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What Type Of Massage Therapeutic Technique Works Best For You?

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Do you suffer from variable blood pressure, back pain? If so, you ought to consult with a massage therapist. Just a simple basic massage can give you relief not only from chronic back pain but also from pain caused by injuries or wounds. Massage therapy can help you relax and sleep better especially if take it on a regular basis.

There are over a hundred forms of massage therapeutic techniques offered by health clubs and massage parlors and it may be difficult for a person to choose the one best suited for him. You can either consult with a licensed massage therapist or try different techniques. Shiatsu massage, Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, and Acupressure are some of the more popular medical massage therapeutic techniques.

In the US, Swedish massage is quite a popular way to relax after a stressful day at work. The therapist would suggest this type of massage because it boosts circulation of blood in your body which thus helps relax the body. He or she may first use light massage on your body combined with good oil. The mild strokes of Swedish massage can help ease the tension occurring within the muscles.

Massage therapists may decide to use acupressure to help stimulate the ailing pressure points on the body. They use their fingers to apply pressure on affected points on the skin. This pressure helps noost blood flow and alleviates the tension that have been building up in the body allowing again fresh Chi or energy to flow inside the body. Traditional Chinese techniques such as acupressure and acupuncture use the same vital points on the skin. Acupuncture in Fort Lauderdale uses needles but acupressure uses the fingers to help a person regain balance in the body, treat constipation and headaches, and alleviate menstrual cramps in women.

One other popular variant of massage is Deep Tissue Massage. This bodywork technique helps the human body to move freely and better. During treatment, the person may experience pain but he eventually gets relieved of his chronic aches and pains including tendonitis and other ailments caused by inflammation.

The Japanese finger pressure massage technique is called shiatsu massage. In this type of bodywork, therapists may use their knees, thumb, elbows, palms, and fingers, and sometimes, they may even walk on the person’s body in order to pressurize the pressure points. Shiatsu massage improves lymphatic and blood flow in the body.

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July 23rd, 2019 at 5:40 am

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Traditional Chinese Medicine And Its Positive Effects On The Body

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As the name implies, Chinese medicine originated and is still being used in China. It continues to be the most popular choice among of certain individuals when it comes to addressing certain types of conditions and illnesses.

You can choose from a wide variety of Chinese medicines to help cure and treat some of the most common conditions. There are specific kinds of Chinese medicines that are widely used and very much sought after while there are also other kinds of Chinese medicines that are seldom used but nevertheless quite effective altogether.

The success and growth of Chinese medicines is because of the system’s actual effectiveness and usefulness altogether. This just means that Chinese medicines continues to be salable because over time, they have been frequently used by people and over time have also continued to meet their standards.

There are also a variety of methods and types of treatment when it come forms of treatment should be used depending on your belief and choice.

Acupuncture in Maitland is the most common form of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment and it still continues to be u s to Chinese medicines and the different sed not only in China but in all other nations as well.

TCM not only focuses on medicines alone, there are also some other conditions that could be targeted by different Chinese nutritional therapy and healthy eating habits.

You can learn a lot of things about TCM treatments by just searching about the topic by downloading books and reading materials online.

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July 23rd, 2019 at 5:30 am

Qigong Can Help Cure And Even Reverse Osteoporosis

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If you are aware about the incapacitating bone disease known as osteoporosis, you’ll also realize that it is a chronic and incurable disease. You may be aware that this condition prevents calcium from being absorbed by the bones causing them to become brittle over time. Because of osteoporosis, your body cannot absorb calcium no matter how much of it you try to supplement your diet.

As a result of this disease, Joan Foo lost 40 percent of her bone density up until the time she was diagnosed with osteoporosis. After her diagnosis and sick and tired of living a sedentary life, she decided to try qigong and attended a Qi gong class. For Ms Foo, this was the turning point in her life. After a year of Qi gong practice, her physicians were flabbergasted and dumb founded to see that not only was the disease halted, it had reversed itself.

Qi gong also called chi kung was originally practiced by peasants, who used this healing tradition to relax and reinvigorate themselves after a long hard day’s work. At night, they would relax and enjoy the cool air of the night.

As they relaxed and wound down, they became conscious of an energy surrounding them, which was somehow related to the mind and to their breathing and were able to move around their bodies.

Whether one believes it or not, this energy exists and the Chinese healers and philosophers would refer to it as chi, which means vital energy or life-force.

