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Acupuncture Louisville an Ancient Health Remedy

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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical tradition of promoting health. It is one of the oldest known form of medical treatment first practiced around 5 millennia ago.  The present day Louisville acupuncture procedure has evolved being different in approach than ones used in ancient times but basically the same principles are followed as before.  If you are considering availing of this treatment, you should know that its procedures are entirely different from Western medical treatments.  Acupuncture differs with Western style of treatment since it does not use Western pharmaceutical medications and instead of pills and tablets, it uses filform needles inserted at various points in the body to heal a sick person.


The points inserted with acupuncture needles are called acupuncture points or acupoints for short.  These points were along time ago mapped by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and are the areas where energy pathways called meridians are located just underneath the skin.  Acupuncture has a solid track record spanning 4,000 years of effectively treating conditions like migraines, headaches, asthma, allergies and gastrointestinal problems to name just a few.  Also, it is very effective in treating extreme emotional conditions such as anxiety, depression and various forms of emotional disorders.


Researchers studying acupuncture say that that acupuncture can be utilized for conditions that were thought to be beyond the capabilities of acupuncture to remedy.  Acupuncture can be used to treat a condition as well as to improve or maintain the good overall health of a person.  Under the hands of a qualified and experienced practitioner, acupuncture is a very safe and painless procedure, much safer than surgery or drugs.


The modern day acupuncturist works in a sterile and clean office with an environment that makes the patient feel comfortable and relaxed.  The patient needs to query the practitioner regarding his credentials, experience and training to ascertain if he is in safe hands.  Besides asking these important details the patient also needs to ask the acupuncturist on how and what exactly what he will be doing during the procedure.  This can help the patient understand why needles are needed for the treatment and why a specific point in the body is chosen to be inserted with a needle.  The patient may see acupuncture in a totally much more positive light and will appreciate this unique treatment even more.


There is no doubt that acupuncture is popular worldwide.  The World Health Organization lists dozens of illnesses and ailments that acupuncture can effectively treat which is an accomplishment no other known modality can equal much less surpass. It can also be used as a complementary treatment to bolster the results of other modalities.  Acupuncture can substantially boost the efficacy of medications and help clean the body of toxins these medications carry to prevent or lessen side effects.

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September 17th, 2012 at 3:45 am

Resolving Migraine with Acupuncture Louisville Therapy

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The National Headache Foundation estimates that more than 27 million people in the United States suffer from migraine headaches and that more women suffer this condition than men.  Migraine is more severe in pain than an ordinary headache.  It feels like a pounding or throbbing type of head pain, which can be felt on one or both sides of the head and can last from several hours to three days.  Migraine can be accompanied by conditions such as sensitivity to particular smells or sounds, photophobia and nausea.

People can be genetically predisposed to migraines.  Triggers for migraines attacks are varied.  They can be the result of changes in the weather, lack of exercise, bright lights, insomnia, menstruation, eating certain types of foods, bad nutrition and stress.

Acupuncture can be a conservative treatment for migraines as well as a symptomatic relief from the pain caused by migraine.  Doctors have verified that the severity and duration of migraine attacks diminished considerably as well as the regularity and frequency of the attacks with the treatment of acupuncture.  The National Institutes of Health endorses acupuncture as a viable treatment for migraine and non-migraine headaches.  More observations recorded that show migraine headaches treated by regular acupuncture, which also saw the curtailing of the intake of migraine medications.  . This observation was validated by an Italian study where patients who underwent acupuncture showed a remarkable decrease in migraine attacks enabling them to go to work earlier than expected and suffering no side effects in the treatment process compared to the patients who were given pharmaceutical medication therapy.

Acupuncture as a treatment relief for migraine has a potency that lasts a long time.  The World Health Organization (WHO) lists migraine as one of the more than 30 health conditions ably treated by acupuncture. One specialized acupuncture procedure called the Balance Method is particularly effective in migraine resolution.  This procedure has acupuncture points in the arms and legs that are treated with needles. Still, acupuncture point choice is different for each person and the diagnosis according to traditional Chinese medicine procedure will determine which acupuncture points should be used.  Diagnosis is reached through the study of the patient’s medical history and the use of Chinese pulse diagnosis. Based on the diagnosis, acupuncture points are selected and herbal remedies or other types of natural modalities may or may not be added to the treatment.

