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Acupuncture Is a Preferred Mode of Treatment for a Lot of Endometriosis Sufferers

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Endometriosis sufferers are those who would do anything just to get some bit of relief from the horrible pain they periodically find themselves in. Western conventional modes of treatment for this condition include surgery (hysterectomy and laparoscopy), hormone therapy, and drugs. These treatments are quite invasive and have adverse side effects on the patient. That is why more and more endometriosis patients are seeking natural alternative solutions for their condition. There are about 3% of women in the United States suffering from endometriosis each year; in cases of female infertility, 40% of them are caused by endometriosis. The signs and symptoms of this disease include painful urination, pain during sexual intercourse, low back and stomach pain, and painful menstruation. Endometriosis is a chronic disease which can easily lead to depression for the sufferer. One form of alternative therapy for it is acupuncture, a holistic type of treatment that can be used as an adjunctive therapy to Western treatment modalities or as a standalone treatment for endometriosis in order to restore the patient’s normal menstrual cycle, help lessen her urinary frequency and aid her in getting pregnant.

Endometriosis occurs when a woman’s endometrial tissue develops outside her uterus. Usually, this pathological tissue growth occurs in the fallopian tubes and the ovaries resulting in pain and fertility problems; however outgrowth of endometrial tissue can also happen in other parts of the body. This tissue attaches itself to organs and other tissue causing tissue scar and adhesions. Scar tissue development can impair vascularity that can eventually affect tissue and organ function. If the ovaries are affected, the egg may not be able to fertilize. If the fallopian tubes are affected the egg may be unable to fertilize or can get fertilized but might not get out of the fallopian tubes. This leads to what is known as an ectopic pregnancy.

Endometriosis Risk Factors

Women in their 20s and 30s are the most at risk for endometriosis. Women in this age group are also the most likely to develop pelvic pain and infertility. While laparoscopy can support the signs and symptoms of endometriosis, endometriosis can only be ascertained with a histological examination. This condition is rarely discovered in women who already are in menopause. When they start to reach menopause a lot of these women may find that their symptoms begin to wane up to the point when they completely vanish. If you have a family member suffering from this disease, there is a 7% chance that you will develop the condition as well. Other people at risk are those who wait till their remaining fertile years to become pregnant as well as women who are in stressful jobs or work in long hours.

How do acupuncturists diagnose and resolve endometriosis?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, Blood Stagnation is the most common diagnosis (cause) for endometriosis. This arises from the clotting of menstrual blood. Other factors that may be considered a diagnosis for this condition include Yang Kidney Deficiency, Qi Spleen Deficiency, and Qi Liver Stagnation. Each of these patterns of disharmony can manifest different syndromes which can mean a different type of treatment for each syndrome. Sufferers of Yang Kidney Deficiency will show the symptoms of cold sensations in various parts of the body; cysts; clear and abundant vaginal discharge; low back pain; nocturia; tinnitus; cold feet and hands; and clear and frequent urination. Women suffering from Qi Spleen Deficiency may experience heavy sensation in the stomach; hemorrhoids; stomach bloating; fatigue; loose stools; heavy hemorrhaging; and pre-menstrual spotting. Liver Qi Stagnation patients will manifest symptoms of menstrual headaches.

In resolving endometriosis, the acupuncturist needs to choose the right treatment approach that specifically addresses the patient’s own needs although the movement of blood is always included in the objectives of the treatment. Tonifying Yang Kidney or Blood and Qi can be a part of the treatment plan in certain circumstances.

Apart from acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies in New York can help boost the effectiveness of endometriosis treatment. You need to talk to your traditional Chinese medicine practitioner to see if you can avail of Chinese herbal medicine. Changing your lifestyle and dietary habits is also required in order to minimize blood clotting.

There may be other equally powerful alternative healthcare treatments out there that you can avail yourself of. So, prior to using medications or committing yourself to surgery, be sure to consider alternative and/or complimentary therapies that may be far better than the conventional modes of treatment in terms of safety and potency.

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Eczema Treatments and Drugs

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Eczema can develop in all age groups. It basically encompasses a range of skin conditions also termed as dermatitis. Mild eczema is characterized by dry and itchy skin; severe eczema, on the other hand, will make the skin bleed, break and become tender.


