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After Just A Few Rounds of Acupuncture You Can Say Goodbye To Surgical Pain Forever

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Postsurgical pain is oftentimes a very hard ailment to endure and can affect the lives of people who have no choice but to experience it. Fortunately, acupuncture in Overland Park is able to alleviate most post surgery pain. A lot of people experiencing postsurgical pain to a certain extent are forced to alter their normal activities and this can adversely affect their family, home, and work life. Occupational therapy usually aids people suffering from severe postsurgical pain to help them adapt to the demands of their work and home life. Some people with this type of pain are forced to stop doing their usual occupation and they end up changing or even quitting their job. Taking medications can help control this pain; however, they can only be used for a limited time period as their potency begins to wane. This causes some people to take a stronger potency or probably develop a dependency to the drugs. These risks can be avoided when you choose acupuncture for the treatment of postsurgical pain.

A policeman caught in crossfire shooting throws himself to the ground. He drops to the ground shoulder first which severely damages it. Several operations are required to repair the injury. His shoulder was repaired although now he feels pain. There are no medications strong enough to significantly relieve the pain. This forces him into early retirement. This cop’s postsurgical pain completely disappeared after three sessions of acupuncture treatment. Before the treatment, he was an acupuncture skeptic, now he still finds the cure of his pain nothing short of a miracle.

A woman needed surgery to remove her tongue because of cancer. Her surgeon constructed a new tongue made from the muscles in her forearm. This left her with a nagging post surgery arm pain. There was scarring and discoloration on the skin on her arm and the use of her fingers and hand was compromised because of her pain. The pain vanished within just five acupuncture sessions. She felt grateful and said she was very fortunate to have discovered acupuncture.

A tourist visiting India had an arm amputation due to an auto accident that left her arm severely crushed. She was experiencing a phenomenon known as “phantom limb pain”. Phantom limb pain is usually experienced after a limb has been removed after surgery. All that was needed to cure her pain was three rounds of acupuncture treatment after all other treatments failed.

Ten years after a tumor was removed from his spinal cord, a man gradually developed postsurgical pain on his leg. His pain decreased significantly after just a couple of acupuncture treatments.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture has been practiced for over 3000 years and can claim the title of the original holistic medicine. Acupuncture is probably the oldest existing medical system in the world and throughout its history it has treated millions and millions of people all over the world. Despite the fact that the workings of acupuncture is still a mystery to science, doctors nowadays usually recommend this treatment for various types of pain, including post surgery pain. Because they see a lot of their patients get well after a few rounds of acupuncture, doctors make it a point to recommend to their patients

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Chinese Medicine, A Healthy Way to Treat Colitis

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An inflammation of the lining of the large intestine (colon) is known as colitis. Factors that can lead to this inflammation include use of antibiotics, or viral or bacterial infection among other causes. A more severe and chronic ulceration and inflammation of the colon is ulcerative colitis. It’s cause is unknown and has been associated with a high chance of colon cancer. Its cause is unknown.

While surgery and drugs are conventional modes of treatment for an inflamed colon, various safer andfalternative treatments are also available. Whatever treatment one chooses, self-treatment for this condition is not recommended.

Herbal Medicine for Colitis

Different kinds of herbs have the ability to relieve colitis and ulcerative colitis symptoms. Certain types of herbs known as demulcents can soothe the mucous lining of the colon and set off the creation of more mucus to reduce symptoms and lessen irritation. Two of the most commonly used demulcetns are marshmallow root and slippery elm bark.

A popular naturopathic herbal remedy is Robert’s Formula. It is usually prescribed for intestinal inflammation and irritation. It is made up of various herbs such as cabbage powder, goldenseal, echinacea, comfrey, marshmallow root, and slippery elm.

Nutritional Therapy for Colitis

To reduce ulcerative colitis (UC), or even cure the condition, nutritional therapists believe that the way to do it is to change the diet of the patient. One of the largest contributors to the development of colon inflammation is food sensitivities or allergies. Dairy products, corn, and wheat are known allergens. Sticking to an elimination diet can identify the foods aggravate the symptoms.

