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The Efficacy Of Ear Acupuncture In Weight Loss

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Losing weight through ear acupuncture has actually been practiced for hundreds of years even if the thought of sticking needles into different parts of the outer ear sounds bizarre or strange.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the ear is a micro-system with pressure points that are associated with some vital organs in the body. Once needles are stuck into these points, appetite can be restrained and a person’s overeating and food binging can be prevented while his/her metabolism can be speeded up.

In treating weight loss with ear acupuncture, the stimulation of the ear points causes the release of endorphins that generates a calming effect will that can relieve frustration, anxiety, and stress. These feelings are what actually cause cravings for unhealthy, fattening foods and overeating.

Laser acupuncture of the ear is a newer version of ear acupuncture. In lieu of needles, laser energy is focused on the same acupoints in this type of treatment. The endorphins also affect the hormonal and digestive systems that lead to a rebalance of these systems and contribute to a regulation of appetite and a reduction of food cravings.

The rebalance of the hormonal and digestive systems also leads to a faster metabolism and a stronger will to resist temptation from eating unhealthy foods and overeating.

Boosting the Effectiveness of Ear Acupuncture for Losing Weight in Boca Raton

With a tack preceding the insertion of a needle, the ear acupuncture points are activated. A magnet or bead is adhered to the acupuncture point promoting the enhancement of its effectiveness after the insertion of the needle. The patient is advised to exert mild pressure to the magnet or bead if he/she begins to feel the pangs of hunger during the process of the therapy. In this manner, the patient can curb his/her appetite with the release of endorphins.

More often than not, the treatment programme is scheduled once or two times a week for two to three months; therefore, it entails of bit of time for the patient to achieve his/her desired weight. The efficacy of ear acupuncture treatment for weight loss nowhere translates to a cure-all or miracle for losing unwanted weight. In order to lose weight with ear acupuncture, one needs to include an exercise regimen and a healthy diet into the treatment programme.

The capacity of ear acupuncture in assisting a person to attain a desired quick reduction of weight lies in the ability of the person to manage his/her food cravings. Certain ear acupoints that are associated with the endocrine system for water retention, the lung for sugar and food addicts, and the mouth for impulsive eaters, are all vital in the success of ear acupuncture treatment for weight loss.

For optimal results, breathing techniques and Chinese herbal therapies can be combined with ear acupuncture.

Ear acupuncture treatment to lose weight is real and is a time-tested way to achieve your desired weight. This treatment is a great way to achieve weight loss goals quickly and easily more than one can expect especially when it’s combined with exercise routine and a healthy diet and other types of natural treatments.

Written by Valerie

November 14th, 2017 at 4:59 pm

The Difference Between Ear Acupuncture And Auriculotherapy

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In 1956, French doctor Dr. Paul Nogier’s original work gave the world with what is now known as auriculotherapy. This treatment is different from ear acupuncture as ear acupuncture entails the insertion of needles inserted into a fixed group of acupuncture points while auriculotherapy neither uses needles nor does it use fixed acupuncture points. Points used in auriculotherapy are generated by enervation of three cervical ganglia and four cranial nerves. They are not acupuncture points.

A practitioner of auriculotherapy utilizes a pen-shaped portable manual medical device (classified as class 11 by the FDA) called STIM PLUS PRO to

1. Search for the auriculotherapy point,

2. Diagnose the identified point, and

3. Resolve the point if observed to be irregular

Auriculotherapy involves the seeking and treating of ear neurological points by stimulating it with mild pulses of electrical current. The treatment is virtually painless. The device STIM PLUS PRO is used to treat each point for half a minute. The therapy is done on both ears for 30 days, 5 days a week for about 10 minutes a day. In ear acupuncture, the needles are left inserted in the body for 20 minutes to over an hour.