Eczema medicine is recommended in accordance with the severity of the disease. Eczema lotions are widely utilized for many types of eczema. The lotions are designed to calm the inflamed and irritated skin. They likewise provide hydration to the eczema-riddled area. By providing enough hydration or moisture, the symptoms of scaling, inflammation, irritation and dryness can be mitigated. The lotions can also make the symptoms less noticeable. The soothing effect provided by lotions also helps relieve the discomfort a person feels from the disease. Some lotions are developed precisely to address eczema symptoms and can be applied to wide areas of the affected skin. Lotions are a very popular form of treatment but if you want a more effective and long-lasting treatment for your eczema, the lotions should be complemented with other treatment procedures.


Glucocorticoids are also very good at treating eczema. Glucocorticoids usually are packaged in lotions cream or ointment form. Desonide and other weaker steroid solutions are recommended by doctors to treat light or moderate forms of eczema.  If you have severe symptoms of eczema, very powerful steroids such as clobetasol propionate provide the healing power you need for treatment of those symptoms. Unfortunately, these corticosteroids come with side effects and patients should only take the doctor-recommended dosages. One typical side effect of corticosteroids is that it makes the skin brittle and thin. Corticosteroids are also immunosuppressive and can increase the likelihood for skin infections if not combined with antifungals or antibiotics. One nasty side effect of corticosteroids is that they can increase the risk of cataracts. These side effects are reasons why medications containing steroids should be only taken sparingly. Corticosteroids can be used in a short or medium term basis to treat eczema to avoid major side effects. For severe eczema, the doctor may recommend oral corticosteroids.  They should not be used long-term even if they provide prompt relief for your symptoms.


Eczema especially the atopic type can be addressed by medications called pimecrolimus and tacrolimus. These drugs are immunomodulators that temporarily “disables” the immune system in the part of the skin they are utilized on. Pimecrolimus/tacrolimus repulse eczema flare ups. You need to avoid exposure to UV rays and sunlight after applying this drug on your body.  If you need to go outside suit on protective and loose clothing that that can cover your whole body.


If your eczema is complicated with secondary skin infection, doctors may recommend antibiotics. Because the eczema causes the skin to dry out, the skin easily cracks permitting bacteria to enter the skin. The bacteria cause even more irritation and inflammation and weaken the skin even further. This is why antibiotics are often prescribed by doctors for eczema.

Alternative Treatments

Eczema can develop or worsen due to either emotional or physical stress. Stress also retards the healing of the skin barrier. Studies even reveal that sleep deprivation and emotional stress greatly weaken skin barrier function in patients who are in prime health. Some types of alternative treatment for eczema that help reduce stress can help better manage their symptoms.

  • Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy is a proven effective technique to relieve stress. It is a type of alternative medicine that is very popular for a huge segment of the population. Studies show that hypnosis helps to improve the eczema symptoms of people whose eczema were shown to be resilient to conventional treatment. Besides treating eczema, hypnotherapy help improve the quality of sleep and the mood of the patient. This goes a long way for the proper control of symptoms.
  • Acupuncture – This is a uniquely Chinese therapy that has been used for the treatment of dozens of ailments and diseases for thousands of years. Acupuncture can have a very calming effect on the individual and many people come out of an acupuncture session feeling renewed and energized. The theory of how acupuncture works is based in the existence of energy called chi in the body and its pathways called meridians where chi is conveyed like blood throughout the body. Some times the pathways or meridians develop blockages that hinder chi from passing and nourishing body tissues and organs.  Sometimes also chi flow becomes too strong that it negatively affects these tissues and organs. To offset these issues, acupuncture needles are inserted into the affected meridians to regulate or unblock the flow of chi that can then restore the good health of the individual. Acupuncture also is used to relieve all types of stress in the body. This is how this treatment can be very effective in people with eczema that has worsened or have been impervious to conventional treatments due to extreme or longstanding physical or emotional stress. Acupuncture is most effective when complemented with Chinese herbal medicine and people using these two therapies have found complete treatment in a matter of weeks.
  • Herbal medicine – Herbs can provide relief for the different symptoms of eczema. Drinking herbal tea combined with acupuncture, creams and bath additives can lead to the total treatment of a lot of eczema cases within three months some Chinese studies reveal.
  • Essential oils – Evening primrose oil contains gamma-linolenic acid, a substance widely believed to contain anti-inflammatory attributes. This type of oil can be effective in relieving the inflammation of eczema sufferers, especially during flare ups. Some studies showed that evening primrose oil helped treat the redness, crusting and itch of subjects within a two month testing period. Another study revealed that almost all patients using evening primrose oil orally showed improvement in their symptoms compared to only a third of patients taking placebo meds.
  • Vitamin D – Some studies reveal that when using vitamin D supplementation, patients manifested marked improvement in their eczema symptoms especially during summer and winter when their symptoms are at their worse.


