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Achieving Weight Loss and Optimal Health Through Chinese Food Therapy

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Chinese people are extremely careful about their daily food intake. They see it as a first line of treatment. Forthe Chinese, it’s common to treat a small ailment through a carefully prepared meal or by integrating a specific ingredient in a dish according to traditional Chinese medicine classification of the patterns of disharmony. To treat obesity through nutritional therapy, there are two main ways to achieve this:

(a) Convert phlegm and dry the body by removing dampness.
(b) Invigoratethe kidneys and strengthen the spleen.

Chinese medicine techniques can eliminate pain and destroy 91% of diseases, including chronic and acute pain, debilitating backaches, crippling arthritis, bending migraines, eczema and psoriasis, high blood pressure, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, male and female fertility issues and urinary problems to name a few.

It is the enhancing diet of the “qu” and “spleen,” for example, that people seek to support the body to prepare for conception. The Chinese dietary therapy is a potent tool for addressing imbanances within the body. The famous Chinese medicine doctor, Sun Si-miao thought that the most important treatment was the modulation of the diet of the patient that could then be bolstered and supported with herbal medicine and acupuncture in Fort Lauderdale.

Step #1: start to administer the Spleen Qi diet to make sure the best intake of digestion of nutrients and distribution to the organ systems, especially the reproductive system.

Basic Rules:

Fashion your meals on a Chinese diet-imagine a plate filled with some portions of protein, whole grains and lots of steamed vegetables.

Favor lightly-steamed or cooked foods over raw foods. Stay away from cold drinks and foods that that can extinguish the digestive fire.

Mindfully and slowly chew your food. Avoid drinking one half prior to and after your meal and at mealtime for optimal digestion.

Consume organic foods, especially if you’re eating meat.

At each snack and meal, it carbohydrate and protein to stabilize blood sugar levels during the day.

Stop eating artificial sweeteners and refined sugars. Instead sparingly use natural, low-glycemic replacements (e.g., xylitol, Stevia and agave nectar).

Substitute cow-based dairy products with goat, sheep, almond or rice milk.

Avoid eating wheat and refined carbohydrates. Choose sprouted breads as well as foods consisting polenta, corn flour, oat flour, rice flour and spelt flour.Substitute white rice with brown rice. Use pasta alternatives such as quinoa, spaghetti squash, brown rice and spelt.

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March 5th, 2019 at 11:45 am

Chinese Food Therapy And The Nutritional Value Of Certain Foods

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For the past five millennia, historical documents point to the fact that the Chinese people have been constantly searching for medical cures and the secrets of health in food.

If we pore through the pages of Chinese history, we can observe that in the kitchens of each of the emperors of China, there always was a medical consultant to assist the chef.

Chinese food therapy in Overland Park works on the theory that mirrors that of Chinese herbal medicine and, obviously, food therapy, is not a recommended form of treatment for medical emergencies. Nonetheless, its aim is to help strengthen and maintain the health of the body in the long term. For example, while certain medication can help treat mild abdominal conditions, they can also be treated by avoiding certain types of food and by following the right eating habits. Therefore, you can avoid drugs if you know there is an equally effective and safer alternative.

In China, the meaning of ‘healthy eating’ is totally different from that in the States. Healthy eating is not about practicing healthy eating habits or eating healthy food, what it actually means is to eat certain dishes or ‘give your body a much needed nutritious boost’, to help mitigate health problems.

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese people have started looking at all these beneficial ‘healthy recipes’. Today, there are restaurants in China that exclusively serve these kinds of special dishes, and some other conventional restaurants have begun incorporating some of them in their menus.

In the book stores and online stores in that country, you will find the word ‘Yang Sheng’ everywhere. This term traditionally means to prevent illness, boost the health of the body and maintain health in order to have a long healthy life. ‘Yang’ refers to ‘nourishing the body, and for nursing problems, and maintenance while ‘Sheng’ refers to ‘growth, existence, and life.’

Half a decade ago, most of the Chinese people were living a much poorer life, and the most important thing for them was to put food on the table every day. Today, with the rise of the Chinese economy, you can now buy all kinds of foods in the markets. The foods that were once “rich” and only available to royalty were no longer unattainable by the masses. Definitely, the food culture in that country has been considerably ‘revamped’.

Those royal recipes can be different to what one would prepare on an everyday basis. The means of mixing the ingredients is different, as well as the method of combining various recipes in a single meal. There are ingredients that are difficult to find and are quite expensive but most foods are widely available in the markets and sold at very reasonable prices.

Some hard to find and expensive foods such as rare wild mushrooms may need to be cooked and combined with other ingredients in a certain way, or else, they will not give out the desired benefits. On the other hand, when they are cooked in the right way and mixed with the right ingredients cheaper food products, can have the same nutritional value as the more expensive ones. But if the combination is wrong, then the result might not be as good as one might want. For instance, beef or lamb are extremely good for nourishing the blood in your body, but if you eat watermelon or fresh red veggies afterwards, then the nutritional value of the beef or lamb can be reduced.

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February 28th, 2018 at 9:34 am