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Acupressure For Curing Nose Pressure And Sinusitis

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Chronic sinusitis can lead to congestion and pain in your nose and your whole face. To cure the pressure on your face, there are many natural remedies you can consider.

Acupressure is a treatment technique closely affiliated with acupuncture in Bellingham. Although this procedure can be administered in-office, anyone can also use it on themselves on a limited basis.

Acupressure is closely based on acupuncture that uses the same principle of activating certain pressure points in the body. The biggest difference between the two modalities is that instead of using acupuncture needles, acupressure treatments can stimulate the pressure points without the need for needles.

Around the inner rim of your eyes is one of the most beneficial parts of the body areas to begin your journey to acupressure relief. And anyone, including you, can perform this is one style on yourself.

Place your thumbs about halfway up on both nostrils of your nose. Firmly press the thumbs against the cartilage of your nose. Hold this for thirty seconds (make sure it’s 30 seconds for it can seem like a long time when you’re in this position!)

Repeat this procedure as often as possible.

There is one other acupressure technique that can help clear your sinus cavities and restore sinus drainage. Press your index finger and left thumb on both sides of the bridge of your nose on the areas next to your inner eyes.

Using the heel and fingers of your right hand, reach for the muscles on the two sides of your spine at the back of your neck. On all four points, apply pressure for about a minute. (And if people ask what you’re doing, you can say to them that it’s a new yoga move!)

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February 26th, 2019 at 1:56 pm

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Acupressure: Age-Old TCM Technique For Relaxation And Health

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What is acupressure in Bellmore?

Acupressure is a bodywork healing method from TCM or traditional Chinese medicine that has roots from thousands of years ago. There are mentions and detailed usages of acupressure in Ayurveda, which has an even more ancient history. Acupressure involves applying pressure on precise parts of the body and is said to be even better at stimulating body parts than acupuncture (which uses needles).

Acupressure in traditional Chinese medicine is based on the theory of the five elements and various meridians/channels within our body. It involves the application of pressure to special energy points (called acupressure points) on the body. There are hundreds of acupressure points on our body, which belong to the 12 major energy meridians lines, which in turn connect to all our vital organs.

During an acupressure session, one typically lies with a clothed on a soft massage table. The practitioner then gently presses on the acupressure points with their fingers, palms, elbows or special tools. Since in acupressure, the apply pressure to specific and acupoints in our body, it can easily be used as a simple self-healing technique.

The key benefit of receiving acupressure treatment is: stress relief, a feeling of joy for relaxation and well-being. Acupressure also helps with improving circulation, elevating energy levels within our body, reducing aches and pains along with encouraging health and healing, by vitalizing the body’s intrinsic healing abilities.

Acupressure can be a great preventative in healing technique, particularly to help balance your body and address chronic issues and problems.

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Acupressure Should Be Administered Under The Guidance Of An Experienced Acupuncturist

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Although not as popular as its illustrious cousin acupuncture, acupressure is nevertheless, slowly becoming a healing art that everyone is aware of. The technique of acupressure involves creating and putting pressure on five specific acupuncture/acupressure points to assist various functions of the body.

Acupressure works by applying pressure at certain acupoints in the body in order to heal various health related problems. Perhaps, the best aspect of this treatment is that it is easy to learn and perform both on others and on oneself. When you receive acupressure, there are three important health benefits you can receive, and to get these benefits you need to only focus on a few vital organs.

1. Spleen – For this organ, the acupressure point to use is located along the lower calf muscle above the bone of the inner ankle.

2. Liver – The liver acupressure point is found between the big toe and the second toe.

3. Large Intestine – This important point is located between the forefinger and thumb.

Massage these points for about five to ten minutes a day. Since all these points are bilaterally found in the body, you can gain optimal benefits (which are many) when both pairs of these points are massaged. The acupressure points need to be located precisely and then pressure should be applied to them in a way that it avoids any mishandling of the muscles.

You can find and read articles online or books that can help you learn more about the correct acupressure points and how to find them in the body in order to gain the maximum benefits of the treatment. Oftentimes, these articles and books come with a pictorial illustration of the acupressure points that can help you find them very easily.

However, if you are considering embarking on treating yourself or others with acupressure, it is always recommended that you talk to a licensed or qualified acupuncturist first before proceeding since you would be in a better position to provide yourself or a person with really good results or instruct the person about applying the appropriate movement and methods at the abovementioned acupressure points.

Acupuncturists are healers that are not only trained in the art of acupuncture but in acupressure therapy, as well. They have a deep knowledge of what acupressure is and know where all the pressure points are located. If you want to know how much pressure should be applied to a specific region and what specific benefit you can get from applying such pressure to a specific are of the body, they are the best people to turn to. An acupuncturist who has been practicing his/her profession for several years can best explain what the benefits of acupressure treatment are.


Despite being a very safe form of therapy, acupressure should not be used for certain conditions. Therefore, it becomes all the more imperative to talk to an acupuncturist before embarking on acupressure therapy. Read articles or books that can provide you with a basic understanding about the science behind the treatment. A qualified and experienced acupuncturist is the best person who can guide you in providing the correct treatment at the precise acupressure points to achieve a specific health benefit.

There is no doubt that acupressure is an effective mode of treatment for various types of health conditions, but to be always sure, it needs to be performed under the guidance of an experienced and qualified acupuncturist.

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