Research Studies Dealing with Auriculotherapy and Acupuncture

Several studies starting in the late 1970’s have been conducted to assess acupuncture’s and lately auriculotherapy’s efficacy in addressing addictions. A recent MEDLINE search found over 9,780 studies dealing with the use of acupuncture in treating all types of substance use disorder (SUD) including smoking behavior, binge eating, stimulant abuse, heroin and cocaine addiction, and alcoholism. The bulk of data are derived from clinical studies dealing with acupuncture and they mostly involved the treatment’s ability to reduce the pain and other discomforts related to opiate addiction. In 1977, a bunch of studies led by Wen demonstrated significant withdrawal symptom relief within 15 minutes of the onset of the therapies. In a follow up study conducted by Schuckit et al, 51 of the subjects had been free of drugs during the interim. Oieson and Kroening, in 1985 discovered that ear acupuncture combined with the steep withdrawal of opiate use led to a successful stoppage of drug use of 86 percent of the patients within five days to a week with minimal side effects. Right now, the literature indicates some positive studies using auriculotherapy, ear acupuncture, or acupuncture including: cocaine addiction (NADA protocol, five point therapy protocol established by the (NADA) National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, alcoholism (1995, Brewer), smoking (1997, He et al.)

Here are some positive feedbacks from patients treated with auriculotherapy, ear acupuncture, or acupuncture: “Before acupuncture, I never stopped craving drugs even though I was clean.” “I’m now calmer.” “My desire for booze is reduced and my natural energy is restored.” “It quickly helped kick my heroin habit.” “I can sleep well now.” “Headache is gone.” “I am now less moody.”

Here are a few comments from drug court advocates: “With acupuncture, I had witnessed awesome results for my patients.” “Patients are coming in more physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced.”

Dr. Nelya de Brun, AP, DAOM
Classical Oriental Medicine, LLC
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November 14th, 2017 at 4:56 pm

Acupuncture Treatment for Early Pregnancy Issues

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Acupuncture is a proven therapeutic alternative for addressing fertility problems as well as a potent complementary treatment to current fertility modalities. It is also an efficient and safe option to support and nurture early pregnancy by furnishing relief for a lot of common discomforts without the need for medications and their adverse side effects.

Acupuncture treatment in Miami for morning sickness

During the first trimester of pregnancy, a lot of women may suffer from mild to severe nausea and vomiting. The symptoms are usually the result of hormonal changes in the body. You need to seek medical help if you feel nauseous most of the day, or if you cannot stop vomiting.

Most of these women aren’t too keen on using conventional drugs to help alleviate symptoms.
This makes acupuncture an attractive option for relieving nausea and vomiting. A 2002 published clinical study shows acupuncture to be an effective and safe remedy for women in early pregnancy who suffer from nausea and dry retching.

Acupuncture provides relaxation and emotional health

Pregnancy is supposed to bring in joy and excitement to a couple. Several women however, are usually surprised to know that the changes in the hormones in their bodies make them experience stress, anxiety, depression, irritability, and mood swings.

Women who miscarriages for unknown reasons, who suffer from stress associated with IVF therapy or experience threatened miscarriage are prone to fear and worries about carrying a baby successfully to term. Studies have discovered stress in early pregnancy leads to increased amounts of cortisol hormone that can inhibit progesterone and make the immune system antagonistic to the developing embryo.

For the lowering of stress, acupuncture is an incredibly effective healing technique. It activates the central nervous system naturally and enables the production and release of endorphins to lower the levels of cortisol in the body. When cortisol decreases, it improves the mood of a person and raises his general well-being.

The Obstetrics and Gynecology (March 2010) reported that acupuncture for treatment of depression during pregnancy helped women experience a greater reduction in the severity of symptoms and led to a more positive response compared to subjects in the control groups. Acupuncture treatment for depression can be equally effective as the standard treatment methods of medications and counseling.

Acupuncture boosts uterine flow and placenta development

To ensure a successful pregnancy there must be adequate blood flow and circulation to the placenta and uterus. The uterine circulation during pregnancy constantly changes to meet the embryo’s growing metabolic needs. The growing fetus is connected by the placenta to the uterine wall to allow nutrient intake, waste removal and gas exchange via the blood supply of the mother.

For treatment of early pregnancy issues, acupuncturists work to boost microcirculation in the newly developing placenta and the uterine wall. Raising maternal blood circulation to the placenta promotes the transfer of oxygen and nutrients from mother to fetus and the transfer of carbon dioxide and waste products from fetus to mother. It enhances the health of both the fetus and the mother that can contribute to an optimal pregnancy.

In threatened miscarriages acupuncture can be used to minimize bleeding

Acupuncture raises the health of the mother and guarantees the development of the fetus, more so if the mother has a history of miscarriage. The most critical time in a woman’s pregnancy is during the first trimester due to the fact that a successful pregnancy usually depends on the early phases of fetal growth. A lot of medications that are frequently prescribed in Western treatments can be potentially harmful to the growing fetus. This is one reason why acupuncture is an ideal, safe option for resolving several emotional and physical changes that happen during early pregnancy.

