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The Causes of TCM Damp Heat In The Body

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In their early women life, based on grandmotherly wisdom, Southeast Asian girls have learned not to engage in any activity that will disrupt their regular period. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Bellmore , menstrual problems should be immediately treated lest it results in infertility or other types of women illnesses.

When our lungs are damaged by environmental pollution, it can cause the spleen to interrupt its function of transporting and converting fluids. This can lead to a buildup of dampness in the body as well as excessive deficient yang, which can result in damp heat.

Damp Heat Factors Based on TCM Perspective

A state of health where lack of yin or severe deficient yin permeates the body, damp heat can lead to chi deficiency or scanty chi. 

  • Inflammation or Infection – body temperature rises when, combined with yang deficiency, the body suffers from inflammation or infection. This may lead to a buildup of heat in the stomach area, resulting in stomach pain, cramps, and discomfort.

Deficient Spleen and Allergic Reaction

These conditions may be due to a malfunction of the immune system in which the body attacks certain adverse elements infiltrating the body, elevating body temperature and creating damp heat. The effects of deficient spleen chi caused by Spleen malfunction in the transportation and conversion process can also lead to a failure in  the function of the lungs to counter kidney function of moving the fluid upward resulting in the buildup of dampness in the stomach that in turn, causes back pain, cramps, and menstrual cramping.

Cold Drinks and a Diet of Raw food

Cold drinks and a raw food diet are considered pathogenic yin. Long term consumption of these foods may lead to severe yang deficiency resulting in yin vacuity and eventually in damp heat.

The Standard American Diet 

The standard American diet is by nature very yang. It is a total inversion of the raw food diet, although has the same effect: a buildup damp heat and yin vacuity in the body.

Deficient Kidney Yang

Yang Kidney deficiency can occur under extreme conditions. It is caused by the failure of the kidney to prevent a buildup of excess fluids in the stomach, which leads to inflammation and infection and, eventually, damp heat. 

Deficient Kidney Yin

If a deficient kidney yin condition exists in the body, it causes dryness and heat in the abdomen and lung and stomach, leading to excess yang or heat that in turn leads to yin deficiency that disrupts kidney function, specifically the movement of fluids in the body.

Written by Valerie

February 4th, 2020 at 1:38 am

TCM Natural Fertility Treatments

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Maitland Acupuncturists who specialize in natural fertility treatments now promote mind/body techniques and traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help increase the chance of a woman with infertility to conceive.

Stronger blood circulation to the reproductive organs:

TCM healers believe that a stress-filled lifestyle pulls the body’s attention and blood circulation from the baby-making and reproductive organs and channel it instead to your legs and arms (caused by the “fight or flight” reaction of the body). To alter this course, they use de-stressing yoga session, focused relaxation (visualize going to a happy place), and/or acupuncture treatments to provide reproductive organs with optimal circulation of blood.

Other Helpful Tips to Treat Infertility and Increase Your Chance to Conceive

  1. Bring Balance to your Hormones

When your reproductive hormones are off, conception can become a bit hard to achieve. What causes the imbalance of hormones in the body?  It is stress (once again). Women living highly stressful lives are likely to manufacture prolactin, a stress hormone known to disrupt ovulation. Besides utilizing stress-reducing techniques, you can also use certain TCM herbs or exercise and eat a healthy diet, which are some extremely effective ways to bring back balance to the hormones of your body.

  • Stop obsessing

The more emphasis you put on your attempts for a baby in any given month and then failing, the more frustration and stress you create on yourself. In turn, this may generate more obstructions to fertility. TCM practitioners believe that being more conscious of the process of conception and acquiring a passive attitude to your outcome will help bring about balance in your body, and eventually, give you the benefit you want.

  • Make your body more responsive to conception

In TCM, having an active, muscular, and very thin body, similar to the bodies of Western female models, is not conducive to fertility. If you’re following the latest fad diet or expending all your energy vigorously working out, you may not have enough energy left to support new life in the end. What we’re saying is that you live your life in moderation.

  • Monitor your cycle

Recording your basal body temperature will help you know when you’re ovulating, whether your body is at a temperature suitable for fertility, or whether your ovulation happens on an optimal day. This tip is also endorsed by Western medicine. You can easily purchase a basal thermometer at your local pharmacy.

  • Avoid dampness

Practitioners of TCM believe dampness that has built up in your body creates obstacles in the form of fibroids and cysts, which in turn, can make conceiving difficult. Avoid damp food like alcohol, greasy foods, ice cream, butter, yogurt, cheese, and milk if you’re trying to get pregnant. To be avoided also are moist basements, humid climates, and wet clothing.

  • Boost your emotional health

TCM practitioners believe that the lungs and liver are the two most common organ systems addressed in the treatment of infertility. In TCM, the lungs associate with holding on, grief, and sadness. The liver affiliates with desire, stress, frustration, and anger. This is why Liver Chi stagnation is one of the most common diagnoses for infertility. Relax your mind by practicing meditation, yoga, or acupuncture in order to get your fertility “chi” flowing.


More and more doctors in the US are now using acupuncture and various TCM techniques to treat infertility and a host of other problems. Talk with your doctor first to make sure these TCM modalities don’t interfere with any drugs you are taking.

Written by Valerie

February 4th, 2020 at 1:09 am