Without knowing too much about qi gong, anyone can feel this energy. To perceive chi, a person could hold his hands directly in front of him with his palms facing down. He needs to visualize water flowing from the top of his shoulders to the tips of his fingers and beyond, almost like when they’re showering and water is flowing down their arms and out of their fingertips. If, for twenty seconds or so, he visualizes water flowing out of his fingers, he might feel his hands becoming warm or be able to feel a tingling sensation in the hands. By inhaling deeply for two seconds and then exhaling for six, he may able to feel this force growing in his hands.

Now that you realize chi exists, , you may realize find that by breathing and moving is a certain way this chi help eliminate hangovers, depression, backaches, headaches, and a slew of other conditions.

The millions of cells in your body know precisely how to heal itself. Qi gong offers the technique for the body to achieve it. You can perform Qi gong if you allow yourself five or ten minutes a day for it.

Jamie Catlett is an acupuncturist in Jacksonville, FL and the founder of Jacksonville Acupuncture Clinic.

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The Best Way To Approach Disease Is To Integrate Both TCM And Western Medicine Treatments Together

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No matter how alternative medicine appears to be, it is definitely anything but. TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes herbal medicine, Chinese physical therapy (tui na) and acupuncture has been practiced for millennia to assist in the treatment of the human body. But since it is not commercialized and most people are unfamiliar with it, it is often sidelined. We hope this article will give you a little understanding of what TCM is.


The procedures of TCM assist in the healing of the spirit, mind, and body. It actually facilitates healing and does not really heal or treat the body; TCM stimulates the self-healing processes of the body. The most common techniques used in this practice are herbal medicine and acupuncture in vancouver on broadway. These modalities promote healing by balancing the body. However, they do not have the ability to address the symptoms of a disease. These modalities however, are designed, to treat the underlying cause(s) of a disease.

Chi is the energy flowing inside the body of a person. The concept of a universal flow of energy is actually an old concept. In the West, in his theory of special relativity, Einstein believed that everything is energy. Chi moves inside the body, and the body is in balance when this Chi flows smoothly. Stagnation and blockage occurs when it does not which often leads to illness and disease. One can imagine Chi this way…

Visualize a river that flows freely. The running current keeps the water clean and well-oxygenated, the rocks serve as filters that helps keep the river clean. Now, visualize a fallen branch or tree trunk in the river that causes a blockage like a small dam. Water builds up in the area, very slowly flowing, if at all. On the rocks and in the still water, algae begin to grow. Detritus and Debris get ensnared in the dammed up part of the river causing bacteria to build up in the water that eventually flows down the river.


Getting a TCM examination of your health is very different from Western medicine diagnosis and treatment. TCM examination doesn’t require any blood tests, unless you’re talking about your pulse (which mirrors the flow of blood). Your pulse, pains, and appearance (condition of your skin, tongue, etc.), are more than enough.

Both herbal medicine and acupuncture are designed to treat stagnation, which is the cause of chi blockages, and can be the underlying cause of a disease.  Herbal medicine and acupuncture can be used alongside each other to helps address more than one condition. Acupuncture needles, for instance, are utilized at the acupoint(s) of blockage while herbs are prescribed to ehance the movements of chi and increase circulation.

Herbs in the form of ointment, tea, or pills, are widely available and if your TCM physician is also an herbal practitioner, he probably knows where and how exactly to combine them. Your local Chinese drugstore doesn’t carry Tylenol. Herbs were the first “pharmaceutical medications” even in Western medicine. The bad news is regrettably, most of Western medicine appears to be too much concerned with addressing symptoms alone, especially when it comes to “Big Pharma.” They merely appear to be just a temporary fix.

Exterior (Which is Also Interior)

The underlying cause of your pain is a chronic physical condition or injury an injury or a chronic physical condition. Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and tui na (Chinese physical therapy) are just as effective in curing orthopedic trauma. Many kung fu practitioners and athletes, swear by these treatments.

Stagnation and blockages can be caused by injuries, especially in regard to circulation. Remember the aforementioned ointment? It could be used on a sprained ankle, for example. Each herb in these ointments has their own attributes. For instance, Turmeric encourages circulation and is essential in relieving inflammation. Minimal inflammation equates to minimal pain. For this reason, turmeric is often used in ointments for the treatment of pain.

Basically, Tui Na is one form of therapeutic massage. Similar to herbal medicine, tui na is designed promote the movement of chi through the meridians, muscles, and joints.

The Best of Both Worlds

Healing can be maximized when both Western and Eastern medicine treatments are combined. We need to integrate all aspects of these healing systems in order to achieve balance in our practice. In a lot of cases, a lifetime of medication is not the answer and neither is surgery. When integrated into the healing practices of Western science and medicine, TCM can provide us the tools needed to attain wellness and health.

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July 16th, 2019 at 1:32 pm