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Definition of Migraines

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Migraines are headaches that are characterized by pulsating and throbbing pain all over the head. The severity and duration of the pain can change intermittently, can affect one area of the head and can last for a few minutes to many hours. Migraines are considered vascular headaches which stem from the extreme sensitivity of the brain arteries making it particularly susceptible to spasms. This abnormal condition causes the scalp and brain arteries to dilate causing the migraine pain affecting the head.

Migraine headaches cause the sufferer to experience sensitivities to smell, sound and light and causes him to endure episodes of vomiting, nausea, depression and sleeplessness that all tend to lessen in severity during the course of time. When a migraine headache acts up, the body’s sympathetic nervous system is stimulated. This is the system that triggers the “fight or flight” reaction and it heightens the pain and stress of the person. An overactive sympathetic system causes reactions such as diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. It also causes bowel movements in the small intestines to slow down and hinders the absorption of oral medications that were taken for the migraine pain. This is the reason why many migraine medications seem to be ineffective in controlling the headache. The over-stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system also weakens blood circulation causing cold extremities and skin pallor.

Almost 30 million people are affected by migraine headache leading to lost productivity and a poor quality of life for these people. Factors like start of the menopausal phase, menstrual problems and stress can trigger migraine headaches.

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Infertility – Coping and Support

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Learning How to Cope

Infertility can cause a wide range of emotions for those suffering from it making effective coping skills quite necessary. Listed below are some helpful advices to better control and lessen the stress caused by infertility:

  • Make sex more of a recreational activity than a means for procreation – Simply put, keep sex fun and enjoyable. The problem is sex can become more of an obligation than a great way to express love for the partner.  It’s good to stay romantic and do certain fun activities like watching movies that are romantic or dine under lighted candles. This keeps your relationship from becoming tedious and boring.
  • Make infertility a minor issue in your life – There are so many ways to be happy. One way is to not let infertility problems become a serious issue in your life. Learn to accept it and move on to more important and positive aspects that will better your life and make you happier.  If you cannot avoid talking about your infertility, set a certain time and period to talk about it and make use of the rest of your day to think about other things.
  • Understand your fertility problems as much as possible – Learning about your problem and identifying good alternatives like living without a child or adoption can make you more willing to consider these options.
  • Communicate with your partner – Always talk to each other and express your feelings with each other. Try to be understanding with your partner. Your partner may have his/her own unique way of expressing her mind and feelings and if you love him/her you will be able to accept your partner the way he/she is.
  • Acupuncture – This alternative type of treatment has proven effective in treating certain types of infertility for certain types of people. This incredibly versatile therapy has been shown to significantly increase the rate of pregnancy when it is used to complement IVF therapy.  By itself, it has been able to aid some individuals in the treatment of their infertility.
  • Acknowledge your feelings – Express your feelings of frustration, anger and sadness in a way that does not harm others. Don’t bottle up your emotions as it can only impact your health and mind in a more negative way.
  • Find support – Keep in touch with people with similar fertility problems as you have. This can now be easily done online through forums. You can also go for counseling and join a non-online support group who are composed of people who know what you’re experiencing and can morally support you.
  • Go for counseling – Counseling is beneficial for infertile couples to help them unload the emotional stress that comes with infertility. A lot of fertility clinics are now requesting couples to undergo counseling before and during their therapy. If sad thoughts and feeling persist and if you find them starting to seriously affect your life, then it is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor and speak to him about your concerns.


