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Acupuncture is the Best Treatment for Sleep Apnea

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If you are the partner of a person who has sleep apnea, then you know this condition can be quite an alarming (and annoying) one. Sleep apnea is an ailment that is marked by sleeping periods in which the person’s breathing stops for up to several seconds. The person with this condition also may also have a very loud snore which makes his/her partner irritable and tired during the day because of the noisy and annoying symptoms which makes him/her unable to get a good night’s sleep .

Not much is known as to what exactly causes sleep apnea in Western medicine. But when some doctors hear that a procedure that involves sticking needles into the skin can actually cure the condition, they usually scoff at this wild idea. Be that as it may, the truth is acupuncture for the treatment of sleep apnea has given a lot of people the help they need to cure the condition and help the sufferer and his/her partner to sleep soundly and quietly once again.

How Does Sleep Apnea Acupuncture Treatment Work?

An acupuncturist should find out all he can about the patient’s sufferer’s lifestyle and medical history when dealing with sleep apnea. Acupuncture works on the notion that illnesses and diseases are the result of some kind of energy flow clogging around an affected part of the body. The information they get from the patient will be helpful in identifying the acupoints to be used during the treatment.

Acupuncture for treating sleep apnea in Overland Park is one good example of how well acupuncture works in treating a specific condition that oftentimes Western doctors may find very hard to resolve. This is because acupuncturists always treat the underlying cause of the condition and the symptoms and not just the symptoms alone.

Acupuncture is an ideal treatment for sleep apnea because, contrary to what others believe, it is really a very relaxing procedure therapy to experience. People oftentimes schedule for evening appointments after work so as to be in a very relaxed and calm state when they get home.

However, it is still important to note that Western conventional advice and treatment need to be sought even if acupuncture is a proven alternative treatment for people suffering from sleep apnea. A doctor’s office should always be your first stop since sleep apnea can sometimes be an indication of another health condition than can be addressed by Western conventional medicine.

Acupuncture can certainly help maintain a relaxed state and a better flow of energy around the body whether a cause for sleep apnea can be found or not. These benefits can help the patient and his/her partner to enjoy a really good quality and peaceful night’s sleep.

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October 29th, 2016 at 3:46 pm

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How Acupuncture Can Be Used For The Treatment Of Diabetic Gastroparesis

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The painful condition in which the abdomen takes too long to empty its contents is known as diabetic gastroparesis. This medical phrase is the result of vagus nerve damage. The vagus nerve controls the movement of food through the digestive system. A number of problems may result such as the failure of the stomach to empty when the nerve isn’t able to send signals to the stomach. Other commonly related diabetic gastroparesis symptoms include loss of weight, vomiting undigested food, stomach muscle spasms, nausea, heartburn, and bloating of the stomach.

Gastroparesis can be triggered by other conditions. These include stomach surgery that impairs the vagus nerve, reflux disease, smooth muscle disorders (including scleroderma and amyloidosis), Parkinson’s disease, hypothyroidism, certain drugs (narcotics and anticholinergics), and anorexia nervosa

Because high blood glucose levels can damage the vagu nerve over time, diabetics often suffer from gastroparesis. Negative changes in several nerves in the body can also be triggered due to high blood glucose in the body. These can include chemical changes that lead to blood vessel damage particularly the vessels that bring carry essential nutrients and oxygen to the nerves.

If you are diabetic, how would you be able to protect yourself from this condition? Gastroparesis can actually be safely treated by an ancient Chinese medicine procedure known as acupuncture. This therapy has been proven to produce impressive outcomes in clinical trials.

One trial done recently examined the effectiveness of acupuncture to that of a commonly used drug for gastroparesis known as domperidone in treating diabetic gastroparesis. Both gastroparesis and diabetes patients participated in this study. For 12 weeks, four times a day each week, they were treated with domperidone (20 mg dose a day). After the 12th week, the patients were stopped being given the treatment and were allowed to have a two to three week washout period. After the washout period they then were treated with acupuncture twice a week for eight weeks. The efficacy of the two treatments was compared by the researchers.

