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Cupping Therapy Treatment For Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Being an inflammatory disease without a known cause, rheumatoid arthritis has subsequently no known cure. It usually affects multiple joints and may lead to disability and severe deformity. Females are three times more at risk in developing this condition than males, and its rampancy in the U.S. is about one to two percent. Rheumatoid arthritis usually arises after 40 years of age and before 60 years of age in both sexes although it can potentially occur at any age.

Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

The symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis vary. The joints are bilaterally affected and experience pain and inflammation. There is stiffness and swelling in the diseased joints. In the morning, stiffness usually lasts for more than thirty minutes. Symptoms that typically arise include pain, loss of weight, malaise, and fever. Rheumatoid arthritis tends to also affect other parts of the body. It can affect the blood vessels, blood, heart, spleen, lymph nodes, lungs, and skin. This is a serious disease which can potentially shorten a person’s life and lead to severe disability.

Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Treatment for rheumatoid arthritis is aimed at reducing inflammation and pain as well as to prevent deformities. Before initiating treatment, the doctor or practitioner explains to the patient that the disease itself is a supportive part and extremely part of the plan of plan. When inflammation occurs, rest is recommended to reduce the symptom. To maintain the normal movement of affected joints, exercises based on a special program are required for each patient. One extremely effective way to lessen pain and inflammation is heat therapy. Also, natural supplements containing A-3 fatty acids can help reduce some of the symptoms of this disease.

Cupping therapy

A form of complementary and alternative medicine, cupping therapy is one of the major branches of Jacksonville Chinese medicine. This healing technique increases blood circulation and relieves pain while eliminating inflammatory substances and body wastes and toxins. Cupping therapy is an extremely powerful healing modality for rheumatoid arthritis. It alleviates inflammation and pain on the affected joints. In 2005, the Egyptian Journal of Immunology stated that “Combined with standard medicinal therapy, blood-letting cupping has a wide range of benefits. It leads to significant improvement on the patient’s clinical condition especially visual analogue pain scale, it meaningfully lowers the laboratory markers of rheumatoid arthritis activity and regulates immune cellular conditions.” In one other study, submitted in partial fulfillment for M.D degree in Mansoura University, researchers say that “One of the most effective uses of cupping therapy is its use in the relief of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.” “Cupping is used in the treatment of several diseases including arthritis”. Lastly, you need to look for a licensed and qualified cupping therapist or acupuncturist to perform cupping therapy for you or your loved one.

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January 27th, 2020 at 11:33 am

Ginger Moxibustion Combined With Acupuncture Can Lead To A Cure For Intractable Tinnitus

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Medical research has shown that ginger moxibustion combined with acupuncture can lead to a cure on patients suffering from intractable tinnitus. People with intractable tinnitus are usually the middle-aged people or the elderly who hear ringing in the ears, particularly in a quiet environment or in the evening. Drugs do not usually work well for this disorder. In China, researchers in Hubei province used ginger moxibustion and acupuncture to treat 34 patients with intractable tinnitus. They attained an effective rate of 91.18 percent, overall.

From the viewpoint of TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, intractable tinnitus is mostly comprised of patients suffering from excess syndromes. Excess syndromes, in terms of biomedicine, can be determined as a type of sympathetic nervous system hyperactivity. The excess syndromes for tinnitus associated with TCM are usually caused by excessive fear or anger, liver Chi stagnation, or depression, and may result in an obstruction along the Shaoyang Meridian.

Tinnitus can also be caused by deficiency syndromes. These syndromes are often due to excessive work, blood and chi deficiency, a weak constitution resulting from chronic disease, or too much sex which can lead to inadequate Kidney essence that can impair the nourishment of the ears. Hence, TCM practitioners often administer acupuncture to acupoints on the Foot and Hand Shaoyang meridians encircling the ears. The meridians’ blockage is usually severe for intractable tinnitus patients and so ginger moxibustion is used to warm and clear the blockage in the channels and meridians in order to boost blood flow to the ears.

The research recruited 34 patients whose illness began four months to 11 years.

Before the start of the research, patients had to undergo physical examinations to rule out the possibility that their tinnitus was the result of certain illnesses such as vascular spastic diseases, autoimmune disease, low blood sugar, thyroid hypofunction, diabetes, anemia, head injuries, sclerosis, acoustic neuroma, or issues in the middle ear and auricle.