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Philadelphia Chinese Medicine Methods for Depression

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Acupuncture is widely used to treat depression, not only in China but in the Western countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. as well. To treat depression through acupuncture, the points of the pericardium and the heart are focused on. For acupuncture to be more effective, a the Chinese medicine practitioner would have to evaluate the patient first so that he’ll know the main root of the depression and perform the right techniques.

Philadelphia Chinese medicine has long been used as an alternative way of treating diseases. There are herbs and Chinese treatment methods that are deemed to be very effective for certain types of diseases. And right now, Chinese medicines are used to treat depression and other types of mental and behavioral problems as well.

Chinese medicine is currently used for specific depression cases such as dysthymic disorder, bipolar depression, and seasonal affective disorders. Of all the types of Chinese medicines and procedures used, acupuncture is the most popular. Today, acupuncture is offered not only in countries with Chinese heritage but in the western world as well. And this alternative way of treating diseases was very much welcomed by the Europeans and the Americans.

Qi gong is actually a type of a Chinese exercise routine that can greatly help a person suffering from depression. The practice is made of gentle, slow, and rhythmic movements that induce relaxation. The movements are also known to reduce the symptoms of depression.

Mood Smooth is Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan. This Chinese herbal supplement has been around in the past 600 years. The Chinese call them happy pill, as it can magically make a depressed person feel happier. Prozac is the today’s most popular medicine for depression. Jia Wei Xiao Yao is the Chinese counterpart of that drug.

The Yang Tonic for the Kidneys is usually prescribed to treat depression. The Yang Tonic is a nourishing formula for the kidneys and can address the different levels of depression in a patient. The Yang Tonic is composed of different herbal medicines such as Fu Zi, Gui Zhi, Ze Xie, and Fu Ling, among many others.

In Chinese, depression is referred to as the Yu Syndrome. It is directly related to restlessness or Zang Zao. In this discipline, depression is defined as the abnormal harboring of emotions that leads to the stagnant flow of Qi. As such, depressed individuals are very unhappy, crying all the time, not talking much, and spending time by themselves.

If depression is caused by the disruption of the mind’s normal processes, then the Chinese medicine normally used to address the condition is Gan Mai Dazao Tang. This concoction is a collection of different Chinese herbs such as licorice, gancao, longchi, and fushen, among many others.

If both the heart and the spleen are the main causes of depression, then the treatment procedure is primarily directed to build up the spleen and replenish the blood. Building up the spleen would lead to the strengthening of the Qi. On the other hand, replenishing the blood would nourish the heart. In these cases, the Gui Pi Tang decoction is the best Chinese medicine to use.

Weight Loss Acupuncture Tarzana

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There are a lot of people who are overweight and for those who are obese, perhaps surgery is the best option but for those who can’t, they can try to see if acupuncture can help take out the excess weight. Acupuncture is a form of holistic medicine that uses needles to help treat a patient. Unlike the cartoon where the balloon will pop and all the air will go out, the needles that are inserted into the vital points will stimulate the body to release endorphins thus helping the person control their appetite.

But before needles are inserted, the specialist will first ask the patient some questions and perform an examination. This is needed to understand the main cause for the person to be overweight.

Part of examination is to help the acupuncturist figure out where the needles will be inserted. Your pulse will give the person an idea on your general state of energy and the general health of your stomach.

You will also have to open your mouth and show your tongue to check for cracks, peelings or puffiness on the stomach area as this provides clues to why you are overweight.

Once he or she knows the reason, this is the time that the needles are inserted into different parts of the body. One way is called the multi-targeted approach which is designed to lower the body’s weight by increasing the output of the pituitary gland.

The areas where the needles will be inserted will be in the ear and in two of three body points. These areas could also include the mouth, the stomach, the lung, the endocrine, the spleen, kidney or thyroid.

During the initial treatment, the “Four Gate” points would be used to circulate energy throughout the entire body. It is also possible that electro simulation will also be done to increase endorphin release and stimulate metabolism.

These needles will be kept in place for 30 to 45 minutes depending on how much support is needed. These are then removed and replaced with ear tacs with adhesives to make sure they are in the same spot as the needles.

These ear tacs work through applying mild pressure whenever he or she feels hungry. It causes a mild endorphin release and helps the patient relax making it possible to use their willpower and resist the temptation to eat.