Around a quarter of pregnant women in their first trimester suffer some vaginal bleeding. We need to understand that not all bleeding forebodes miscarriage. Actually, about 50 percent of women who experience bleeding do not suffer miscarriages. If, however, you experience bleeding during early pregnancy, it’s important to let your doctor known about it as soon as possible. Vaginal bleeding may be caused by cervical erosion, and implantation. Acupuncture can help correct weaknesses in the mother’s health and relax the uterus preventing uterine contractions as well as various forms of threatened miscarriages.

Our recommendation

For the best outcomes, you may need to undergo weekly acupuncture sessions until the twelfth week of gestation. Plus, you need to have positive emotions, live a better lifestyle, and maintain a healthy diet that can directly support and nourish the fetus. Women should eat small portions of easily digestible, nutrient-rich, cooked food more often during the day, as well as avoid greasy, fried, and spicy foods, and drink plenty of fluids.

Pregnancy is a special time in your life! It’s important to stay healthy and cheerful in order to have a full-term pregnancy that’s free of problems.

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May 23rd, 2017 at 9:21 pm

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Acupuncture’s Ability To Help Patient’s Suffering From Heart Failure

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A progressively worsening condition, heart failure is characterized by a worsening of the ability of the heart to pump enough supply of blood throughout the body. It is usually the result of injuries to the cardiovascular system, from years of high blood pressure, or a heart attack, and according to the Heart Failure Society of America, deaths related to this condition kills about a quarter of a million Americans each year. Severe fatigue with exercise and shortness of breath are some of the most debilitating consequences of heart failure. The good news is that a millennia-old non-drug treatment known as acupuncture can improve significantly exercise tolerance in patients with chronic heart failure, according a new study conducted by German medical researchers.

This new study recently printed in the medical journal Heart, had participants in stable condition, all suffering from heart failure and who were all taking Western conventional drugs. They were divided into two groups with both groups believing they were getting ten real acupuncture treatments. The truth was that only one group was being given real acupuncture based on the practice of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. These therapies stimulated acupoints that were considered to help lessen inflammation markers, influence the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, and improve general strength. The other group was administered with placebo needles that imitated acupuncture needle pricks that did not involve breaking the skin.

Results of the Study

The patients treated with real acupuncture could walk far longer than those in the placebo group. Furthermore, the heart patients treated with real acupuncture recuperated more quickly after exercise and stated that they felt less exhausted, even though their heart’s measured work capacity remained unchanged.

How Was Acupuncture Able to Improve the Symptoms of Heart Failure?

Headed by Heidelberg University Hospital cardiologist Johannes Backs, M.D., the research team explained in a press statement that studies done previously have revealed that heart failure patients’ ability to tolerate exercise is not associated with the heart’s pumping function of the heart and seems to mainly stem from the muscles. In chronic heart failure, chemical messengers of Inflammation in the blood go up which is what causes the muscles to tire easily, resulting in severe fatigue.

The level of blood of a specific messenger known as TNF alpha (tumor necrosis factor alpha), in reality actually goes down after a treatment of real acupuncture. In a press statement, one of the authors of the study, Arnt Kristen states that the decrease in muscle strength and mass caused by TNF alpha can help explain acupuncture’s positive effect on the function of the musculoskeletal system.

Heart failure is much more complex than what was previously assumed and it involves autonomic nervous system and various nerve transmitters imbalance, the research team noted. This is where acupuncture can precisely help as it can help restore balance into these processes. In a press statement, the researchers explained that acupuncture has an anti-inflammatory affect and improves excitation (the autonomic sympathetic nervous system) as well relaxation (the parasympathetic nervous system).

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November 15th, 2016 at 5:10 am

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It’s Important to Find A Qualified Acupuncturist Trained in Acupuncture Ear Staples Treatment If You Want to Lose Weight

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Before you avail yourself of Cleveland acupuncture ear staples treatment for weight loss, you may want to find out more about it. Weight loss can be one of the most important things that you ever do but acupuncture ear staples treatment for the loss of weight can cause some quite serious problems if not done the right way. A few patients have complained of scarring and serious infections because of this procedure although on the whole, incidences are rare.

