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Some Natural Alternative Ways To Improve Fertility

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Some years back, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) was considered to be a passing fad. Now, these treatments are being utilized by an ever growing number of doctors who have integrated it into Western conventional modes of treatment to address several forms of health conditions such as migraines, back and joint pain, allergies, and asthma, to name just a few. And besides them being used for illnesses and diseases, researchers and doctors are also discovering CAM therapies to be helpful in boosting fertility. So, it may be worth your while to explore some natural fertility treatments if you’re searching for a way to increase your chances of conceiving. These treatments can come with caveats though since they aren’t researched well enough compared to Western conventional fertility therapies; nevertheless, CAM therapies may be just what the doctor ordered as long as you consult with a qualified practitioner first and have researched about them in a responsible way. You and your practitioner will discuss what type of natural fertility treatments works best for your specific needs.


What is Acupuncture and How Can It Help Treat Infertility?

Most people who have a basic idea of what acupuncture is, know that it involves the insertion of very thin tiny needles into certain areas of the body known as pressure points or acupoints. What most of them don’t know is that this needling process can be a tool to cure various kinds of health conditions. Based on TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) theory, when a needle is inserted into a pressure point, it helps boost the circulation of blood and de-clog stagnant energy (chi) to promote a healthy state of balance in the body. Western physicians believe that the needles activate the nervous system which leads to the production and release of chemicals that promote healing and relieve pain. These effects are proven by MRI scans that reveal acupuncture’s influence on the brain. With regards to fertility, acupuncture can reduce stress, normalize ovulation, stimulate hormones, and improve blood flow to the reproductive organs – all of these enhance one’s chances of getting pregnant. This is why acupuncture in Tarzana is considered one of the most sought after natural therapies for both male and female infertility. It can enhance sperm count and quality in men. It can be a standalone treatment or part of a holistic plan of treatment that can include nutritional counseling, herbs, or other holistic procedures.

The caveats: Acupuncture treatment for infertility does not guarantee a cure although certain studies do indicate that the treatment works in improving fertility. These include studies revealing acupuncture’s ability to help boost the rates of success of IVF treatment. Still, there are some studies that do not demonstrate it’s effectiveness for infertility and some researchers have debated its merits. Moreover, the patient will likely need to have regular acupuncture sessions in order for the treatment to work successfully. This can be costly; nevertheless, it can work for those who have the money and time to invest. It is important to look for an experienced and qualified acupuncturist to get the best results. You need to your acupuncturist about taking some herbal remedies that can also help treat your fertility problems.

Relaxation Techniques – Is it Effective in Boosting Fertility?

Counseling therapy (involving a support group or one-on-one counseling), meditation, yoga, guided visualization, Tai Chi, and Qi gong are all very good practices to help alleviate stress. Any of these stress-busting techniques can assist you in getting into a baby-making frame of mind (as well as body) since stress is believed to be a negative factor for fertility. There have been studies showing that women with symptoms of depression are 50% less likely to conceive compared to women who don’t suffer any type of depression.

The caveats: If you’re younger than 35 and you’ve been TTC (trying to conceive) for over a year or if you’re older than 35 and you find it difficult to attain pregnancy after six months of trying, it is highly advised to talk with an acupuncturist or other qualified TCM practitioners about the options offered by natural alternative fertility treatments Those mind-body relaxation techniques can certainly help with reduce your stress levels while you wait for a course of natural alternative treatment.


When you think of hypnosis, it conjures up images of a magician playing tricks in your mind. Well, if this is what you only know about hypnosis, then it’s time to reframe your way of thinking regarding this type of trained concentration. Hypnosis is actually now an officially sanctioned American Medical Association medical procedure that can be used to address several types of conditions and is now being taught at major medical schools. The conditions it can be used for include eating disorders, anxiety, and yes, infertility. Scientists believe it can boost fertility by furthering relaxation, which is very helpful in preparing the body for pregnancy, more so if you’re suffering from extreme anxiety or stress that has hindered your chances of conceiving.

How is fertility affected by stress?

The body releases cortisol and other stress hormones when it’s under a “fight or flight response” (stress). This reaction, in turn, disrupts the hormonal balance required for the body to ovulate, fertilize, and implant an egg. So, when the level of stress is low in the body, through hypnosis or any other stress relieving technique, fertility is boosted in a major way. Clinical studies seem to back this up: Research shows that hypnosis during IVF procedures help women lower their levels of stress, which led to a dramatic increase in their likelihood for successful. If hypnosis seems an attractive option to you for getting pregnant, you can teach yourself the technique by buying CDs or DVDs self-hypnosis exercises or you can search for a hypnosis therapist for help.

The caveats: There has not been enough research on hypnosis for the promotion of fertility although those that were done showed promising results; this does not guarantee however, that it will work for you. Still, it should not prevent you from giving the technique a try since it won’t affect your chances of achieving pregnancy. The worst thing that can happen to you when practicing this activity is that you lose time and money getting spellbound for nothing.