One does not need to suffer from migraines as acupuncture can effectively take away the pain and other symptoms of this condition.  Acupuncture for migraine is a long-term cure for migraine and with regular acupuncture; the migraine problem may be resolved permanently.  There have been numerous cases where regular acupuncture have successfully eradicated the migraine problem completely and permanently.

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July 30th, 2012 at 12:49 pm

The Uses of Acupuncture Louisville

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Acupuncture Louisville is the use of very thin needles which are pricked into certain points of the body.  The underlying belief of acupuncture practice is that more than two thousand acupuncture points scattered all over the body are connected to twenty energy vessels called meridians running like invisible networks throughout the body.  These energy vessels convey vital energy called chi which means life force in Chinese.  The development of obstructions of chi in any of the meridians results in sickness, pain and disease.  Acupuncture thus is used to remove energy blockages in the meridians which lead to the removal of pain sickness and disease.

All types of human health conditions are the result of energy blockage in the energy vessels.  Removing these blockages will cure you from all types of diseases.  A typical acupuncture treatment involves the use of one to as many as twenty acupuncture needles inserted in strategic points on the body.  Some needles may be inserted on the skin surface while some may be inserted an inch or several inches into the skin.  The inserted needles are then typically left in those places for twenty minutes up to an hour.

The acupuncturists often tweak or manipulate the needles by jiggling them to enhance the effect of the treatment.  In some type of treatment like in treating high blood pressure, the needles are attached by wire to an electrical gadget that sends out mild electrical pulses to the needles.  This technique induces a faster and more enhanced therapeutic effect.  Acupuncturists also use herbs such as moxa that is burned at the holding end of the needle to eliminate negative energy in the body which goes out the body via the smoke of the burnt moxa

Acupuncture has been a long time treatment for back, neck and shoulder pain.  This treatment also is used in helping people stop smoking and many former smokers have stepped forward and witnessed to acupuncture’s power to help them rid of this negative habit.  Treatment for cigarette smoking usually involves the use of around five needles inserted on the outer ear and some on the wrists and hands.  The treatment may be combined with a concoction of Sichuan lovage rhizomes, wintergreen extracts of Evodia fruits and oil of cloves to help the smoker quit faster.

Acupuncture for allergies, psoriasis and acne have all proven effective.  Acupuncture has a particular way of making our immune system stronger.  Since these skin disorders often are caused in part by the inflammations in the blood vessels, acupuncture helps address this inflammation by boosting the production of white blood cells to lessen the inflammation.  Acupuncture is also noted in the treatment of both male and female infertility.  Actually is also even used in the treatment of all kinds of addiction.

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June 10th, 2012 at 1:48 pm

Some Approaches to Infertility in Louisville

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Infertility is not a rare problem and it can be a social stigma especially for females in certain cultures.  This condition strikes thousands of couples each year and it is up to the couple to find ways to address this problem if they desire to have children coming from their own flesh and blood.

Both female and male can have fertility problems.  Women can be infertile for various reasons some of which can be ovulation problems, few progesterone layers, low ovarian stockpile, ovulation dysfunctions and specific infections.  For men infertility may be due to old age, chronic infections, sperm blockage or low sperm count.  A doctor can diagnose infertility for both sexes.

When the problem is identified, the right solution should be sought.  There are several kinds of medical and alternative (natural) therapies available for infertility.  Knowing what’s right for you is your job to find out.