When the patients were given domperidone treatment, the researchers saw no changes in gastroparesis symptoms and in blood glucose levels of the patients. However, when they were treated with acupuncture, these patients demonstrated an improvement of their gastroparesis-related symptoms and in their quality of life.

Researchers in another clinical trial tested the effectiveness of electroacupuncture on how well it can empty the stomach and in lowering blood glucose levels of gastroparesis patients. A total of 19 diabetic gastroparesis patients participated in the study. They were randomly selected for either four acupuncture treatments or placebo treatments for two weeks.

What the researchers found was that in the group treated with acupuncture nine showed significant improvement in their gastric-emptying time. For the placebo group, there was no improvement at all in gastric emptying time. The acupuncture group also showed significant improvements in their symptoms both at the trial and later on during follow up treatment. The researchers concluded that gastroparesis symptoms can definitely be reduced with short term electro acupuncture treatment.

If your are having trouble getting your digestive system to work properly and are diabetic, you ought to try the very safe alternative treatment of acupuncture in Maitland. Consult with your doctor or healthcare provider about looking for a qualified acupuncturist near your area.

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October 29th, 2016 at 3:30 pm

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Prevent or Stop Retinitis Pigmentosa Caused Vision Loss with Acupuncture

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Loss of peripheral vision can result from a hereditary eye disease known as retinitis pigmentosa (RP). This condition can cause the gradual degeneration of the cones and rods in the retina. The progression of the disease slowly constricts the peripheral vision of the sufferer leaving him/her with clear central vision until the disease’s final stages. Acupuncture is a novel and unique treatment for RP. The following are a few commonly asked questions about acupuncture and its use in treating this disease.

1. If you have been diagnosed with RP, when should acupuncture be started?

Answer: Being a degenerative eye disease, retinitis pigmentosa will eventually lead to a decline in vision and even blindness on the affected eye. It’s almost impossible to regain that vision once it is lost. Treatment that is started at the first sign of the disease can stop the disease and prevent further loss of vision.

2. How many courses of treatment does one require for RP?

Answer: There are two phases of RP treatment. The first phase is an initial evaluation which is needed to determine the response rate of the patient to acupuncture as well as ongoing maintenance. The patient needs to be evaluated before treatment commences. The acupuncturist needs to have a baseline in which he can rate the progress of improvement of the patient. Vision improvements should be measured to see if the acupuncture treatment works for the patient. This initial phase usually entails continuous intensive therapy lasting five days. The initial intensive therapy may continue for another week if a measurable improvement is observed. The next phase is the treatment itself lasting for one to two weeks and repeated twice or thrice a year.

3. What long term results can be expected from the treatment?

Answer: Vision improvements can be seen within the first week of intensive treatment. Depending on the patient, these results may last for three to six months. To maintain results, periodic treatments are required.

4. Is there any difference in using acupuncture with Chinese herbs and using acupuncture only?

Answer: In the treatment of RP, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture are considered complementary therapies. Traditional Chinese medicine utilizes herbs to address underlying health conditions. These can be problems with chronic inflammation or metabolic or autoimmune problems. Acupuncture can halt the further degeneration of vision by boosting the circulation of blood to the eye and stimulating the visual centers of the brain, photoreceptor cells, and the optic nerve.

5. Why, in some cases, does acupuncture not work?

Answer: Acupuncture has the capacity to stimulate certain regions of the body by sending signals to the brain which leads to a desired response. A brain that has been damaged by disease or by physical injury will not respond in a predicted manner and most probably won’t produce the correct outcomes. Narcotics, certain prescription medications, or severe emotional trauma may impair acupuncture’s efficacy.

6. Are long-term treatments less effective than intensive therapy and does a patient really need more than a single round of treatment?