The colon does not optimally function once the colon is inflamed. This may result in to nutritional deficiencies and an upset in the normal bacterial composition of the intestines. Probiotics is a treatment that can help reestablish the healthy levels of the natural bacteria in the intestines. Lactobacillus acidophilus and other beneficial flora can be taken in liquid, capsule, or powder form. Note: if the patient is lactose intolerant, Lactobacillus acidophilus should not be given.

Nutritional inadequacy is another severe problem in both types of colitis is. Nutritional deficiency can arise for several reasons:

• Mucosal irregularities which lead to poor absorption of nutrients
• Certain Western pharmaceutical drugs (such as corticosteroids) can disrupt nutrient metabolism
• Nutrient loss can be due to chronic diarrhea

To avoid stomach pain and diarrhea, colitis and UC sufferers may eat less than needed. To address this, they can take supplements by injection or orally and eating more frequent but smaller meals. A health practitioner can use elimination diet to identify the foods that the patient is sensitive or allergic to. An elimination diet might work like this:

The foods commonly eaten by the patient are eliminated from the diet for two to three weeks. The diet instead can of foods such as spinach, peaches, apricots, olive oil, apples, cherries, cranberries, iceberg lettuce, lamb and rice. These foods typically are not known allergens.

The food challenges can commence if symptoms have disappeared or abated by the end of this period; more foods should be taken out from the diet If the symptoms still prevail.

Every two dats, commonly eaten foods are reintroduced,any appearance of symptoms should be noted.

Other Colitis Treatments

Ayurvedic Medicine — Ayurvedic healers can treat both UC and colitis with dietary changes, mediatation, and herbal therapy.

Aromatherapy –Colitis relief can be gained with massages and essential oils (such as peppermint and patchouli).

Colon Therapy, Fasting, and Detoxification – Juice or water fasts can give the inflamed lining of the colon time to heal. Before food allergy tests start, fasting can be used to cleanse the body.

Homeopathy – Extremely effective, homeopathy is a very effective colitis treatment, however, it is important to have a complete evaluation by a professional before the treatment begins.

Chiropractic Medicine –The spine can be readjusted by a chiropractor, any spine misalignment impact the functionof the digestive tract.

Traditional Chinese Medicine — Treatment can include yoga, breathing exercises, herbal enemas, herbal treatments, moxibustion, and acupuncture.

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There is a Natural, Safe, Effective and Drug Free Alternative…

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Acupuncture Is An Ideal Remedy For Severe Muscle Cramping

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Muscle cramps or spasms, which some whimsically call charley horse are reflex or involuntary muscle contractions that are usually very painful but not dangerous. If this pain is so severe and endures for a certain amount of time, you should be examined by a doctor. Based on their research, the NIH or National Institutes of Health notes that muscle spasms can be experienced by anyone at some time. Various parts of the body are likely to suffer from muscle cramps. They can include the jaw, feet, shoulders, neck, thighs, stomach, lower legs, arms, hands, and even around the rib cage area. There are a number of self help remedies to heal those mild occasional muscle spasms, but for frequently occurring, really severe spasms, acupuncture can be the best treatment for it.

Muscle Spasms

You can suffer from muscle spasms due to certain factors. These may include anatomical anomalies, stress, diet, overuse, misuse, and injury. Stretching prior to arduous sports or workouts such as tennis, swimming or running can prevent the onset of cramps. Some dietary factors such as inadequate amounts of calcium and potassium in the body or dehydration are also preventable causes. Spasms that are extremely painful or keep on recurring can be the result a structural problem, prolonged stress, a herniated disk or any other injury to may need urgent medical attention.


Having been around for over 2.500 years, acupuncture has for centuries, been very popular in Asia and Europe. In the United States, it has risen in prominence for over four decades. Because of this huge public demand, several clinical studies have been done in order to gauge and validate the claims of acupuncturists and their patients. In a work done by the National Health Interview Survey in 2007, 150,000 US children and 3.1 million adults underwent acupuncture in 1996.