It must be noted that not all acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners are trained for weight loss treatment using acupuncture ear staples. There are even those who are not licensed to practice acupuncture of any kind. You must therefore, find out the credentials your practitioner has if you are seriously planning to get acupuncture treatment, especially when it involves losing weight. If the practitioner you’ve considered is not licensed then you should take the time to find a new one even if the practitioner has a significant amount of training. Ear staple acupuncture treatment is an excellent way to lose weight and while we all desire to look and feel the best we can we don’t want to do it at the expense of our health.

Searching for the right practitioner who can provide the best acupuncture ear staples treatment for losing weight can be a difficult process. It’s important to find someone you can trust. One good way to search for one is to locate and talk to some of the people who have already undergone acupuncture ear staples treatment for losing weight. This will give you some ideas about the practitioner; whether or not he/she can be trusted. If your coworkers or friends have been treated by an acupuncturist and they came out of the treatment without getting an infection and have lost some weight because of the treatment, then you can consider that person.

Don’t just choose an acupuncturist for ear staple acupuncture treatment from the yellow pages. It’s important to know what kind of person he/she is. You need to visit him/her and know what the procedure is all about. Your selected acupuncture physician will explain to you about the procedure and will answer every question you need to know. This will help allay any concerns you have about the treatment and about the practitioner himself/herself. And if you know that your body is in the hands of a good and capable professional you can then relax and enjoy the treatment.

The cost of acupuncture ear staples treatment for weight loss may vary from acupuncturist to acupuncturist. It’s advisable to call each practitioner about their prices and find one that can give quality care at a reasonable price although if you’re with a really good acupuncture doctor cost may not matter especially when the results are exceptionally good.

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November 8th, 2016 at 4:13 am

Beyond Chinese Herbal Medicine And Acupuncture

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I’d like to discuss the spiritual aspect of the practice of medicine and how it relates to Chinese medical gynecology since so many of our patients come to gynecology through fertility, and fertility issues are very, very difficult and stressful for many patients. While working in a Western fertility clinic, what I see are these repeated attempts to get pregnant and the repeated losses of pregnancy or no implantation.

There’s so much that affects the affect of the person and what it does to the person emotionally, psychological and spiritually issomething that most of us in the clinical practice of Chinese medicine don’t really get a great opportunity to help with. We want to make suggestions about Qigong or about meditation, and there are some that certainly do that.

The point of this article very briefly is to encourage people to take some extra time with your patients and help them cultivate a mindfulness practice of some kind, if they don’t have it, and meet them where they are. You don’t need to introduce a new form of spirituality or a new form of religion, but just simply help them find their breath and learn to count their breath as well as to focus on being in that moment.

This is because we’ve seen studies coming out of Harvard over the years that talk about your plasticity and the ability to quite literally change your mind through the practice of mindfulness meditation. I couldn’t agree more, but it doesn’t have to be a strictly scientific approach either. It’s our natural state to be into stillness, to be in silence.

However, over the course of our lives, we pile on so much conditioning and sense of identity that we come to believe that is who we really are. Over time and through the process of meditation, that begins to quiet down and the layers begin to fall away. What you are now left with is the original stillness of mind.

That may sound lofty or esoteric but I can assure you that through very simple mindfulness practices, your patients will begin to experience that frame and state of mind. So, my advice is to encourage your patients to do that. It will work wonders with regard to fertility, it will work wonders with regard to gynecological complaints.

In the end, I personally believe, beyond herbal medicine, beyond acupuncture in Austin, beyond these external interventions, it’s the internal exploration of our minds and our spirits that really holds the key to long lasting change for our patients as well as for us practitioners. Take care of yourself too.

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April 30th, 2019 at 2:20 am

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Acupuncture and Physical Rehabilitation Combined Yielded Great Results In The Treatment Of Infantile Cerebral Palsy

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Acupuncture in King of Prussia coupled with physical rehabilitation can help improve the results of young patients suffering from infantile cerebral palsy.

Heilongjiang TCM University researchers found acupuncture an effective way of treating infantile cerebral palsy. Physical rehabilitation plus acupuncture treatment boosts the positive results of patients. Children with cerebral palsy benefit from getting both forms of treatment as healing modalities but the combination approach generates better clinical results.

Acupuncture combined with physical rehabilitation therapy produces a synergistic effect that benefits infants suffering from cerebral palsy. After conducting a controlled clinical trial, the researchers concluded that acupuncture plus rehabilitation works great in the treatment of infantile cerebral palsy. This condition is a non-progressive issue brought about by brain damage due to various causes. At any point of time up to a month before birth, there is a chance that this condition can occur.

