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Addressing Fibromyalgia with Acupuncture Encino

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Fibromyalgia can affect any person at any age although it is found to strike women more than men.  It is a health problem characterized by intense and widespread body pain. Sadly, fibromyalgia is a little understood problem and there is no known cure for it.  Besides the pain, fibromyalgia symptom can include fatigue and often these symptoms may be attributed to some other health condition.  Physicians really need to evaluate and monitor the patient thoroughly in order to diagnose a patient correctly.

To offset the painful symptoms of fibromyalgia, doctors have devised ways to lessen the effects of the symptoms.  The way of treating the symptoms differ from patient to patient and even if there are various ways of curing the symptoms they often are not uniform for each patient.  In this regard, both doctor and patient should cooperate to find a unique way to treat the patient’s fibromyalgia.  The treatment program needs to focus on the patient’s present state of health.

Oftentimes regular exercises are part of the treatment program.  The exercise should involve working out all the body parts of the patient.  Studies have shown that regular exercise is very useful for fibromyalgia rehabilitation.

To get the fullest benefits of exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, the patient needs to perform exercise three times a week with each exercise lasting 20 minutes. These requirements are aimed at getting the patient’s desired maximum heart rate.  For this, the ideal kinds of exercises are walking, swimming and biking.  These exercises also help release endorphins that will help relieve the pain on the painful parts of the body and improve the psychological state of the patient.

Encino Acupuncture therapy has shown to be a very good way in helping the condition of fibromyalgia patients. Studies have shown that fibromyalgia stimulates hyperactive functions of neural activity that affect certain parts of the body making these parts tender and painful.  The benefit of acupuncture for this condition is that it prevents the hyperactivity of neural functions in a limited amount of time.

Acupuncture treatment for fibromyalgia can last for 3 weeks.  The patient may still need to come back for more sessions although this may be needed after months or even years which depends on the condition of the patient.  Western medical science tends to belittle or ignore the good results of acupuncture treatment for fibromyalgia although for patients who have benefited from the treatment have been living a much better kind of life thanks to acupuncture.

Herbal treatment can also be helpful in alleviating fibromyalgia conditions.  One particular herb that is shown to be effective is gingko biloba which helps in improving the flow of blood to the brain.  It also helps in relieving stress.  This herb improves the condition of the patient without any side effects and gives the patient a less stressful way to address his fibromyalgia symptoms.

Acupuncture NYC to Help You Get Re-energized

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Some people are easy to catch various types of illnesses.  One of the most typical illnesses one can acquire is flu.  Usually these people are stressed and their immune system maybe weak to make the body resilient to infections and illnesses.  When a person is stressed out, his body produces cortisol and other kind of chemicals in the body that can be harmful to his health.  One other thing that stress does to the body is it keeps the body in a continuous state of anticipation which drains the energy of the body.

Experts performing traditional Chinese medicine can see the many ways stress can make the body weak and prone to illness.  TCM believes that a certain type of energy flows throughout the body in energy vessels just like blood vessels convey blood throughout the body.  Anxiety and/or stress can disrupt the smooth travel of energy which the Chinese calls chi on energy pathways called meridians.  When chi gets obstructed, ailments, illnesses and pain start to be felt by the person.  The muscles tighten when the person has too much stress in him.  This can lead to headaches, body tightness and pain.

Stress and tension can weaken the immune system since a stressed up body always have constricted blood vessels that can limit blood flow to many parts of the body.  Some conditions like sleeplessness, pain in some parts of the body like the neck and back among others and can aggravate already existing health problems.   To help release energy from meridian blockages, TCM practitioners often avail of acupuncture and herbal medicine to remove the blockages and allow chi and blood to flow freely once more.

In acupuncture, ultra thin non hollow needles are inserted into specific points in the body called acupuncture points or simply called acupoints.  These acupoints are in areas where underneath them are energy meridians. The needle inserted in an acupoint goes into the meridian and its aim is to redirect the flow of energy to allow chi and blood to travel unobstructed once more.  Once the flow is reestablished, the body starts to recover from its illness and pain is relieved.   It also helps remove the physical, mental and emotional stress from the body.

TCM does not only carry acupuncture as a natural form of modality to relieve and remove stress.  There are other ways to relax and dispel stress like breathing exercises, gentle exercises and healthy eating to make you energized, relaxed and calm.

Breathing – In TCM the air is one way where we get our chi.  Slow and controlled breathing can help a person stay calm and relaxed.

Gentle exercise – Some Tai Chi like exercises like Qi Gung can help you reacquire fresh energy in the body as opposed to prolonged and strenuous exercises which can drain you of energy.