Listed below are some of the common procedures in the treatment of infertility:

  1. Drugs – For physicians, the first usual recommendations for treating both male and female infertility is prescription medication.   Except for chronic infections and old age, some drugs can be effective with several types of infertility.  The negative side to all this is that these drugs are considerably expensive and are not covered by insurance.  Another problem is that all these prescription medications contain harmful chemicals that result in oftentimes serious side effects to the body which may need more medication to treat.
  2. In vitro fertilization (IVF) – This is a procedure where the egg is fertilized outside the female’s body. After egg fertilization, the egg is transferred back to the woman’s uterus.  This therapy has been introduced in 1981 and has a fair rate of success in terms of successful pregnancies.
  3. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ISCI) – In a controlled environment the sperm is injected directly into the female ova resulting in egg fertilization.
  4. Herbal treatments – There are many kinds of herbal formulas that herbalists offer to combat female and male infertility.  However, like prescription meds, some of these formulas have negative side effects.  All in all, however, herbal formulas are much safer to use than prescription medications.
  5. Acupuncture Louisville – A unique Chinese method of addressing infertility is acupuncture. Acupuncture has steadily been increasing in popularity in the US as a treatment for infertility.  It is a procedure where ultra thin non-hollow needles are inserted at vital points in the body.  This procedure is believed to balance energy (chi, yin, yang) which restores good health to the body and regulates body functions including the hormones which is helpful in addressing infertility since some types of infertility are caused by hormonal imbalance.  Furthermore acupuncture improves blood flow to the uterus producing healthy eggs and strengthening the uterine layer providing a good environment for the fetus to develop and grow.

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April 21st, 2012 at 3:34 am

Some of the Conditions Treated by Acupuncture Louisville

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Partly because of the Internet, many more people are becoming more and more dissatisfied with what Western mainstream medicine has to offer especially when it comes to pharmaceutical medications.  Many of them now seek alternative solutions to their health problems and needs.  The question for them now becomes what is the best alternative therapy for my health needs or condition?  Acupuncture Louisville is truly one of the best alternative treatments around today.  In fact, this treatment is an ancient one and has been used for over 4,000 years as an answer to various health disorders.  This treatment is so powerful and versatile that it can treat over 40 health conditions acknowledged no less by the World Health Organization.  This article will assist the reader to know what kinds of conditions acupuncture can be effectively be used to treat them.

Acupuncture was introduced in America in the 1970’s solely to treat pain. Most people still think it is only used for the relief of pain.  Some even think it is an arcane therapy that does not really work.  Well, if only these people are aware that the WHO itself acknowledged acupuncture as a viable treatment for not only one but 40 or more different kinds of sicknesses and disorders.  If that is not enough, the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) has also acknowledged acupuncture effective in treating different kinds of diseases that may or may not be related to pain related at all. Examples of these diseases are digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, menstrual, cramps and symptoms and nausea due to cancer treatment Furthermore, acupuncture is widely recognized as a great treatment for many types of infertility.

The list below shows just some of the conditions acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine effectively treat can treat quite effectively.

Disorders of nerves, joints, muscles and bones – fascitis, tingling and numbness, fibromyalgia, facial tics, muscle spasms, sciatica, spine pain, headaches, shoulder and neck pain, low back pain, dizziness, migraines, neuralgias, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, arthritis and Bells’s palsy.

Stress and sleep and stress – fatigue and insomnia.

Circulatory problems – anemia, atheroschlerosis, palpations, cardiac neurosis, pulmonary heart disease, angina, hypotension and hypertension.

Gastrointestinal problems – irritable colon syndrome, ulcerative colitis, dysentery, biliary colic, vomiting, nausea, gastritis, anorexia, indigestion, chronic diarrhea constipation, peptic ulcers, abdominal pain and food allergies.

Gynecological conditions – lactation deficiency, hypo-ovarianism, herpes zoster, infertility, induction of labor, malposition of fetus, morning sickness, menopause, fibrocystic breast disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, PMS and painful, heavy or irregular menses.

Urogenital conditions – sexual dysfunction, prostatitis, renal colic, retention of urine, , urinary tract infections and incontinence.

Respiratory disorders – bronchitis, allergies, whooping cough, bronchial asthma, sinusitis and emphysema.