In Tokyo, the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at Nippon Dental University conducted a study involving a group of people suffering from muscle pain in the jaw in which two treatments, fake or sham acupuncture and real acupuncture treatment was compared. From the study, it was revealed that both treatments lessened muscle pain. Acupuncturists refer to any point in the body with pain as a pain point or “ashi” point. There have been studies that erroneously refer to this point as a “sham” acupuncture point. In a real or actual acupuncture treatment practice, any point on the body is considered a “real” acupuncture point.

Although a lot of so-called experts believe that more studies are needed to determine acupuncture’s efficacy, much better ways of doing those studies is also needed.


Acupuncture is a treatment involving the sticking of filiform needles into various parts of the skin in order to treat a slew of health conditions. Practiced today, a typical acupuncture treatment still involves diagnostic procedures and treatment that has been performed since the dawn of civilization. Today, the needles used are sterile, disposable, single-use stainless steel needles.

For the treatment of muscle spasms, acupuncture treatment in Miami includes a comprehensive physical examination and a time wherein the doctor interviews the patient. The practitioner may strive to re-create the spasm by requesting that you do the position or movement that produces the pain in order to properly diagnose and resolve the problem. A specific acupoint (“ashi” point) or a point where the pain is exactly felt may be selected by the acupuncturist who then sticks a needle into it. Both approaches are deemed effective and proper within the realm of acupuncture. If needed, the treatment can include electro-stimulation to the treatment. This would entail connecting small wires to the needles that would dispatch tiny micro-currents to the muscle in order to relax it. Most patients find this procedure extremely enjoyable which is rarely painful.


When undertaken by a qualified practitioner, acupuncture is deemed to be quite safe with very little risks. The use of acupuncture needles is regulated by the government. It mandates that acupuncturists must use needles that are single-use only and sterile. The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) considers acupuncture needles as well as electro-stimulation as Class II medical devices. For safety reasons, they should never be self-administered as they may be used inappropriately, which can end up in infection or injury. For pregnant patients, those with a history or seizures, or have a pacemaker, electro-stimulation is contraindicated.


Before going for acupuncture treatment, ask your doctor first if it’s appropriate for you. It is very important to seek a licensed and reputable acupuncturist. You may ask your doctor for referrals. It is the duty of your acupuncturist to tell you whether your treatments are covered by your insurance and how many sessions you may need. Keep in mind that even though acupuncture can be a powerful solution for your condition, it’s still not a substitute for the medical care provided by your doctor.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

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For many people cardiovascular health is a very important factor in their lives, focus. Unfortunately, just a few of us are aware of the powerful benefits that acupuncture can offer us to strengthen the function of this extremely important bodily system. The fact is, with the right combination of needles (also known as ‘acupuncture point prescription’), acupuncture can do wonders to the health of your heart. There are certain heart-related issues that can lead to potentially deadly outcomes. They include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and atherosclerosis. Bear in mind that even if acupuncture has been proven to improve your heart’s health, you still need follow the advice of your doctor and continue taking the drugs he/she has prescribed. Acupuncture has so many great things to offer one of which is that it can be administered along with prescription drugs. Another good thing about acupuncture is that you will never suffer from its side effects since it doesn’t have any; moreover, it can even suppress the side effects of the prescription medications you are taking.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the Heart is responsible for the circulation of blood in your body. Therefore, a weak Heart can lead to chest pain and palpitations while a healthy Heart results in well-nourished tissues in your body. However, in TCM, the Heart also has a much deeper significance as it is believed to be where the Shen or Spirit is housed.

Practitioners of TCM consider the Shen to be a very important part of your health, as it is through the Shen that you connect to the world, expressing emotional well-being, virtue, and wisdom. Therefore, problems involving your heart can also be reflected in forgetfulness, joylessness, sleep problems, and in severe instances even manic behavior.

Your Heart’s health can be mirrored in the complexion of your face, and so a rosy complexion means a healthy Heart, while a pale face will mean a weak Heart. Besides that, too much heat in the system of the Heart may result in a reddish complexion, and Heart stagnation will be expressed in a face that is purplish in color.