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August 27th, 2012 at 5:56 am

Home Acupuncture New York

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or any medicinal practice of Asian origin is labeled alternative medicine in the United States and in many countries in the West.  The modalities involved in alternative medicine are moxibustion, acupuncture, massage, movement exercises, dietary modifications and herbs.

Western medicine involves the connection between physiology and anatomical function. TCM, which has been utilized for millennia and still practiced on the other hand, is based on five principles interrelating a higher power, the universe and the world to life and the human body.

One component of TCM is acupuncture, a treatment that includes the insertion and manipulation of reed thin needles in the skin to relieve pain and treat various kinds of health conditions.  Acupuncture points are certain sites in the skin dispersed all over the body.  They are connected to meridians, intangible networks that carry energy all over the body.  Meridians have no anatomical structure in Western medical science because they are invisible.  This issue is a topic of contention among Western medical researches who may be somewhat overlooking the fact neurochemical tracts are likewise conceptual.  Patients react to acupuncture in predictable ways making its positive effects predictably known.  Acupuncture does not cause harmful side effects that prescription medications always do.

Acupuncture has been traced back to its earliest known use around 200 BC.  The Chinese brought this healing art throughout Asia and different versions of it are now practiced all over the world.  The invasive nature of needles insertion has made acupuncture a difficult study for the Western scientific method.  It does not help that many eastern researchers have a certain prejudice for acupuncture.  Still, consensus believes the safety of acupuncture when performed by qualified and experienced acupuncturists using sterilized and disposable needles.  Research is nonstop on how acupuncture works and on the potential benefits of acupuncture for other kinds of illnesses.

Some modern and different versions of acupuncture that enable acupuncture to be self-applied such as acupressure and electro acupuncture are offered by some.  These applications follow the principles of acupuncture and TCM are non-invasive meaning they do not involve the use of needles.

There are countless articles online or in bookstores that allow one to research more about acupuncture.  For those who want to heal themselves with this treatment, it is best to research thoroughly on what acupuncture points associate to major body parts.  One particular type of self-applied acupuncture that is gaining in popularity is electromagnetic wave therapy.  This type of acupuncture relies on electromagnetic energy produced by a gadget that sends out pulses of electromagnetic energy to the fingertips, which stimulates specific organs.  A manual that details the map of the human body and the meridians in the hands that are associated to different body parts is included when you purchase this gadget.

Finding Relief from Pain with Acupuncture New York

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It is ironic that a therapy for the treatment of pain utilizes needles as its main tool.  Acupuncture, a procedure that uses one or several needles is indeed a proven treatment for the relief of pain and other physical and mental discomforts.  For all the healing wonders that acupuncture is able to heal, Western medical science still has not figured out why acupuncture treatment particularly for pain relief works.

Acupuncture New York has been shown to manage pain and swelling, improve blood circulation, mitigate stress and normalize endocrine and immune functions. Disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain and menstrual cramps among others are ably remedied by acupuncture

An acupuncturist needs to carefully examine a patient by examining the patient’s physical condition and querying the patient about his health problems in order to come up with an accurate diagnosis and a treatment procedure that suits the patient’s problems.  Acupuncture is considered a holistic type of treatment in that its healing effect is designed to bring about a positive change in the mental, emotional and physical health of the individual bringing back balance and normalization of the functions of the body systems.  It is perfectly safe with no side effects and with a very high success rate of treating a condition it is tasked to heal.

The mechanics of acupuncture may still be a mystery from the viewpoint of Western medical science but its effectiveness is more important to emphasize especially for those suffering from chronic pain who for the longest time have been looking for an answer to their condition.  Its potency cannot be ignored since after all, it has been treating the various illnesses and conditions of the Chinese people for thousands of years.  The best explanation Western medical science can say is that the needles stimulate the brain and the central nervous system to produce and release natural steroids and endorphins to allow the body to heal itself.  The endorphins are responsible for the mitigation of pain while the steroids reduce the swelling.

For all the advances of Western medicine it still fails spectacularly to satisfactorily alleviate pain and heal disorders.  Arthritis, for example is a perfect example of a problem Western medicine has not been able to solve.  Anti-inflammatory drugs can give temporary relief; however, the toxins inherent in these drugs cause side effects.  Moreover, many of the drugs are highly addictive and are often abused causing another health problem in the process.  Also, the cost of pain medications for arthritis would be much greater than a whole integrated acupuncture treatment for arthritis.  Acupuncture is a very affordable and safe way to treat chronic pain including arthritis.  Acupuncture is not only a perfect treatment for pain; it also improves blood circulation, boosts the immune system and takes away stress, depression and anxiety.