Infantile cerebral palsy symptoms may include speech impairment, mental retardation, abnormal posture and congenital motor dysfunction. Nowadays, the main form of treatment for patients with this condition is to undergo physical rehabilitation. Past clinical studies has shown that acupuncture can be a significant factor in the treatment of infantile cerebral palsy. Because of this, researchers started their investigation to assess the correctness of previous findings.

Infantile cerebral palsy acupuncture treatment involves individually determined acupoints and scalp acupuncture. Scalp acupuncture stimulates neural cells and dredges the energy channels helping the patient to regain reflex functioning. This type of acupuncture helps improves speech abilities and restores limb motor functioning. All in all, acupuncture improves quality of life scores and significantly reduces the intensity of the cerebral palsy. Early diagnosis and therapy are the most important elements to consider when guaranteeing successful results. The cooperation of the parents in the process of treatment is just as important and is very much needed.

The Heilongjiang TCM University researchers have noticed that patients given acupuncture plus rehabilitation attained a higher Barthel rating and GMFM (Gross Motor Function Measure) score than the patients that only received acupuncture treatment. While both groups of participants positively responded to the therapy, these scores showed that the group given the combined treatment had a better ability to do day-to-day activities and had better motor functioning of the limbs.

The study involved the participation of 54 patients all suffering from infantile cerebral palsy. They were randomly and equally grouped into two: control group and treatment group. The control group was treated with acupuncture while the treatment group was given both rehabilitation and acupuncture.

For both groups the main acupoints chosen were the same:

GB7 Qubin
GV20 Baihui

Secondary acupoints were chosen based on the symptoms. For a weak kidney and liver:
GV4 (Mingmen)
Bl23 (Shenshu)
St41 (Jiexi)
Lv3 (Taichong)

For phlegm stagnation:

Bl17 (Geshu)
St37 (Shangjuxu)
St40 (Fenglong)
St36 (Zusanli)

For speech impairment:

CV23 (Lianquan)

For salivation dysfunction:
St4 (Dicang)

For a weak spleen and heart:

TB5 (Waiguan)
St25 (Tianshu)
LI4 (Hegu)
St36 (Zusanli)
Pc6 (Neiguan)
EX (Yintang)
Bl15 (Xinshu)

For weak eyesight:

St2 (Sibai)
GB14 (Yangbai)

For hearing impairment:

GB12 (Wangu)
Sl19 (Tinggong)
GB2 (Tinghui)
TB21 (Ermen)

the Tou Si Liu Zhen needling approach was utilized for the Qubin and Baihui points. In a straight line via the Baihui towards Qubin, a 1½ to– 2 inch needle (28 gauge) was stuck on one side of the head. The needle was pierced at 30° to the scalp and rotated constantly for 2 minutes at a speed of 200 rpm. On the other side of the head, the process was then repeated through the Baihui to the Qubin. A 50-minute needle retention time was followed. The needle was rotated once during this time.

The needling technique known as the Dian Si Bu Liu Shen was used for the other acupuncture points. A 128 gauge, 1.5 inch acupuncture needle was used in this treatment. The needle was quickly insertedand removed from the points without any needle retention time. Two consecutive weeks of consecutive of acupuncture sessions made up one entire treatment cycle. Before beginning the next cycle of treatment, a two day break was observed. For the entire treatment course, a total of six cycles of treatment given.

With the assistance of the parents of the patients, head rehabilitation was performed. The patients were given 1 of 3 various kinds of rehabilitation based on the patient’s conditions: muscle hypotonia, athetosis, spasms. For spasm suffererers, the parent will hold the head of the patient using their palm on each side of the patient’s head. Then they were told to pull the neck of the patient upwards. Simultaneously, they pressed downwards the shoulders of the patient using their forearms. For patients suffering from muscle hypotonia, parents were told to push the shoulders of the patient with their thumbs applying pressure against the chest of the patient, in order to lift the head of the patient and place it in the middle. For patients suffering from athetosis, parents were told to straighten the arms of the patient, press them slightly downwards, and turn the arms inwards to help rectify the outward turn.

Also administered for these three groups is sitting rehabilitation. For patients suffering from spasms, the patient was told to lean forward and split both legs. Then the trainer used both his hands to straighten the lower limbs of the patient.