Endocrine dysfunction – obesity, hypo/hyperthyroidism and diabetes.

Addictions – drug nicotine and alcohol addiction.

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February 27th, 2012 at 12:57 am

Chronic Back Problems and Acupuncture Louisville

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Why needlessly suffer from chronic back pain when a very good, natural and safe treatment is readily available for you?  Rather than choosing medications that only mask the symptoms and really do nothing to address the underlying cause of the problem or resort to back surgery where risk of injury is real and whose chance of success is less than 50%, acupuncture Louisville for the treatment of back pain is an alternative treatment that is more effective and safe than these conventional modes of treatment of your chronic back pain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which acupuncture is an integral component of believes in a holistic treatment of the individual, addressing the real cause of the problem, whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual or physical in nature.  Because of this approach, TCM views and addresses a disease in a different way than western medicine.  The body organs have specific functions in the body although they do work in unison with each other.  Diseases arise when the function of an organ is disrupted.  According to TCM, the body correspondingly adapts to changes in the environment with modifications to its rhythm as well.  Therefore, an interrelationship exists among the body organs that are in harmony with the environment.  Whenever the body fails to adapt to changes in the environment, imbalances in the body’s energy level occur.  To provide an accurate diagnosis TCM examines the symptoms of the patient’s disorders.

TCM is entirely different in how it diagnoses disorders than western medicine. For example, TCM believes prostate disorders are the result of dampness so these problems are treated based on its underlying cause. Another example would be problems in the liver and blood cause migraines and the acupuncturist diagnoses this problem based on the symptom patterns manifested.  The patterns that acupuncturists usually look for are: interior or exterior, cold or heat, excess or deficiency or yin and yang.  Problems seen in the mind, body and spirit are governed by these patterns.

The cost in health expenditures per year in the United States for chronic back problems is around $40 billion.  In the long run, medications will cost a lot more than a series of acupuncture treatments for back pain.  Also acupuncture costs a fraction of what back surgery costs, which does not even provide a guarantee for permanent cure of your back pain.  Acupuncture has been used for several thousands of years as a viable treatment for many kinds of disorders, including back pain.  It is a proven treatment especially if performed by a licensed and experienced acupuncturist.

Herbal medicine also contributes to the efficacy of acupuncture treatment and often is included with acupuncture therapy to make the treatment more effective.  An added bonus to the treatment is acupuncture’s ability to revitalize the energy level of the person or to calm and relax the mind during and after treatment.

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November 20th, 2011 at 10:13 am

Acupuncture Louisville an Effective Treatment for Infertility

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One of the first benefits one can get from acupuncture Louisville treatment is a feeling of comfort and relaxation that has not been experienced for a long time; in other words stress is removed from the body.  This helps in enabling the body to achieve a natural state of balance and harmony once again.

Acupuncture is probably the most ancient existing healing practice with the largest adherents in the world and is an integral part of a codex of healing arts called traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM.  TCM’s foundation lies in the existence of chi or life energy flowing through all living things including humans on energy thoroughfares called meridians inside the body.  The aim of acupuncture is to restore and abet the free flow of chi in the body.

Even in the present advanced state of human technology, science has not been able to detect or study chi and its flow in the body.  It has, however, observed how acupuncture stimulates hormone production and secretion and improves blood flow, enabling the body to heal itself and to strengthen its immune functions.

Many kinds of infertility cases are treatable with acupuncture.  Acupuncture assists the body in achieving to establish a normal and functioning reproductive system that improves the chance of conception.  Acupuncture is all about establishing balance and harmony in the body’s energy system for better health and well-being.

Stress is a major factor for infertility.  Emotional and physical stress can disrupt the body’s natural rhythm causing dysfunctions in the body systems including the endocrine system.  Regular hormonal activity is affected by stress, which causes problems in the reproductive system.  By relieving stress, the body corrects itself and normalizes body functions once again. Thus, the endocrine system functions normally once more creating a healthy environment for conception.  Mental or physical stress needs to be addressed promptly because prolonged stress in the body can also cause infertility problems that are harder to treat

It is important to note that not all acupuncturists are experienced in treating infertility.  There are acupuncturists who specialize in this field.  General acupuncture can ably treat general kinds of infertility; however many cases of infertility are best taken care of by acupuncture infertility specialists.