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July 9th, 2012 at 7:28 am

Treating Negative Extreme Emotions with Acupuncture New York

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Acupuncture New York has been practiced in China for thousands of years.  It was not until the 20th century that the West found out about this wonderful oriental treatment.  Now, acupuncture has been accepted by mainstream medicine as an effective alternative treatment and is sometimes used as an adjunct to western medical modalities.  Acupuncture by itself is a very safe and effective treatment for a number of sicknesses and ailments such as back pain, skin disorders weight loss and substance abuse among others.

Acupuncture is a special treatment that concentrates on points called acupuncture points in the body to stimulate the energy of the central nervous system. By inserting needles on those points, the brain is stimulated to release special chemicals called endorphins, which aid in curing the body of many problems.

Needles used in acupuncture are sterilized standard reed-thin needles specified by the Medical Practitioners Association.

Many people feel depressed and anxious these days due to the worsening economic crisis in the US.  Patients consulting with physicians regarding their anxiety and depression usually end up being prescribed with anti-depressive drugs.  Some patients undergo psychotherapy sessions, which is costly.  Psychotherapy and anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs are the two most popular treatments in the US for depression and anxiety.  Another approach is through acupuncture.  There have been empirical studies done showing repeatedly the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating depression and anxiety.

Ear acupuncture has been one of the more popular forms of acupuncture in treating anxiety and depression.  The ear has many acupuncture points with meridians or connections to the various major organs in the body and also to the brain and central nervous system.  For extreme emotions, the liver chi is usually the one affected with blockage and chi stagnation.  Chi, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the life force flowing inside our body.  This free flow of chi is what makes the body healthy and grow; once blockages arise, the chi stagnates which engenders many kinds of ailments and sicknesses.  Acupuncture removes the blockage and helps the body replenish its strength by increasing the body’s metabolism rate to create more energy.

One does not need another form of treatment when acupuncture is used for anxiety or depression although herbal medicine is usually given in conjunction with acupuncture to speed up treatment.  Anxiety and depression are both extreme emotions and these extreme emotions are the causes of chi blockage in the body.  Like depression, anxiety directly affects liver chi and, ear acupuncture is also used as the mode of treatment for anxiety.

Rather than undergo depression or anxiety treatment with pharmaceutical drugs, acupuncture is the safest way to treat these extreme emotions in that it does not entail any adverse side effects, which pharmaceutical drugs inherently carries.

Acupuncture NYC an Ideal Cure for Depression

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Acupuncture NYC does not only address physical illness and pain, it also is a good way to treat extreme emotions such as depression and anxiety.  It is not a secret that acupuncture can address these emotional conditions as seen by many researches that have studied acupuncture’s effect on depressed and highly anxious people.

To begin with, acupuncture is a very old Chinese healing tradition that involves the use of non hollow and very thin needles inserted into specific points in the body to cure illness or pain.  Maintaining and improving over-all health, treating illnesses and relieving pain are essentially the basic goals acupuncture can achieve.

Studies dealing with the way acupuncture can improve its efficacy have shown that acupuncture works best in cases dealing with emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression and physical ailments including headache nausea and body pain in the back and neck.

Clinical researchers seem to now believe that depression may be of a physiological factor rather than psychological.  This seems to be so because without the required vitamins, nutrients and biochemicals that make the body and mind work in harmony; oftentimes depression becomes the end result of these deficiencies.  When these deficiencies have been supplied to the person, the depression starts to go away and people begin to go back to their normal lives.  These researchers have observed that people who become depressed tend to lose these vital factors faster than the average person and are busy looking for ways to help people preserve these essential biochemicals, vitamins and nutrients longer.

These researchers have found out that acupuncture seems to help preserve these components and indeed help produce them too in the body.  Acupuncture energizes the nerves that transmit chemical signals endings to involved organs.  This energy activates the production of these needed biochemicals in the body in just the right amount.

When a depressed person undergoes regular acupuncture treatments his depression, the need for antidepressants may slowly be weaned out till the person has no use for them anymore.  If he really wants to get well without the use of pharmaceuticals, then acupuncture might be the best option for him to acquire a happy and peaceful mind.

The US National Institutes of Health has stated that acupuncture can be a reliable cure for depression and even if the depressed person uses acupuncture as a treatment of last resort there might be a chance that acupuncture may be the one to cure him outright of his depression.

Along with acupuncture are recommendations the acupuncturist may give to the person to help him maintain his emotional health after being cured of his depression with acupuncture.  Changes in lifestyle as well as in dietary choices are important factors to help preserve the emotional and physical well being of the patient.