The channel’s blockages were usually severe, and ginger moxibustion which unblocks and warms meridians, was sued to enhance blood and chi flow in their ears.

In the acupuncture therapy session, needles were inserted into the following acupoints: GB 40, LR 3, SJ 3, GB 43, Lu 7, Sl 19, SJ 21, GB 2, and TB17. Acupoints SJ 21, GB 2 and TB 17 were needled on the affected side. The patient rested in a supine position if the tinnitus was bilateral; the patient rested on one side if the tinnitus was unilateral. Slender needles measuring 40 mm, were immediately inserted. Reducing or reinforcing manipulation procedures were selected to attain de qi based on the differential diagnosis.

To the acupoints surrounding the ears, needling was retained for thirty minutes and electroacupuncture was applied using a continuous wave. Acupuncture therapy was given for ten days once a day, comprising one course.

Acupuncture was simultaneously used with ginger moxibustion. Large ginger slices a centimeter thick was placed on the treatment site. Each slice sported a small hole in the center puncture by a needle. Then, using dried moxa, the researchers created moxa bars shaped like a pagoda, placed them on the ginger slices, lit them, placed them on the outer ear and moved the positions of the ginger slices until the moxa burned out. For every session, a couple of moxa bars were used. A single treatment was given each day for a ten day period.

After treatment, which averaged 17 days, out of the 34 patients, 8.9 percent or three patients exhibited zero improvement, 11.76 percent or four patients experienced moderate improvements, 14.71 percent or five patients showed significant improvements and 64.17 percent or 22 patients fully recovered. The rate of overall effectiveness was 91.2 percent. Four months following treatment, 27 patients in the research showed no recurrence or degradation of symptoms. From these results, it was clear that ginger moxibustion and acupuncture showed a meaningful curative effect on intractable tinnitus patients. Based on the positive outcomes of the patients, the researchers concluded that broad use of this medical treatment program is justified.

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January 13th, 2020 at 2:09 am

Four Powerful Natural Therapies To Help Reduce High Blood Pressure

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It is a scientific fact that high blood pressure (hypertension) is either due to the food we eat or due to stress. The typical treatment for this disease is by taking physician prescribed drugs, which needs to be taken to immediately control the symptoms, of course. However, there are natural remedies for high blood pressure that can be administered without the need for drugs.

Qi Gong therapy

Qi Gong therapy is one of these natural remedies. In this technique, high blood pressure sufferers are required to perform exercises to eliminate any obstructions in the pathway of chi or vital energy. This natural form of treatment for hypertension is made up of exercises that target the kidney and liver. Aside from that, Qi Gong therapy practitioners have also discovered out that performing stretching exercise reduces hypertension and strengthens the heart.

Chakra Healing

Chakra healing is another natural treatment for high blood pressure that follows the same principle of vital energy or chi flowing in our body. High blood pressure is thought to be the result of uncleared and unbalanced chakra. The heart chakra is the target in the treatment of high blood pressure. Healing the heart chakra is done by performing forward bends as they promote introspection and are grounding exercises.


The ancient Chinese treatment of acupuncture vancouver is a very powerful natural remedy for high blood pressure. In the treatment of high blood pressure, the acupuncturist inserts filiform needles into acupuncture points in the wrists, forearms and legs. Some acupuncturists also attach the needles to an electrical instrument that produces small electric currents. This is called electro-acupuncture which, according to some acupuncturists, is more effective than the traditional form of acupuncture. The small electrical currents activate specific chemicals in the brain that bring about an excited response from the cardiovascular system.

Reiki Healing

Reiki may also be utilized as a natural form of treatment for high blood pressure. While helping you calm whenever you feel anxious, this healing method also energizes your body when you feel sluggish and lazy. Addressing hypertension with Reiki entails receiving energy from a source that has been transferred to the healer to the patient. This energy transfer, with the help of Reiki, can also slow down the aging process at the same time it relieves the symptoms of hypertension.

You may notice that all these cures are aimed at achieving balance in the spiritual and physical aspects of a person that’s not only gained if he is willing to try a holistic approach in treating high blood pressure. Natural therapies for hypertension abound, but it is necessary to generate harmony in your mind and body since most of these remedies focus on the heart chakra as the center of healing. Pain and illness can be prevented once this harmony is attained.

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January 13th, 2020 at 1:34 am