The patient will also have to reduce cravings on certain food by cutting down the intake. Some studies believe that this can also lower insulin levels or lipid levels in the blood.

The best part about acupuncture Tarzana is that there are no harmful side effects and no chance for an addiction to occur. The patient will have to come back for regular treatment and have to pay attention to one’s diet and exercise regularly as needles can only do so much to control one’s weight.

The number of treatments for someone who is overweight varies depending on how many pounds they want to lose, the speed at which they want to lose it and their commitment to sticking to the plan.

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Relieving Pain with Acupuncture Marlton

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For many years, Western doctors eschewed the use of acupuncture for pain control, believing that its benefits (if any) derived from a “placebo effect.” Now, some American physicians are acquiring skills in this ancient practice because recent scientific evidence supports what traditional acupuncturists have claimed for centuries.

Over a decade ago, the National Institutes of Health conceded that acupuncture was effective for treating postoperative dental pain, but the NIH consensus panel failed to extend its recommendations to other types of pain. Western physicians and researchers have been wary of any studies that compared acupuncture with more accepted methods for treating pain. Their reticence stemmed from the difficulties encountered with blinding the trials i.e., preventing subjects from knowing whether they were getting real or sham acupuncture, uncertainties about what constituted adequate therapy, and – perhaps most telling – the lack of clarity about acupuncture’s physiologic effects.

During the past decade, however, enough evidence-based information has accumulated to allow even the most dogmatic physician to acknowledge acupuncture’s role in treating certain conditions.

Practitioners of traditional Eastern medical disciplines believe that pain arises from stagnation or blockage of the normal flow of energy through the affected area. Acupuncture Boulder opens “channels” and helps restore the flow of energy from centers of force through the various organ systems of the body.

This philosophy, which flies in the face of the allopathic model of disease management, has contributed to delays in American doctors’ acceptance of acupuncture as a viable therapeutic modality.

Acupuncture is safe, well-tolerated, and – increasingly – of proven benefit for a variety of painful conditions. Individuals hoping for benefits beyond or instead of those afforded by accepted Western modalities should be reassured that acupuncture is a useful approach to pain management.

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Back Pain Miami Acupuncture

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Acupuncture for back pain has been used as a valid treatment for thousands of years, in the East at least. In the rest of the world, it has been slower to gain traction but recent studies with promising results have accelerated the take-up of this now popular treatment.

For example, several studies have shown that it can be more cost effective than other back pain treatments, in terms of quality of life. In many countries such as the UK, acupuncture is now offered to back pain sufferers and subsidized by the government. Despite these recent studies showing to the contrary, there are still those who believe that acupuncture is mumbo-jumbo or pseudo-science.

Although there is now a growing body of evidence showing its effectiveness, many point out that Eastern medicine is not “proven”, especially against the backdrop of ideas such as “chi” and “energy meridians”. Miami acupuncture supporters counter this by saying that even if the principle cannot be properly understood or proven, randomized controlled trials which the gold standard of medical studies prove from observations that acupuncture works.

A qualified practitioner will first massage your body and rely on your feedback to find the most painful areas. These are then treated with the needles you may have seen on TV which are actually quite painless. It is normal to need to strip your clothes off down to your underwear. Even if you have only lower back pain, most practitioners will need to see and possibly treat you along your whole spine in order to fix your back problem. Women may need to unclip their bras but complete removal is usually not necessary.

More areas are then treated depending on your anatomy and how your chi channels lie. Several sessions are normally needed for you to get the full benefit of acupuncture. Acupuncturists claim that their skills don’t just relieve pain but actually help to restore the muscle balance that many, if not most, people with back pain have lost.

Results vary from person to person but around half or more report some long term benefit. At first this may not sound much but this is much higher than for other conventional treatments such as physiotherapy and/or drugs which is closer to the 25% mark. Most patients report other benefits from acupuncture with claims of increased well-being, better sleep and less anxiety being fairly common.

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Acupuncture Dallas for Labor Induction

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Women who have given birth would know how painful the labor process is especially if it takes too long. Now, it is believed that acupuncture dallas can induce labor. The normal method used in hospitals to induce lever is to administer a drug known as Pitocin since it produces a very strong reaction and labor often begins immediately. The effects that the drug might have on the unborn child are not fully understood. There is also a good chance of some side effects that range from nausea and vomiting to more severe conditions such as bleeding, irregular heart rate, and pelvic hematoma. All in all, this does not appear to be the best way to get this important process started.