Stimulating certain acupuncture points located on your upper back, chest, forearm, and wrist can improve the health of your Heart. Being a holistic type of treatment TCM acupoints elsewhere on your body can also be utilized as support. Of course, following the recommendation of your doctor, you can do some light exercises on your own and also take supplements along with foods that have a bitter taste to them, since bitterness is a flavor related to the Heart. And of course, joy is an emotion also related with the Heart so, therefore, you need to bring in lots of joy in your life.

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ADHD-Diagnosed Children Can Benefit Enormously From Chinese Herbal Remedies

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In treating various types of disorders the Chinese have a very old medical tradition that makes use of homeopathic remedies and herbs. Chinese medicine makes use of natural methods to bring back the proper flow of energy in the body and restore balance to the bodily systems, resulting in the cure of the disease, unlike Western medicine, whose objective is to merely mask the symptoms with pharmaceutical medications. In Chinese medicine, a person traditionally visits a practitioner such as an herbalist or acupuncturist and reports his/her symptoms to the practitioner. The herbalist creates an herbal concoction designed to resolve the symptoms being manifested. Pharmaceutical medications are designed to relieve a general set of symptoms, Chinese herbal concoctions, on other hand, are customized to address a specific illness or symptoms that a patient manifests. This may be the reason why Chinese medicine works so well and is sought out by people who have had no success with Western medicine.

An increasing body of studies has now provided scientific evidence showing the effectiveness of Chinese medicine in treating certain chronic conditions and several common disorders. Mainstream medicine however, continues to discredit these studies simply because the same testing standards used by Western medicine are not used by Chinese medicine. Still, it is worth considering the health benefits Chinese medicine can offer a person, especially since physicians are just now getting to understand the power of Chinese herbs to treat ADHD naturally. Listed below are some formulations that can naturally cure ADHD.

Yishi syrup

Yishi syrup, which is also referred to as wit-increasing syrup, is made up of Chinese thorowax root, extract of oriental white ginseng, and skullcap root. In a study participated in by 67 hyperactive children, 83.8% showed better academic performance, improved behavior, and experienced lessened ADHD symptoms. Researchers confirmed through urine sample testing, that yishi syrup can boost the production of norepinephrine and dopamine.

Tiaoshen liquor

This liquor is made of ingredients similar to those in Yishi syrup. Developed accordingly to control children’s hyperactive behavior this tincture claims to have been tested by Chinese scientists. An ADHD study in which 100 children with the condition participated in revealed that a daily dose of Tiaoshen liquor for several weeks led to significant positive outcomes. Parent observation revealed that 93.9% of the children showed less hyperactivity, performed better at school and had better attention spans.

Western medicine versus Chinese medicine

Another noted study was done this time to compare the effects of Western medicine to Chinese medicine in the treatment of ADHD. An herbal formula consisting of herbs known to invigorate the spleen and reduce hyperactivity were given to 80 children. The herbal concoction was made up of an herb known as “thread of ivory,” bulpeurum sinenses, Codonopsis pilosula, Scutellaria baicalensis, Astragalus membranaceus, Ligustrum lucidum, and Lophatherum gracile. The rest of the children were treated with Ritalin drugs (5 mg- 15 mg) twice a day.

For three months the children were subjected to IQ tests, and EEG scans and symptom levels were monitored. Researchers observed at that 30% of children in the Chinese medicine group no longer met the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. Some (13%) showed no improvements at all, while 59% had some improvements. On average, this group showed normal EEG levels and gained 10 IQ points. On the other hand, about 31% of the children in the Ritalin group no longer met the diagnostic criteria; 10% experienced no improvements, 30% showed some improvements while 60% still experienced some symptoms.

In terms of efficacy what this study shows is that very little difference exists between Western medicine and Chinese medicine. When it comes to side effects, however, long-term use of ADHD drugs such as Ritalin are known to cause long term or even permanent damage. Compare that to Chinese herbs, which rarely cause rare allergic reactions and have no serious side effects at all. Talk to a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner if you plan to try natural remedies for ADHD for your child.

