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Auricular Medicine

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The medical system known as Auricular Medicine can determine and address a wide range of diseases of the mind and body mainly through the ears. Li-Chun Huang, M.D. developed this special form of healing, after more than three decades of study and practice.

In over 200 illnesses and symptoms,ears to health issues of the past can be diagnosed and also predicted. Moreover, this diagnostic technique is based on the Sympathetic and Peripheral Nerve Systems, Pathomorphology, Immunology, Genetics, Fluidism, Embryology, Autonomic Nerves, Anatomy, Etc.

Ear Diagnosis depends upon zones, points, lines, grooves, and channels. Moreover, it is a process of detection of the entire system known as linear mobile touching method as well as point detection.

Ear Diagnosis techniques can be condensed into four methods: Diagnosis Vision, Tenderness Technique of Palpation, Electric Detection, Differentiation.

A patient’s health problems can be diagnosed through Auricular Medicine,absent the medical complaints of the patient, the patient’s medical history and records, expensive medical costs investment and a long waiting list for medical tests.

Here are some of the benefits of Auricular Medicine:

1. Auricular Diagnosis is inexpensive but has high medical value.

2. Provides both the benefits of Western and Eastern Medicine.

3. Special Practice: diagnosis and therapy are administered at the same time.

4. Is a holistic body treatment. It benefits the person spiritually, emotionally, functionally, physically, etc.

5. Is a valid medical scientifically proven system.

6. Naturopathic Medicine: a healing practice that does not use drugs, vitamins, herbs, and needles.

7. Alternative Medicine: safe and natural form of healing without any adverse effects.

What is Auricular Medicine?

An extremely refined diagnosis and treatment system, Auricular Medicine is designed to locate and identify illnesses in any part of the human body. By deftly observing the ear, a qualified specialist and practitioner can properly discover the underlying roots of a patient’s disease and symptoms.

Auricular medicine observes the physical conditions of a person in an inexpensive, very simple, but correct way unlike any other medical systems in existence. The practitioner can gain data about a person’s health condition just by observing his or her acupuncture points. What’s more important is that this form of therapy can also provide the history information of the illnesses and predict the probability of health conditions such as diabetes arising. Other therapies systems are time consuming, costly, complex, or imprecise.

Compared to most medicinal systems, auricular Medicine has a lot of advantages due to the special techniques used in diagnosing and treating a person:

1. Effective: Auricular Medicine may be simple to use, yet it has shown to work very well in diagnosing and treating a person.

2. Inexpensive: since Auricular Medicine does not need any prescription and no complicated instrument, it is a much less costly technique compared to other medicinal systems.

3. Simple: diagnosis and treatment by means of Auricular Medicine, is much cheaper and easier. Auricular Diagnosis uses an extremely simple diagnostic technique by observing the color and shape changes and variations in electrical signals. On the other hand, Auricular therapy (or auriculotherapy)merely treats the patient with massage and seed and massage.

4. Painless: while Auricular Medicine may share a lot of common characteristics with traditional Acupuncture in Winter Park, it is a painless procedure due to the fact that it does not penetrate the skin.

5. Natural: no clinical diagnosis and treatment of illness is required in Auricular Medicine.

Auricular Diagnosis

This is the condensation of Auricular Medicine’s diagnosis techniques. This special characteristic of Auricular Diagnosis makes it possible to check the health condition of a patient by simply checking his health through the ear. By using some acupoints to check the electrical signal changes, shape, and color of a patient, the health practitioner can determine whether any health problems are found there, or the probability of certain physical changes.

Auricular Treatment

Auricular Treatment or Auricular Therapy is a healing system that addesses health problems via stimulation of a specific acupoint. This therapy is a painless, simple, but very efficient mode of treatment.

The Bleeding techniques,Auricular Seed Methods, and Auricular Massage are the most commonly used styles of Auricular Treatments.

Ear Seed Therapy

This Therapy is also called the “seed-pressure” technique. It pertains to the application of a smooth and hard magnetic pellet taped on the auricle, or a drug, pill, or herb, to a chosen auricular acupoint, and applying proper pressure, to innervate the acupoint in order to heal certain illnesses. For the past 25 years, it has been the most widely used treatment under development.

From the techniques of Auricular Needle Embedding Therapy and Auricular Seed Therapy sprang the method called Auricular Filiform Needling.

Although Auricular Needling Imbedding Therapy and Auricular Filiform Needling therapy work extremely well in the treatment of several health conditions; insertion of needle definitely generates pain and this scares away lots of potential patients. Auricular Treatment or Therapy, however, is painless and safe. The patient even can continuously stimulate himself or herself by pressing the seeds taped to the points.

Auricular Therapy is well suited for kids and for others who fear painas well as for those who aren’t able to receive treatment everyday. In the records of medical practice, studies have validated Auricular Seed Therapy’s wide popularity due to its non-invasive and adequate healing benefits.

Auricular Point Massage

Also called “vigorous Auricular Point Massage,”this type of Massage can be performed in three ways: pressing and kneading, fingernail pressing, and point pressing.Point pressing involves pressing the treatment point associated with the illness with a probe or with the practitioner’s finger.