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How Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Helped Me Become Pregnant

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Based on the specific illness you’re experiencing, different combinations of acupoints are stimulated with solid hair-thin acupuncture needles. The natural healing process can take place and energy flow is rebalanced when these points are stimulated.

Acupuncture needles are stuck into energy points connected to the reproductive organs to balance the reproductive organ and boost energy circulation to the parts of the body affected by or causing your infertility. Your acupuncturist may use around 5 to 20 needles which will remain stuck in your body for approximately 15 to 30 minutes. A majority of those who have tried acupuncture have enjoyed a profound sense of relaxation after the treatment. Other patients may feel revitalized, while some have felt pain and then the healing of symptoms promptly after the treatment.
Acupuncture therapy for the treatment of infertility in Pembroke Pines has proven to help enhance blood circulation to the endometrium, which results in the formation of a rich and thick endometrial lining that can make the fertilized egg implant itself easily and firmly.

For a large number of women who have decided to try acupuncture, they often undergo acupuncture along with other conventional infertility therapies. Others, however, are hopeful that acupuncture might be the sole answer to their fertility problem after everything else has failed. Getting regular acupuncture fertility treatment under a qualified practitioner for at least two to three months, as some studies attest, can lead to a dramatic rise in the likelihood of a successful pregnancy for a couple. And if they continue with the treatment during the first trimester of pregnancy, it can make complications very unlikely especially during gestation which can then help prevent miscarriages.

Some of the types of infertility condition that acupuncture has proven to treat include endometriosis, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), unexplained infertility, repeated miscarriage, and FSH (elevated follicle stimulating hormone), among others. The treatment can help heal infertility related issues such as hormonal imbalances, menopausal symptoms, premature menopause, anovulation, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, uterine fibroids, chronic urinary bladder infection and others.

Presently Chinese medicine has several hundred herbs that can be used to treat infertility. This may be complemented with diet therapy, Qi Gong, moxibustion, acupuncture, and other holistic infertility therapies.

Experiencing Moxibustion and Acupuncture for the First Time

When my doctor told me I had a fertility problem, I decided to immediately try acupuncture. I found a licensed acupuncturist who recommended treatment three times a week. The reason I went for acupuncture treatment first was because I had tried the treatment before after I was involved in a car accident and suffered severe neck pain. The treatment worked like a charm. From articles that I read, acupuncture was a very effective treatment for infertility and since I wanted to have a baby so desperately, I thought this treatment would overcome my difficulties conceiving. I had a total of five acupuncture treatment but I actually had to undergo a different type of treatment from each of my five different acupuncturists.

My first acupuncturist was a Chinese practitioner who told me to lie down and stuck me with needles in my ovaries and literally all over my body. Although I felt that he was doing something to stimulate my ovaries, he was not the gentlest practitioner one could hope for. I decided to try another acupuncturist and a friend referred me to another Chinese practitioner who thankfully, was much more gentle in handling me. He treated me in a private room, used fewer needles and turned on relaxing Chinese music. To remove the blockage in my liver qi, which he believed was interfering with the function of my ovaries he prescribed some herbal formulas in the form of tablets.

When I move to Holland, I got treated by a third practitioner who was also Chinese and was working at a huge Chinese medical facility right smack in the middle of Amsterdam’s red light district. This practitioner had also a gentle touch and used few needles. He also prescribed herbal tablets and although being a red light district the place was not conducive for relaxing and the facility crowded with people and noisy, my practitioner had an impressive history of successfully treating both male and female fertility problems behind him. I was given moxa sticks and my practitioner instructed me where to hold them at certain points on my body. A practitioner will, in an indirect moxibustion, light one end of a moxa stick, and direct it at the part of the body needing treatment for a time until that area becomes red.

The next acupuncturist who treated me was a native Dutch. This practitioner treated me for four hours. Like the last acupuncturist I encountered, this professional treated me with acupuncture and moxibustion directly on my back. Moxibustion is used oftentimes to clear out the toxins from the body usually at the area where the problem is located. This traditional Chinese medicine procedure uses the moxa leaf or mugwort which is burned to stimulate healing. It’s been used for thousands of years oftentimes accompanied by herbs and acupuncture to help treat various kinds of health conditions. Moxibustion helps preserve overall health, boosts the flow of qi, and strengthens the blood.

A small, cone-shaped moxa is placed above an acupoint in direct moxibustion. The moxa is allowed to burn completely. It’s placed right on the acupoint and lit, but it is removed or extinguished to prevent the skin from burning. Under my last two acupuncturists, the process did not hurt at all and there was no scarring or blistering on the site of the treatment. In fact, the procedure gave me a heating but really an overall pleasant sensation.

The truth is, there is really a moxibustion treatment in which the procedure included the actual burning and scarring of the skin. Fortunately, I did not meet someone who practices it. The last practitioner who treated me was a South African residing in Holland. She specialized in pregnancy and fertility acupuncture. My plan of treatment involved ear acupuncture, moxibustion, and reflexology. After a weekly treatment of a few months, I became pregnant.

