes. Because both these meridians can affect the back, sides, and front of the head, they are often used to effectively treat migraines and headaches.

The following is a very simple acupressure procedure which you can perform at home to cure or reduce a headache:

  1. First, sit on a stool or chair without a backrest. You can also sit on the floor or on a coffee table.
  2. Then tell someone to stand behind you (about two to three inches away from their chest to your back).
  3. Your companion then places his/her thumbs on your trapezius muscle’s highest point (this will again be about middle between your shoulder joint and the base of your neck).
  4. Once your companion’s thumbs are in place, tell him to push using a moderate amount of pressure straight towards the floor. You and your companion should be in constant communication with each other. Tell him/her if you’re not getting enough pressure or if there’s too much of it. You will know how much pressure you can tolerate. The treatment should not hurt but you definitely will feel some pressure on your muscles.
  5. Keep on applying steady pressure on the muscle for about two to four minutes.
  6. Repeat the process as much as you can.

This simple acupressure procedure should take care of your migraine or headache. When performing this therapy, act with caution and to avoid injury, make sure you are constantly communicating with your companion.

Ni Nan Gilbert is a licensed acupuncturist in Bellmore, NY with certification in Chinese Herbology and over 16 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine.


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January 16th, 2018 at 4:41 pm

Acupressure Treatment For Headaches And Migraines

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Two of the most common problems that people endure and suffer from are headaches and migraines. A headache may last for a few minutes, several hours, or even days and may be mild, throbbing, or severe. For some people, tension, emotional changes, and severe stress can lead to massive headaches, whereas migraines can have a more complex cause, with the brain’s blood vessels swelling to a point where it releases chemicals from the nerve fibers resulting in severe pain and inflammation.

Causes of Migraines

There are certain reasons why migraines develop and certain points can act as triggers that can set off a migraine attack. These are:

1. Eating habits – Some of the foods we eat can be a major factor in triggering migraine. Some of the major food triggers of migraine are fermented foods, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco.

2. Hormonal changes – Another important factor causing a headache or migraine.

3. Other causes – Sleeping disorders, work pressure, stress, and tension can also factors that cause nausea, severe headaches, and migraines.

In Chinese medicine, these are the six most important pressure points in the body to alleviate migraines and headaches:

1. Shoulder Well – Found midway to the shoulder’s edge and the base of the neck. Putting pressure on this point helps relieve neck and shoulder stiffness that reduces neck pain. This point can also cure spasms and asthma.

2. Face region – The points to this area are found on both sides of the nostril. When applied with pressure, they can help open up the sinuses and relieve both migraine and tension headache.

3. Temple region – Found in the temple region, these are series points that wrap around the ear, beginning from the top of the ear located just one finger width from the ear. All those pressure points need to be worked together to garner significant results.

4. Bright light – This section is found on the eyes’ inner corner just under the eyebrows. Pressure on these points can alleviate allergy symptoms and sinus headaches. Apply pressure on both sides for a minute.

5. Third eye point – This point is found on the area where the nose meets the two eyebrows. Pressure on this area helps cure headaches and eye strains. Apply pressure for one minute and then move to other the points.

6. Forehead – Pressure points on the forehead and face are known as yang points, filled with energy that travels downward from the head to the face and down to other parts of the body.

In terms of long term treatment of migraine problems, acupressure has been rated the most effective therapy of its kind. Try it for long-lasting and effective relief.

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There is a Natural, Safe, Effective and Drug Free Alternative.

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Acupuncture Is An Ideal Alternative Treatment For Migraines

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Anyone who is suffering from migraines knows how miserable their life can be. Migraines can have a profound effect on your quality of life and can be absolutely debilitating. Symptoms can be very severe or very mild and can endure for several days to less than an hour. Sufferers often sense a throbbing or pounding type of pain that’s felt in one side of their head. Migraines can be so severe for some people that they produce additional symptoms such as extreme fatigue, blurry vision, extreme sensitivity to external stimuli (scent, noise, light), and nausea and/or vomiting.

While the exact cause of migraines is unknown, it is believed that it is tied to a weak nervous system that becomes very sensitive to changes in a person’s external or internal environment. This heightened sensitivity is related to the widening of the blood vessels around the skull and with serotonin metabolism. Serotonin is known as the “happy hormone” and low levels of it in the body seem to be associated with the beginning of a migraine; the processing system of the brain is affected and sets off the release of inflammation-causing chemicals that cause pain and activates the sympathetic nervous system which causes stress. Coincidentally, people suffering from chronic migraines are also known to be very prone to anxiety and depression.

The Western medical treatments for migraine include anti-depressants, caffeine, barbiturates, and anti-inflammatory medications. For really severe migraine symptoms, doctors usually prescribe a combination of these drugs. When it comes to addressing the root cause of the migraines, these drugs are practically worthless and they even usually cause other non-related problems. All pharmaceutical medicines are synthetic and hence burden the lymphatic system and the liver. Barbiturates make you drowsy and are habit forming. SSRIs can weaken one’s sex life and decrease libido.

Migraines, according to Chinese medicine are caused by a liver disorder. In acupuncture, the liver governs the circulation of energy throughout the body and is intimately connected to blood pressure, hormone regulation, and the nervous system. It is the organ that’s also extremely sensitive to external and internal stress.

Acupuncture studies show that when it comes to treating migraines, acupuncture is a safe and effective modality. It involves the application of tiny needles in specific pressure points to rectify bodily dysfunctions and regulate the Liver.

Acupuncture can be used to:

• Calm the nervous system
• Increases serotonin levels by regulating brain chemistry
• Regulate hormonal changes
• Treat inflammation
• Boost blood flow

Migraine frequency and severity are drastically lessened as the body starts to function more effectively.

If you or someone you know suffers from migraines talk to a licensed and qualified acupuncturist near your area. You and your acupuncturist will discuss alternatives to medicines and design a treatment plan that will help reduce the frequency and magnitude of your migraines. Your acupuncturist will not only resolve the symptoms of your migraines, he/she will also address the root of the problem in a natural, safe, and non-invasive way.

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Definition of Migraines

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Migraines are headaches that are characterized by pulsating and throbbing pain all over the head. The severity and duration of the pain can change intermittently, can affect one area of the head and can last for a few minutes to many hours. Migraines are considered vascular headaches which stem from the extreme sensitivity of the brain arteries making it particularly susceptible to spasms. This abnormal condition causes the scalp and brain arteries to dilate causing the migraine pain affecting the head.

Migraine headaches cause the sufferer to experience sensitivities to smell, sound and light and causes him to endure episodes of vomiting, nausea, depression and sleeplessness that all tend to lessen in severity during the course of time. When a migraine headache acts up, the body’s sympathetic nervous system is stimulated. This is the system that triggers the “fight or flight” reaction and it heightens the pain and stress of the person. An overactive sympathetic system causes reactions such as diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. It also causes bowel movements in the small intestines to slow down and hinders the absorption of oral medications that were taken for the migraine pain. This is the reason why many migraine medications seem to be ineffective in controlling the headache. The over-stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system also weakens blood circulation causing cold extremities and skin pallor.

Almost 30 million people are affected by migraine headache leading to lost productivity and a poor quality of life for these people. Factors like start of the menopausal phase, menstrual problems and stress can trigger migraine headaches.

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