Pressing & Kneading

As the name suggests, pressing and kneading involves the pressing and kneading of a chosen acupoint or body part with a tender stick in a clockwise direction, or through the end of an index finger progressively harder until the patient experiences the feeling of comfort, distention, and heat. This technique is appropriate for patients with a weak constitution and for people suffering from indigestion, painful conditions, as well as for children and infants.

Finger Nail Pressing

This technique involves pressing a chosen acupoint with the nail thumb on the acupoint’s anterior, and with the index finger’s nail on the acupoint’s posterior, pressing slowly harder and harder. When applied on people with a sensitive constitution, light manipulation should be used. When treating people with strong constitutions, heavy manipulation is recommended.

One to three acupoints can be chosen for each therapy. This technique is an ideal way to cure painful ailments, such as the common cold, headache, hepatalgia, stomachache, and toothache

Point Pressing

This technique may be done using the Digital Maneuver Point Pressure, which is a feature of Qigong. Recommended to relieve ailments and pain, point pressing can be used to maintain health, prevent illnesses and relieve pain.

Auricular Bleeding Therapy

Auricular Bleeding Therapy is a system for treating illnesses. It involves piercing chosen auricular acupoints with an intradermal needle,auricular Filiform Needling, etc.

This therapy is recommended for treating colonic convolutions and high fever, dizziness, headaches, pain related to blood stasis, vertigo caused by liver yang hyperactivity, dermatosis resulting from too much heat of the large intestine and the lungs, constipation, conjunctiva pain, and swelling of the large intestine.

This method works exceedingly well in expelling heat, dredging the meridians, enhancing blood flow through the clearing away of blood stasis, alleviating pain and inflammation, and soothing the mind.

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Addressing The Symptoms Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Using Moxibustion Therapy

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Within Chinese Medicine circles, moxibustion in Jacksonville is an often used treatment mainly used to eliminate ailments and strengthen the body. In Shanghai, Fudan University researchers recently performed an animal experiment to clarify the effects of moxibustion on the colon.

There are two kinds of moxibustion commonly administered on humans: direct and indirect moxibustion. In this animal experiment, the indirect method using a moxa roll was used. The rats used in the study have developed CVH or chronic visceral hypersensitivity, a disease associated with IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome and affiliated symptoms in humans. For a period of seven days, thirty minutes a day, moxibustion was used on two bilateral acupuncture points – ST 25 (intestinal/digestive problems) and ST 37 (more acute intestinal/digestive conditions). To help in the experiment, a control group left untreated was included.

Evaluation was conducted and the CRH (hypothalamic corticotropin-relasing hormone) levels of mRNA and the rates of abdominal withdrawal reflex were analyzed. Among humans, an important factor in IBS is the Corticotropin-releasing hormone,which is associated with decreased motility of the colon under stress.

Researchers discovered that moxibustion led to a substantial reduction of CRH mRNA expression to normal levels and a decrease in the sensitivity of the colon.

Since it is easy to perform and considered safe to use, moxibustion can be used as a home/self-help remedy. These kinds of research works are important in order to understand better the internal functions of the therapy. A study similar to the aforementioned experiment have witnessed beneficial effects with the same results as electro-acupuncture therapy. More studies are recommended to further assess whether both therapies used in a human model would be better than a single therapy.

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Acupuncture Treatment For Crohn’s Disease

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In this article, we’re going to talk about Crohn’s disease and what vancouver acupuncture can do to help relieve the symptoms of Crohn’s. Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune condition that more and more people are being diagnosed with. The symptoms involve severe pain and distention in the lower abdomen where the intestines are and sensitivity to foods. People with Crohn’s have to be so careful what they eat.

If they eat the wrong food, they get flares with severe pain and bloating as well as bowel trouble. Acupuncture is very effective at treating this condition. As you know, there’s no cure for Crohn’s disease and other autoimmune conditions. Autoimmune is a Western diagnosis and Chinese medicine approaches this in a different way.

When you come in with a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, what we’re going to do is we’re going to perform a full intake and ask all about your symptoms (how do you feel, what triggers your pain, what foods make it better or worse, when is the condition worse or better, is there a timing to the flares that you have, etc.)

We’re also going to use two important diagnostic tools of Chinese medicine. We will look at your tongue and we will feel your pulse. Your tongue can give a vast amount of information about what’s going on internally at the organ level in your body. Different parts of the tongue represent different parts of the body internally and we can grasp a tremendous amount of information from that.

Likewise, with the pulse, when we feel the pulse in a Chinese medicine intake, we’re not just counting how many beats per minute, but in each wrist, there are three finger positions and each of those will make a total of six that represent the different organs in the body and how those organs are functioning.

Now, a lot of times when you have a condition like Crohn’s, which can in fact affect the large intestine, we actually can feel the effects of the organ imbalance in the pulse. After an intake, we are able to create a Chinese medicine diagnosis for the Crohn’s patient, which is going to allow us to create a plan of treatment involving acupuncture. When we administer the treatment, the symptoms of Crohn’s disease ease; sometimes it eases 20%, sometimes 80%, which is fairly dramatic.