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Acupuncture Can Be Used To Help Relieve Cancer Breast Pain and Ailments and Chemotherapy’s Side Effects

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In an attempt to recover from abnormal breast symptoms more and more women are giving up on Western conventional treatments and are now turning to age-old Chinese treatments that science and time have shown to work. One such treatment is acupuncture, a very popular ancient healing practice that gives women the chance to avoid ailments related to the breast. This medication or healing tradition is widely known to enhance the health of a woman’s breasts.

Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that nerves are involved when it comes to treating an ailment. Emotions also play a huge role in the development of breast conditions. Typically women are moody; which causes their levels of stress to fluctuate from time to time. This affects their body fluids (also known as vital energy or Qi) which become so thick they can turn to nodules and clog the blood and Qi channels. The nodules increase the risk of a woman developing diseases such as breast cancer. Over time, a large percent of chronically and regularly stressed women will develop breast cancer. This stress coupled with their emotions makes women more prone to cancer than men.

Normal tissues are destroyed by cancer cells. These cells can spread to several parts of the body if they can escape the affected area via the lymphatic system or the bloodstream causing other types of cancer to develop in other parts of the body. Statistics reveal that more than 80% of women with breast cancer are past the age of 50 years – as a woman gets older, her risk for abnormal breast symptoms rises.

It’s important to know the medical history of your family since breast cancer can be genetically passed from generation to generation. If you are a woman and your family has a history of breast cancer, it is likely that you can also acquire this disease. If you started menstruation at an early age and your menopause has been delayed, you may be at risk of breast cancer. Women who have never breast fed can be also quite prone to breast cancer. A number of studies have concluded that certain women who have undergone hormone substitution therapy have a 30% chance of developing breast cancer.

If you have a lump on your breast, do not be alarmed as not all breast lumps are deemed cancerous. However, it is important to consult with your doctor and get yourself checked up. To ensure the condition and health of your breasts, be sure to get a check up each month. As you get older, you need to become more conscious of the health of your breasts as you become more prone to cancers and diseases as you age. Check also for tumors and cysts that might arise in your breast. Notice for any changes in your breast – this includes change in size, changes in the nipples, any lump in the armpits or breasts, etc.

The most important thing is that you get immediate treatment of your breast cancer during its early stages if you want to completely eradicate and survive this disease. In the treatment of the painful symptoms of breast cancer, New York’s acupuncture can be an ideal option. Some patients undergo acupuncture treatment after chemotherapy because it helps assuage the “therapy’s” side effects. Acupuncture works by inserting needles into certain parts of the skin to alleviate bodily pain. The areas where the needles are stuck are known as acupoints. A lot of patients go for acupuncture to help maintain the smooth flow of energy in their bodies.

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Natural Heartburn and Acid Reflux Treatments (Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupressure)

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TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine has been treating heartburn effectively for more than 3,000 years. With Chinese herbs and acupressure, the symptoms of heartburn not only can be relieved, but more importantly, they can adjust the esophageal pressure, reducing gastric acid, and balancing the digestive organs in the process thereby helping the person recover from the cause of reflux.

Acid reflux and Stagnation of Liver Qi

Because the direction of Qi (pronounced chee) in the body is controlled by the Liver energetic organ system, acid reflux is usually associated with “Rebellious Qi” (meaning that the flow of energy is moving in the wrong direction) and imbalances in the Liver organ system. Typical signs of acid reflux related to Liver Imbalances can include:

• Acid reflux occurring at night
• Feelings of anger or frustration
• Acid reflux related to stress

The smooth flow of vital energy or Qi in the body is the responsibility of the Liver; when this organ’s not functioning optimally, digestive issues may occur. Moreover, when the energy of the Liver becomes strangled, Stagnation of Liver Qi comes about causing stagnant energy which leads to inflammation and heat in the body.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Therapy: Free and Easy Wanderer formula

Acid Reflux and Spleen Qi Imbalances

The Spleen, in Chinese Medicine, plays a major role in digestive problems. In Chinese medicine, the function of the Spleen can be damaged by poor eating habits and result in Phlegm and Dampness forming more blockages for the digestive process and making it likely for the Abdomen to develop digestive problems:

• Uncooked foods or raw foods
• Juices
• Carbohydrates and simple sugars
• Fried foods
• Cold foods

To limit the development of acid reflux lifestyle choices should be made. These include:

• Good Posture: Try sleeping on your left side or raise your upper body by five to six inches when you sleep. Avoid stooping or bending from the waist just after meals.
• Stopping Smoking
• A Good Diet: Heartburn can be reduced with Chinese food therapy. Stay away from alcohol, fried and fatty foods, spicy hot foods, sour foods, acidic fruit juices, coffee, peppermint, and tomato
• Modifying your eating habits: acid reflux can be eased by following good eating habits. Chew well and eat slowly. Big meals should be avoided. Eat moderately. Consume five to six small meals each day. Dinner should by three hours at least before bedtime. After eating before doing any activity sit down in an upright chair and rest for half an hour.
• Stress Management: Stress can be reduced by performing deep breathing techniques, meditation, Qi, gong, and Tai Chi. Take into account Enlightened Emperor formula and other adaptogenic formulae.

Acid Reflux from the Western Viewpoint

The LES or lower esophageal sphincter is the lowest end of the esophagus. For healthy people, it usually stays closed preventing the backing up of acidic fluid into the esophagus each time the stomach contracts. The LES is actually an area of relatively high pressure and not a muscular valve.

The esophagus is closed off by the high pressure which prevents the food and acid content in the stomach from flowing back to the esophagus. Heartburn occurs when the stomach acid backs and the esophagus fails to function properly. According to traditional Chinese medicine the Pancreas, Spleen, Gallbladder, and Liver work together to aid in the digestion of the Stomach. Excess amounts of stomach acid travels up to the esophagus causing heartburn or acid once these organs function improperly.

What conditions can bring about heartburn and acid reflux?

Contributors can be anything that irritates the esophagus or reduces lower esophageal pressure:

• Pregnancy
• Hiatal Hernia: An anatomical abnormality, hiatal hernia develops when a part of the abdomen protrudes through the diaphragm and up into the chest. This type of hernia usually happens if one is overweight or during pregnancy.
• Tobacco
• Obesity
• Stressful lifestyles
• Eating late
• Overeating
• Poor diet

Related complications and symptoms:

Frequent occurrence of acid reflux or heartburn may lead to complications in the esophagus like a pre-cancer lining of the esophagus known as Barrett’s esophagus and ulceration. An inflamed esophagus may result in bleeding and pain during swallowing.

Other symptoms can include:

• Coughing and respiratory issues such as chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, and asthma
• Sour taste in your mouth
• Burning pain when swallowing
• Nausea
• Voice change
• Sore throat

According to TCM theory, it is important to note that habitual use pharmaceutical antacids can impair the natural digestive process and result in digestive problems (Stagnation of Food Qi). A lot of health problems can develop over time if food is not appropriately being digested in the stomach. These may range from very slow digestion to severe health disorders. This is the reason why a lot of people choose a natural treatment such as Chinese herbal therapy that can resolve acid reflux by targeting the underlying cause of the acid reflux instead of merely inhibiting stomach acid, as this type of acid is needed for normal digestion.

Acupressure for Acid Reflux:

1. The Inner Gate or Neiguan (P6) acupressure point can be tonified. The P 6 point is found above the wrist’s transverse crease between the tendons palmaris longus muscle and the flexor radialis muscle.

2. Pressure can be applied to the Union Valley or Hegu acupressure Point (Li 4). The point is found on the hand‘s dorsum between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones on the radial side of the middle of the second metacarpal bone.

3. To address Liver Qi Stagnation release of pressure on the Liv 3 point (Great surge or Taichong) is required: Liv 3 is found in the foot’s dorsum, in the depression just distal to the first and second metatarsal bone’s junction.

4. Even pressure is applied to the middle of Epigastrium or Shongwan point (Ren 14): this point (Ren 14) is situated on abdomen’s midline just above the umbilicus.

Scott Paglia is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in Bellingham, WA and provides master level pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Whatcom County, WA.

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