The best source of a good and specialized acupuncturist would be one’s OB/gyn doctor, family or friends.  Some physicians nowadays will recommend an infertility acupuncturist for infertility problems they deem are better handled by these practitioners.

Oftentimes combined with herbal medicine, acupuncture for infertility first needs to remove stress and from there will diagnose the patient on what type of infertility problems she/he is suffering from.  With no stress to complicate treatment, the underlying problem that caused the infertility is then addressed together with the symptoms.

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October 2nd, 2011 at 2:48 am

The Versatility of Acupuncture Louisville Therapy

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An integral part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture Louisville has been adapted in cultures worldwide for millennia.  Acupuncture involves the insertion of reed thin needles at certain points in the body called acupuncture points or acupoints as a form of analgesic or surgical anesthetic for the treatment of pain.  Despite the countless researches, tests and studies done to test the efficacy of acupuncture (and how acupuncture manages to pass all these efficacy tests), there are still some sectors in the medical community who are skeptical about this treatment.  However, no one doubts its ability to treat a number of conditions.  Acupuncture works by removing blockages in pathways that allow electromagnetic energy and blood to flow throughout the body.

Acupuncture is generally applied for back and neck pains.  People suffering from chronic back pain have benefited from acupuncture’s ability to relieve painful and distressing conditions in a long-term or permanent basis allowing them to enjoy pain-free and healthy living once again.

Most painful conditions such as labor pain, headaches, menstrual cramps and migraines are relieved by acupuncture.  This is seconded by the World Health Organization (WHO) who have listed more than 30 conditions acupuncture is said to cure. The WHO states that acupuncture can treat migraines and headaches.  The WHO further states that respiratory problems like allergic rhinitis are also treatable with acupuncture.  Actually, acupuncture is more potent than most types of medications and does not cause debilitating side effects.  It also has been reported to relieve bronchial asthma symptoms for short amounts of time.  However, acupuncture may not be as effective in treating viral or bacterial infections such as tonsillitis as antibiotic therapy does.

Studies also record of acupuncture’s ability to treat stroke aftereffects.  Besides this, studies also reveal acupuncture’s positive effect in the improvement of neurological function of a patient in coma, which greatly improves the chances of the patient to regain consciousness.  The treatment also treats insomnia as well as depression and anxiety.  Studies also acknowledge acupuncture’s superior benefits over psychotherapy in treating competition stress syndrome.  This wonderful alternative therapy is fast becoming the treatment of choice for many alcohol and smoking addicts.

Acupuncture is known to likewise treat digestive problems.  It is stronger in potency in its pain-killing abilities than anisodamine with atropine or morphine to treat pain caused by peptic ulcers and other stomach disorders.  Symptoms of stomach disorders such as illnesses caused by chemotherapy, morning sickness, nausea and emesis are ably addressed by acupuncture.

The versatility of acupuncture makes it a more promising type of treatment for many more types of disorders in the future.  Innovations in technology and more medical research into the benefits of acupuncture will allow this treatment to be applied to other types of illnesses in the near future.

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August 14th, 2011 at 10:49 am

Acupuncture Louisville and Food Poisoning

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More than 30 million people in the USA suffer from food poisoning annually.  Food poisoning causes episodes of vomiting and diarrhea.  Typical cases are sporadic and isolated but once in a while a major outbreak can be a cause for concern.  The more common outbreak of food poisoning is Salmonella poisoning, which can affect hundreds or even thousands of people.

Acupuncture Louisville can be very effective in helping relieve symptoms of food poisoning.  It also helps the victim recover quickly.  As a rule, the advice for those suffering from food poisoning is plenty of rest and copious drinking of fluids.  Acupuncture, apart from relieving symptoms and facilitating recovery can reinforce the digestive system allowing it to be resilient from future food poisoning.  Acupuncture also helps prevent the rise of chronic immune dysfunction and boosts the body’s energy levels.