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May 21st, 2012 at 3:17 am

Some Helpful Ways to Manage Chronic Pain in NYC

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Pain has usually two types.  The first is a type of pain that is sharp, quick and ends abruptly.  This pain is called acute pain. The other type develops progressively and when it strikes the pain is sustained for a relatively long period of time.  The type of pain is called chronic pain. Both of these pains are potentially debilitating, especially affecting the back.  Both can persist and can truly take away the happiness out of a person.  If left untreated these pains can even cripple and prevent one from having any reason to be cheerful and gay.  Some chronic pains sadly do not have a cure but there are helpful ways in dealing with chronic pain particularly chronic back ache.  Not all of these approaches work with every person. You must know what procedure is most effective for your condition. You need to consult with your doctor so he may devise and prescribe a plan for you to better manage your chronic back pain.

  1. Acupuncture New York is widely accepted as a very effective treatment in Asia and Europe.  It has been around for millennia and it has been used in the treatment of so many types of painful conditions not the least is back pain.  In the US, it is also recognized as a treatment for painful conditions.  It is a safe procedure to use and can be helpful as a pain management tool.  Some patients have foregone and opted out of prescription drugs after they experienced the potency of acupuncture in alleviating their chronic pain.  It is very important that you seek treatment from a licensed and qualified acupuncturist to avoid any wrongful procedure and complications that may arise during therapy.  Acupuncture is contraindicated for persons who use blood thinners. The effects of acupuncture are many and one of them is to help soothe the nervous system at the same time it stimulates the release of biochemicals that help treat the body of pain.
  2.  Lotions with Capsaicin – The active ingredient that makes red peppers and cayenne hot is known as Capsaicin.  This substance has anti-inflammatory attributes. It is used like a balm to soothe and relieve back pain.  Capsaicin can be really hot on the skin and you should use it minimally when you are starting out with this approach.
  3.  Deep respiration does work in the management of chronic pain.  This technique allows you to focus on other things other than the pain and its cause.  The good thing about deep breathing is that you can do this therapy anywhere.
  4. Deep muscle massage – Incredibly soothing and very helpful in lessening chronic pain.  This approach may also lessen anxiety and melancholy that is often caused by the nagging chronic pain.


Ways to Stop Smoking

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Smoking is an addiction in the emotional and physical sense that is why it is a very difficult habit to stop.  Of the two aspects of smoking addiction, the more difficult part to break is the emotional addiction.  Acupuncture has been proven to be quite good at controlling the withdrawal symptoms and the strong smoking desire by ridding the body of nicotine and other toxins caused by cigarette smoking.

The emotional craving to smoke is indeed hard to break.  Alcohol and drug addicts even confess that among drug, alcohol and cigarette addiction, the hardest one to kick out is cigarette addiction.  The contrast between smoking and emotional addiction to drugs can be gleaned by comparing the short term consequences with the long term consequences.  In alcohol and drug abuse, the short term consequences are as extreme as the long term consequences (i.e.: loss of life due to drug overdose,  financial cost of the habit, loss of wealth, loss of family and friends and imprisonment among others).

We can only appreciate the harm done by cigarette addiction from long term consequences which are primarily health related.  That is why there is no sense of urgency why a person addicted to smoking needs to quit smoking.  The phrase “I can always quit smoking anytime” is a cop out and almost always never happens.   Thus, we can see why the emotional bondage of a cigarette smoker to his habit is difficult to resolve.

Below is a list of advices to help you quit smoking:

  1.  Consult with a good acupuncture NYC detoxification program for your physical addiction.
  2. Always remember that it is only yourself who could help you get out of this addiction and you alone are capable of overcoming your emotional addiction to cigarette smoking.
  3. Initiate the addiction break by going cold turkey.  Discard all tobacco substances now.  When you will to quit, then do it.
  4. Do not eat mints, candy, gums and sugars or drink anything with caffeine in it as they can help amplify your emotional and physical cravings.
  5. Whenever you need to hold something to just like you do a cigarette, grab a pen, pencil or anything to at least satisfy that urge.  If you feel like putting something in your lips or mouth then do it without using cigarettes.
  6. Shun away from places that may trigger your smoking cravings.  They can be people who are smoking, the smoking section in eateries and smoking designated places.
  7. Relax.  Actually smoking as a form of relaxation is a myth because smoking raises blood pressure levels, tightens up the muscles and blood vessels and causes the heart to beat faster.
  8. Even if you relapse do not be disheartened.  Most people who escaped their smoking addiction can tell you that they did not succeed the first or even the second time they attempted to kick the habit.  If you truly want to stop smoking, you will!