If you have Crohn’s disease, it will really serve you well to come in and get a workup, get some acupuncture and see if the treatment can help. The reason this is so important is that the medications that are offered for Crohn’s, first of all, sometimes they help and sometimes they don’t and they all have fairly severe side effects.

So, I think it’s important when you’re putting a plan together for treating your Crohn’s, which is a chronic condition, you want to see all the things that are going to help. You want to take as little toxic medicine as you need to be able to maintain a lifestyle that’s comfortable for you.

So come on in and let us evaluate and treat you. After 3 to 6 treatments, we’ll let you know if acupuncture is going to make a difference in your life or not. I would say in 80 or more percent of our cases, it does make a significant difference in our Crohn’s patients. They are able to back off or sometimes get off their medicines and they definitely have an improvement in the quality of their life.

So please, check us out. We look forward to seeing you.

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Achieving Weight Loss and Optimal Health Through Chinese Food Therapy

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Chinese people are extremely careful about their daily food intake. They see it as a first line of treatment. Forthe Chinese, it’s common to treat a small ailment through a carefully prepared meal or by integrating a specific ingredient in a dish according to traditional Chinese medicine classification of the patterns of disharmony. To treat obesity through nutritional therapy, there are two main ways to achieve this:

(a) Convert phlegm and dry the body by removing dampness.
(b) Invigoratethe kidneys and strengthen the spleen.

Chinese medicine techniques can eliminate pain and destroy 91% of diseases, including chronic and acute pain, debilitating backaches, crippling arthritis, bending migraines, eczema and psoriasis, high blood pressure, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, male and female fertility issues and urinary problems to name a few.

It is the enhancing diet of the “qu” and “spleen,” for example, that people seek to support the body to prepare for conception. The Chinese dietary therapy is a potent tool for addressing imbanances within the body. The famous Chinese medicine doctor, Sun Si-miao thought that the most important treatment was the modulation of the diet of the patient that could then be bolstered and supported with herbal medicine and acupuncture in Fort Lauderdale.

Step #1: start to administer the Spleen Qi diet to make sure the best intake of digestion of nutrients and distribution to the organ systems, especially the reproductive system.

Basic Rules:

Fashion your meals on a Chinese diet-imagine a plate filled with some portions of protein, whole grains and lots of steamed vegetables.

Favor lightly-steamed or cooked foods over raw foods. Stay away from cold drinks and foods that that can extinguish the digestive fire.

Mindfully and slowly chew your food. Avoid drinking one half prior to and after your meal and at mealtime for optimal digestion.

Consume organic foods, especially if you’re eating meat.

At each snack and meal, it carbohydrate and protein to stabilize blood sugar levels during the day.

Stop eating artificial sweeteners and refined sugars. Instead sparingly use natural, low-glycemic replacements (e.g., xylitol, Stevia and agave nectar).

Substitute cow-based dairy products with goat, sheep, almond or rice milk.

Avoid eating wheat and refined carbohydrates. Choose sprouted breads as well as foods consisting polenta, corn flour, oat flour, rice flour and spelt flour.Substitute white rice with brown rice. Use pasta alternatives such as quinoa, spaghetti squash, brown rice and spelt.

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Athletes and Soldiers Have Benefited from Chinese Massage Therapy For Decades

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Chinese massage therapy holds several mental, physical, and physiological health benefits. It’s especially important for military personnel and athletes, as it not only help the body recuperate from injury but also prevent and bolster the circulation of blood in the body. A very skilled massage therapist may provide soldiers and athletes stay in or achieve peak physical condition at any phase of training by means of sports oriented Chinese massage procedures.

Chinese massage therapy helps enhance lymph and blood cell function to deprived and damaged regions to bring about repair. The different kinds of deep tissue Chinese massage can help decrease build up of lactic acid and help the muscles to recover faster. This therapy may also be utilized to enhance muscles elasticity and trigger the breakdown of past scar tissue. The positive results can maintain and physically fix the body of a soldier or athlete.

Mentally, a soldier or athlete should always be constantly prepared. At-the-ready or being on edge all the time can lead to stress and anxiety. Though it guarantees alertness, these stressors can also affect performance. These feelings of anxiety can be easily reduced with this technique and can even promote mental acuity.

Physiologically, the body of a soldier or athlete can at times, withstand severe and several beatings. Tensed muscles that can cause inflammation and pain can be relieved through Chinese massage. For most people, Chinese massage therapy is a much preferred alternative over prescription painkillers. This therapy can relax, calm and soothe the body before or after bodily exertion.

Lots of soldiers and athletes can stay in peak performance condition as long as they keep practicing proper Chinese massage routines and work with an experienced therapist. Both military people and athletes depend on their bodies to keep them in tip top form, and each depends on their body to succeed and overcome beyond their normal physical and mental limits. Chinese massage stimulates muscles and prevent injuries and the bodies of people receiving this therapy will be rewarded with peak performance.

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