For patients suffering from athetosis, the shoulders of the patient were held by the trainer with both hands and faced it frontwards. Subsequently, the patient was guided to lift himself with his hands. For patients suffering from muscle hypotonia, the trainer made use of his two hands to download press on both sides of the patient’s spine using the thumb of the trainer to help straighten the body and head of the patient. The patient was pushed in the right left, back and front directions to build and train his or her sense of balance after the sitting position of the patient was in order.

In limb rehabilitation, the lower and upper limbs were exercised. The lower limbs often experience tenseness and stiffness. When the knee joints were utilized as a point of control, the two legs were outwardly turned to separate the legs. Hip joints were bent and rotated if the tenseness intensified. For the upper limbs, the fingers of the patient where relaxed and their arms were turned outwards, straightened and lifted upwards. The elbow was inwardly rotated before the straightening of the arms if the elbow of the patient was significantly bent.

Before and after treatment, the Barthel ratings and GMFM score of the patients were documented. The Barthel rating was utilized to determine the ability of the patient to do day-to-day activities. TheGMFM score helped measure the motor function of the limbs. The outcome showed that acupuncture generates favorable results in the healing of infantile cerebral palsy. Applying acupuncture and rehabilitation together are shown to generate even greater outcomes. It was concluded that combining rehabilitation with acupuncture boosts the positive results in patients suffering from infantile cerebral palsy.

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Acupuncture And Moxibustion For Healing The Various Ailing Areas Of The Human Body

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Chinese medicine can involve acupressure, moxibustion, herbal medicine and acupuncture. These modalities are meant to reinstall the flow of energy in the pathways that make up our qi which is the energy or vital force of the body. The human body has 14 energy channels, called Meridians that comprise the life force of the body, which is the essence of life. When we are healthy, energy steadily flows through these meridians. We experience sickness, pain, and symptoms of illnesses when there is a blockage in the flow in one or more of these meridians. The fields of energy that circulate through every layer of our body can be controlled through touch, pressure, electrical stimulation, needle punctures, and other ways so that the movement flow of energy can be restored in the blocked meridians. There are acupuncture points along these Meridians, which are found in our ears, feet, skin, and muscles, and are close enough to the body surface to control for the process of healing.

Acupuncture in Cleveland

Acupuncture is one such technique to exploit the Acupuncture Points (acupoints). Acupuncture is a method that involves the placement of slender needles into the skin along the acupoints of Meridians. Despite the lack of evidence of the existence of these energy channels, there are resources available that delineate the paths these meridians take within our body and where the acupoints exactly are. Each of these channels, fortunately, has its own acupoints on the surface of the skin to give us the means to heal all joints, organ systems, and other components of our musculoskeletal system. These sources of information can be found in pictures, books, diagrams and illustrations.

The needles used in acupuncture have a tiny diameter and are made of stainless steel, as opposed to hypodermic needles used to draw blood which are much larger. Acupuncture needles are also hollow; hypodermic needles are solid. The needles are inserted into the skin about an inch to four inches deep. A normal treatment session may necessitate the use of five to fifteen needles.

Acupuncturists recommend a series of treatments to build up a cumulative effect for it to work in the relief of stress and pain. This implies that as the treatments continue, the benefits of the treatment will increase and last longer with each additional session.

Some doctors have integrated conventional acupuncture procedures in order to boost the results of their treatment, as well as to increase the time intervals that patients undergo without experiencing relapses of symptoms of disease or pain. Doctors have experimented with both new and old technologies and medicines in order to augment the benefits of their therapies.

Electro-acupuncture is an updated version of traditional acupuncture whereby an electric current is transported to Acupuncture needles. The current settings that apparently can provide the best outcomes are the high-intensity, low-frequency currents. They are highly likely to provide the body with more benefits and comfort, and endow benefits that persist long after the session is over. The high-intensity low-frequency currents are the settings that tend to generate a cumulative effect for the relief of pain. The acupuncturist inserting the needles to the acupoints has control over the current’s intensity and frequency.

PENS Acupuncture is another modern form of acupuncture. It entails the attachment of electrodes to acupuncture needles. Electricity is then sent to the needles inserted in the body.