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March 25th, 2012 at 4:10 pm

Depression Treatment with Herbs and Acupuncture New York

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Depression is a real problem that has to be dealt with and aided by intervention.  A depressed person though wanting to get out of this condition cannot do it without help.  A desperate feeling can only see darkness without a sliver of silver lining anywhere in sight.  The best conventional way to help treat this disorder is by counseling although most psychiatrists will likely recommend antidepressants for the patient.  A person is said to be clinically depressed when he/she has been depressed for weeks, months or even years.

Psychologists usually categorize depression into three forms:  bipolar disorder (manic depressive), dysthymia and major depression.  Until now, science has no knowledge if depression has a biological factor or of the condition causes physiological modifications in a person.

In China, Chinese physicians see depression in a different perspective than in the West.  The Chinese doctors view depression as caused by deficient energy in the heart and kidneys. The energy that they are referring to is chi, or life energy.  There is also a deficiency of chi as well as imbalance in the neurotransmitters the brain produces.  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) addresses attacks the underlying cause of depression with acupuncture targeting the energy deficient organs (heart and kidneys) and with help from Chinese herbal medicine to optimize the treatment.  These modalities normalize and increase the low energy to the heart and kidneys and restores balance in the neurotransmitters. Being natural forms of treatment, patients undergoing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine usually experience a substantial improvement within two to three months.  When the balance of the body is restored and body functions are regulated, the acupuncture herbal therapies end.

Interestingly many practitioners have differing views on methods and causes of treatments. Some practitioners have had adequate experience to formulate a personalized approach to treating depression while others do it “by the book.”  Those who have extensive experience often see in their patient’s lifestyles factors that contribute greatly to depression – processed and junk foods; avoiding them is to prevent depression from creeping into one’s system.  A healthy diet together (organic and natural foods) with breathing exercises and meditation helps develop a balanced emotion and good physical health.

Acupuncture New York is a highly recommended treatment for depression.  The treatment itself helps to produce a fair amount of neurotransmitters needed to fight the sad and helpless feeling of the depressed individual.  It is advisable to seek help from a licensed acupuncturist who has extensive experience in studying and treating depressed patients.  This professional has probably encountered almost all types of depression and is the most capable professional who can deal with this disease.  One can also undergo counseling, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and even painkillers all at the same time if he/she feels this is the best way to overcome his/her depression.

Acupuncture NYC Treatment for High Anxiety

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People with anxiety problems have great difficulty in addressing it and unfortunately there are very few solutions conventional medicine offers to help with this condition.  So people with extreme anxiety often turn to alternative treatments.  Acupuncture NYC is one of the more effective alternative therapies around for addressing anxiety.

Anxiety is a state of feeling that a person has when reacting to something that is difficult to control.  Events or activities such as public speaking or exams are events that can produce anxiety.  However, there are people who suffer from runaway anxiety or anxiety that is excessive that it greatly affects their health.  People who have this kind anxiety often feel on edge most of the time.  When they find difficulty in accomplishing a certain task this causes them to have panic attacks.  Sleep is also hard to obtain when suffering from high anxiety and other symptoms may arise if the level of anxiety is not reduced.

Acupuncture is a treatment that came from China and has been used for thousands of years as treatment for various kinds of physical and emotional conditions.  Practitioners of this art believe acupuncture is based on the principle of energy or chi.  Chi is believed to circulate all over the body like blood through energy vessels called meridians.  If a person is sick, an imbalance in energy exists caused by energy blockages arising in the meridians.  Using reed-thin needles inserted at strategic points in the body, acupuncturists remove the energy blockages and aid chi to flow throughout the body unimpeded once again, treating the sickness in the body as a result.  At the beginning of the treatment, the acupuncturist will review and interview the patient regarding the latter’s medical history.  This is to determine what points in the body are required for needling.  The acupuncturist will need to devise a treatment plan specific to the patient’s constitution and needs.

Studies done throughout the years have proven the efficacy of acupuncture in treating anxiety, especially for anxiety that conventional medications could not treat.  The studies were so convincing that many doctors in the United States have now included acupuncture into their anxiety therapies with satisfactory results. Patients who have been treated of their anxiety say that acupuncture is a great way to revitalize the body and a very good way to relax and be in a mentally and emotionally tranquil state.  This means that anxiety has been banished from their minds replaced with a feeling of calm and peacefulness.  This is experienced due to acupuncture’s ability to elevate the serotonin level in the body, which reduces the amount on anxiety in the mind.

Find out more how acupuncture can help you with your anxiety problems by doing a few more research about acupuncture and its power to treat extreme anxiety.

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February 4th, 2012 at 10:48 pm