Food poisoning basically means any illness caused by eating contaminated and/or infected foods.  Food can be considered poisonous if a microorganisms such as parasites, viruses and bacteria contaminate it. The most typical microorganisms that spoil and poison food are Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella and E. coli.

Food poisoning symptoms are severe loose bowel movement, abdominal pain, vomiting, cramping, fever and flu-like symptoms. For most people, the body heals itself by clearing itself of the bad food in less than a week sans the requirement of medical help.  Still it may take a few months before regular bowel movements return to its regular function.  Food poisoning can impair digestive function and make the victim more prone to future episodes of food poisoning.  There are a few who after a bout of food poison develop Reiter’s syndrome.  This disorder may take months or even years to resolve and may result in chronic arthritis.

In traditional Chinese medicine viewpoint, by dampness and/or heat in the stomach and intestines because of intake of “dirty” food or drink causes food poisoning.  The aim of acupuncture is to remove the dampness and heat from the body and expel or kill the pathogens by stimulating the production of antibodies and white blood cells in the body. Acupuncture and other types of TCM can help in relieving vomiting and nausea.  Acupuncture can quicken recuperation by helping the body to facilitate the removal of the pathogen and it reinforces the digestive system making it more resilient to harmful foreign agents.

Acupuncture together with Chinese herbal medicine can be very beneficial for treating various kinds of diseases and disorders in the digestive system.  It also enhances the digestive function by improving blood flow to the stomach, intestines and other parts of the digestive system as well as improving body metabolism by allowing the body to absorb nutrients efficiently thus making the need to eat more food unnecessary.

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June 19th, 2011 at 8:08 am

The Importance of the Kidneys in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Louisville

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One of the key distinctions between traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and western medicine lies in their understanding of the organs of the human body.  Western science defines a body organ with a specific anatomical function.  For example, the kidneys’ role lies in blood filtration or the heart’s function is for the circulation of blood, etc. TCM, on the other hand, would view the kidneys as not only an organ for filtering blood, but an integral part of the reproductive process or an organ that has an effect on the emotions of an individual; or the heart responsible not only for blood circulation but also an organ affecting the mental and emotional state of the person.

In TCM, the kidneys play a very important part in the health of the individual, a part that rivals the brain and the heart in importance.  The kidney is essential for birth, growth and reproduction.  In TCM, the kidneys are quite different in concept from the traditional western standpoint.  TCM sees the kidneys as possessing yin and yang energy.  Yin and yang are the water and fire principles that the body has interacting with each other in harmonious balance.  This dual energy is similar to the negative and positive polarity in electricity.  Since chi is energy, it possesses this yin-yang energy.  Any deficiency in either one of the two will cause illness and disease in the body.

The kidney yin-yang essence controls the sexual processes, energy, fertility and the reproductive process.  The kidney essence when balanced normally enables body growth. It controls hair, teeth and bone growth.  If the kidney essence is normal and balanced, hair growth is good and if the kidney essence is weak, hair begins to fall out, hair texture turns thin and hair color turns to gray.

TCM believes that the kidneys carry the genetic makeup of the human race and it provides the body with the needed nourishments a person needs during birth.

The kidney is fundamentally a yin organ.  This yin organ is called primordial yin or true water.  It refreshes the body with yin energy that nourishes and moistens the other body organs. Kidney yin deficiency happens when chi, the life force that flows throughout the body to keep the body healthy is blocked.  The blockage causes a number of illnesses to appear.

Kidney yang or primordial yang, on the other hand, enables warmth and energy to the body.  Strong emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression or sadness create blockages in the kidney meridians where chi travels. Through acupuncture Louisville, this blockage is removed and the body returns to its normal healthy function without the strong emotions.  Instead of feeling these negative emotions, the body feels relaxed, light and generally good.

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April 1st, 2011 at 7:47 pm