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Infertility – Coping and Support

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Learning How to Cope

Infertility can cause a wide range of emotions for those suffering from it making effective coping skills quite necessary. Listed below are some helpful advices to better control and lessen the stress caused by infertility:

  • Make sex more of a recreational activity than a means for procreation – Simply put, keep sex fun and enjoyable. The problem is sex can become more of an obligation than a great way to express love for the partner.  It’s good to stay romantic and do certain fun activities like watching movies that are romantic or dine under lighted candles. This keeps your relationship from becoming tedious and boring.
  • Make infertility a minor issue in your life – There are so many ways to be happy. One way is to not let infertility problems become a serious issue in your life. Learn to accept it and move on to more important and positive aspects that will better your life and make you happier.  If you cannot avoid talking about your infertility, set a certain time and period to talk about it and make use of the rest of your day to think about other things.
  • Understand your fertility problems as much as possible – Learning about your problem and identifying good alternatives like living without a child or adoption can make you more willing to consider these options.
  • Communicate with your partner – Always talk to each other and express your feelings with each other. Try to be understanding with your partner. Your partner may have his/her own unique way of expressing her mind and feelings and if you love him/her you will be able to accept your partner the way he/she is.
  • Acupuncture – This alternative type of treatment has proven effective in treating certain types of infertility for certain types of people. This incredibly versatile therapy has been shown to significantly increase the rate of pregnancy when it is used to complement IVF therapy.  By itself, it has been able to aid some individuals in the treatment of their infertility.
  • Acknowledge your feelings – Express your feelings of frustration, anger and sadness in a way that does not harm others. Don’t bottle up your emotions as it can only impact your health and mind in a more negative way.
  • Find support – Keep in touch with people with similar fertility problems as you have. This can now be easily done online through forums. You can also go for counseling and join a non-online support group who are composed of people who know what you’re experiencing and can morally support you.
  • Go for counseling – Counseling is beneficial for infertile couples to help them unload the emotional stress that comes with infertility. A lot of fertility clinics are now requesting couples to undergo counseling before and during their therapy. If sad thoughts and feeling persist and if you find them starting to seriously affect your life, then it is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor and speak to him about your concerns.


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Acupuncture and Infertility in Boca Raton

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Acupuncture for infertility in Boca Raton is growing in popularity for the simple reason that it works.  Acupuncture is a form of treatment where reed-thin needles are inserted in specific parts of the body.  These needles work threefold:  First, they remove the blockages in the networks where vital energy, called chi flow freely throughout the body. These blockages cause imbalance, illness and poor health in the body.  Chi is the force the keeps the body healthy and makes it grow.  Second, acupuncture heightens the body’s energy level, enhancing body metabolism, promoting good blood flow and vitalizing the body’s organs and tissues allowing them to function optimally.  Third, acupuncture stimulates the brain to release endorphins and other “feel-good” chemicals to allow the body to relax and heal itself and cure the psychological and emotional problems of the individual.

Chi flows through networks called meridians.  These are intangible series of pathways that functions just like the body’s nervous and circulatory systems.  Western medicine denies that chi or the meridian systems exist because they can not be empirically proven by means of Western technology.  Acupuncture works for female infertility by regulating hormone production and assisting in the maturation of the eggs.  It regulates the secretion of hormones so that hormones that make pregnancy difficult, is normalized making conception more likely to succeed.  Symptoms associated with hormonal infertility can be treated with acupuncture.  Menstrual irregularities can also be treated with acupuncture even such serious cases such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or anovulation.

Acupuncture decreases PMS symptoms, such as anxiety, stress, and frustrations related to repeated unsuccessful conceptions.  As mentioned, acupuncture enhances blood flow, which benefits the womb, helping to build endometrium or uterine lining for implantation. Acupuncture reinforces the lining of the uterine walls, which minimizes the occurrence of miscarriages.  For male infertility, acupuncture has proven to cure sperm defects, increase sperm count and improve sperm quality.

Acupuncture has proven to be a good complementary modality to some mainstream assisted reproductive modalities. Acupuncture has become a very crucial part of these treatments especially for stressful invasive procedures such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).  Pre IVF procedures entail individuals to be oriented to acupuncture treatment.  Acupuncture helps the patient relax during the stressful phase of IVF.

A healthy psychological and emotional state is crucial for women who want to get pregnant since stressful and traumatic experiences can directly affect hormonal balance.  Acupuncture’s benefit on the psychological and emotional stability of the individual can assist in the hormonal balance, ovulation, egg maturation, and the reduction of anxiety and stress of the individual.  Acupuncture also assists women using fertility medications to reduce side effects and filter out the toxins associated with pharmaceutical drugs, giving the body a very healthy state to improve the odds of successful conception through assisted reproductive procedures.

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