Acupuncture labor induction has absolutely no effect on the unborn baby as no unnatural substance is being introduced into the body. The worse possible side effect is a very slight chance of minimal bruising at the site of the needle insertion. Also, the process is not likely to cause immediate labor, but allows it to begin in a more normal and timely manner. The question might seem why anyone would prefer a dangerous chemical substance to a benign and natural method.

The answer to this question is the lack of understanding that still exists in how acupuncture really works. There are really few clinical studies that have been done in the West to explore acupuncture labor induction or really any other condition that might be better treated by this ancient Chinese medical practice. A recent study was begun that was going to test a group of women who were near or past their due date, and use a control group of women in similar condition. The control group would be given acupuncture, but points that have no relation to labor would be used.

This type of experiment illustrates the continuing belief that acupuncture works as a sort of placebo. It is impossible for most Western scientists to accept the Traditional Chinese explanation for it because the Meridians and the acupuncture body points themselves cannot be demonstrated anatomically.

The actual points that are used in acupuncture labor induction are located on the back, above the ankle, and in certain places on the hand. The fact that the Meridian Channels that are used for various treatments often have little or no relationship to the actual area of concern further confuses Western analysis of acupuncture and leads to increased skepticism. More and more this skepticism is limited to the theories behind the success as clinical study after clinical study proves that success.

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Boca Raton Acupuncture Weight Loss Treatment

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Boca Raton Acupuncture is one approach that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses to treat the body’s electrical system and maintain a balanced flow of yin and yang. Yin and yang make up two opposing forces in the body, for example, hot and cold or passive and active. TCM believes that an imbalance of yin and yang in the body can cause illness. This is where the use of tiny needles, commonly known as acupuncture, comes in. TCM uses pathways along the body, called meridians, to apply acupuncture and unblock the flow of energy, restoring a healthy balance.


To practice acupuncture legally, a Masters Degree in Acupuncture or Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is required. Acupuncturists are not always referred to as “doctors,” although some physicians may hold a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM). Health care providers or medical doctors can offer acupuncture treatment with less training. For your safety, check your acupuncturist’s credentials if the practice seems questionable.

An examination by an acupuncturist can determine if you have digestive problems or other symptoms that may cause overeating. Certain ear acupuncture for weight loss can help reduce stress and anxiety, which are common triggers for overeating. The acupuncture weight loss points vary for each person. Auricular acupuncture, or ear acupuncture, can help achieve weight loss by inserting needles into certain parts of the ear, releasing endorphins that produce a calming effect. Sometimes, a practitioner will use ear tacks to achieve a long-term effect. Ear tacks are meant to stay in the ear cartilage for around a week, and then they fall out on their own.

Acupuncture for weight loss points may also include other parts of the body. Inserting needles into points that stimulate the stomach, liver and kidney is said to produce positive results for water retention, along with proper oxygen and blood flow to the whole body. These acupuncture weight loss needles are usually kept in the body for around 30 minutes. Your acupuncturist may incorporate electro stimulation. Electro stimulation uses a very light electrical impulse to stimulate parts of the body. Leads are gently clamped onto the acupuncture needles and connected to a battery-powered device.


The number of weight loss acupuncture treatments needed varies for each individual. It depends on how much weight you want to lose, the severity of your overeating or binging and how fast you want to lose the weight. Some patients will need daily visits; others will need bi-weekly or weekly acupuncture therapy. Once the desired body weight is achieved, maintenance therapy will be needed, around four visits per year. A healthy diet and exercise will make losing the weight easier.


Do not rely on acupuncture alone to help you lose weight. A healthy diet of low-fat, low-calorie foods and a regular exercise routine should be used in conjunction with acupuncture to achieve weight loss. Avoiding sugars, eating plenty of vegetables and baking or broiling proteins can help melt the pounds away. Exercises that increase your heart rate, such as aerobics, will burn calories and boost metabolism. Proper nutrition and exercise will compliment acupuncture in the weight loss process.

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December 16th, 2010 at 7:26 am