Moxibustion is a healing method whereby heat from flaming herbs is directly applied over each acupoint during a treatment session. This branch of Chinese medicine involves the treatment of acupoints along the Meridians whereby the flow of energy is believed to be obstructed. The acupoints do not have to be stimulated manually for the meridians to be affected. In certain instances, nutritional and herbal therapies can work as well. In moxibustion therapy, a plant known as mugwort or moxa is lit over acupoints on the head acupuncture needles that are inserted in the body. The lit moxa has healing properties believed to promote healing by reinvigorating the flow of qi and increasing the flow of blood.

There are two types of moxibustion: indirect and direct. In Indirect moxibustion, the end of a moxa stick is lit, and then placed near the acupoint for many seconds.

In the direct method, a small cone-shaped moxa is directly placed on the acupuncture point. There are two sub-classifications of this treatment: non-scarring and scarring.

The non-scarring version involves igniting and placing the moxa directly on then and then quickly removed before it burns the skin. The scarring version involves placing a piece of moxa on the skin and then setting it on fire.

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What To Expect In An Auricular Acupuncture Treatment

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Stimulating auricular acupuncture points is one way to stimulate the body in order to overcome a disease.

Ear or auricular acupuncture in Cleveland is a specialized alternative treatment in which acupuncture points on the auricle or outer ear are activated with disposable, small and sterile needles to treat a wide range of chronic problems. In the therapy, the ear is viewed as a microcosm of the body with the auricle representing an inverted fetus in a woman’s uterus) with each acupoint relating to a specific anatomical area.

Theories as to how Auricular Acupuncture Works

The latest Western perspective about how Auricular Acupuncture works is explained when the outer ear, which contains a large amount of nerve endings is stimulated dispatching electrical signals to the nervous system, to the area of the body affected. Therefore, by inserting a needle in the neck acupoint, any pain in the body will be relieved.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, the life energy of the body known as Chi moves through channels in the body called meridians, and all these meridians gather at the ear. Illness arises when the Chi in our body becomes blocked or unbalanced. By sedating or tonifying these acupoints with acupuncture therapy, our health improves and we then obtain a healthy balance of Chi within our body.

How does a procedure of Auricular Acupuncture treatment go?

A session of auricular acupuncture treatment involves sticking five or six small sterile, small disposable needles in each ear. The needles are inserted into acupoints associated with the body part that is ailing, so when we apply a needle in the neck acupoint we may be relieving pain in body part connected to the needled area in the ear. A treatment plan may customized by your acupuncturist to suit your individual needs. Small press tacks or acupuncture magnets may be taped to your ears in between rounds of acupuncture treatments.

Is Auricular Acupuncture a Painful Treatment?

People who are treated with ear acupuncture should never feel pain. You may be required to perform a special breathing technique while the needles are being inserted. At first, you may feel a slight stinging sensation, but this will be felt for just an instant once the needles are in place. The needles remain in the ear for less than an hour. In-between treatments, small press needles or magnets may be taped to selected acupoints in your ears.

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A Tai-Chi Session Each Week Can Help You Stay Fit And Healthy Until Your Golden Years

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According to American researchers, the exercises in Chinese Tai-Chi can benefit your health and well being by boosting your self confidence and increasing muscle resistance. If you are looking for a way to maintain strong bones and good health, even when you`re past 60, we recommend that you include a few Tai-Chi exercises into your weekly workout sessions. One thing you can expect from this is a lessened risk of fractures or injuries.

The researchers evaluated the results of two groups of older people with ages over seventy years old: one group did not perform any Tai Chi exercises while the other group had Tai Chi exercises thrice a week for three months. The researchers observed that the group that had practiced Tai-Chi showed a significant improvement in flexibility, mobility, muscle strength, and knee resistance.

According to another US study, after a person passes 65 years of age, his muscular mass decreases by about two percent each year. They can consider doing Tai-Chi workouts in order to avoid this undesirable consequence of the aging process.

Tai-Chi is based on breathing techniques and fosters a balanced lifestyle to maintain the health of the lungs, especially if you are a smoker or live a stressful life.

This ancient healing practice can also lower your susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases. It can also be an efficient way to enhance memory and mental function especially for people who suffer from memory loss or who are unable to concentrate well enough.

It`s time to make positive changes to your lifestyle if you consider yourself an active person and are willing to stay fit and healthy until your golden years. A Tai-Chi session each week can make you feel and look great.

Amy-SuiQun Lui, L.Ac.
Asian Health Center
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