Answer: Long-term treatments and intensive therapy are both equally effective. Long-term treatments can lead to gradual results and should be done on a regular basis to prevent or stop further vision loss. Intensive therapy, on the other hand, brings about almost instantaneous outcomes, that may need only follow-up treatments for maintenance.

7. What is better for RP, laser acupuncture or traditional acupuncture?

Answer: Both are equally effective in treating Retinitis Pigmentosa. If you have a phobia of needles laser treatment is a treatment you can agree with. This technique is relatively new and instead of needles low intensity light beams are the tools that will stimulate your vital organs.

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Studies Show Acupuncture And Exercise Can Help Relieve Several Symptoms Associated with Breast Cancer

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New studies suggest that people suffering from breast cancer who are experiencing swelling and pain associated with their cancer can find acupuncture and exercise to be very helpful in the relief of swelling and pain.

One such study done in Philadelphia demonstrated that joint pain can be reduced by up to 40% with acupuncture treatments. Dr. Jun Mao, University of Pennsylvania director of Abramson Cancer Center’s integrative oncology program authored this study. He stated that the treatment works regardless of whether the patient thinks it would work or not.

Mao wanted to see the role a patient’s expectations of the treatment would play as opposed to other studies that have found acupuncture to be helpful for a variety of symptoms, including sleeping difficulties, fatigue, and joint pain.

Dr. Mao observed 41 breast cancer survivors. Some of them were administered with either electro-acupuncture treatment or a sham acupuncture treatment and then compared them to a control group who were given neither treatment. In an electro-acupuncture procedure, certain points of the body are stimulated with a small electrical current passed between two pairs of acupuncture needles. The cancer patients had no idea what treatment they were getting.

The women suffered from joint pain and/or stiffness, typical side effects one can expect when taking a hormonal treatment meant to treat breast cancer, aromatase inhibitors.

Mao said that “in real acupuncture the effectiveness of the treatment did not depend on whether the patient believed acupuncture would work or not.” “But in the sham treatment, the outcomes seemed to depend on the patient’s hopes and expectations for the treatment to work.”

Mao added that “the patients treated with real acupuncture had a consistent level of pain reduction while in the sham group, no change in pain was seen if there was a low expectation.” “The patients treated with sham acupuncture who had very high expectations produced positive results as high as 80%,” Mao said.

The doctor explained that the relief of pain from real acupuncture is usually dismissed as a “placebo effect.” He said that his results showed the opposite.” “In real acupuncture, pain reduction was not contingent to expectation. Regardless of the expectation, every patient treated with real acupuncture showed a reduction in pain by about 40%. This is 30% or more decline is considered significant,” the doctor added.

Mao said that “this means that real acupuncture can work for any patient regardless if he/she believes it will.”

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute Monographs published this study in its November issue. The cancer etiology at the acupuncture study of the city of Hope Cancer Center, in Duarte, Ca director, Leslie Bernstein said that “while the study was a solid piece of research, it’s still important to note that acupuncture may not work for everyone. “ However, on average, the treatment does work,” she stated this based on the results of the study.

Another study conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and published in the same journal, observed how a community-based exercise program can be helpful for women with breast cancer that had lymphedema (a swelling of the limbs), decreased body image, and muscle problems.

The researchers previously did a similar study but it was confined to a research setting. This time they endeavored to test it in a community setting. Physical therapists administered the program which consisted of a program in which patients can continue at the gym or at home an exercise that was initially group-based.

After a year, a total of 67 breast cancer patients finished measurements. Their muscular strength, body image, and symptoms showed improvements. The community setting’s results were the same as those in the research setting.

Ms. Bernstein noted that “the exercise study revealed the challenges one can expect when doing and putting into practice a program that’s been found effective in research settings.” She added that “the study underlined the problems one can expect in what works as an intervention, and implementing it into the community.”

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The Best Treatment for Endometriosis is Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

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A gynecological condition that can lead to extreme stomach and pelvic pain, endometriosis can also result in infertility, and/or heavy menstrual bleeding. Oftentimes, not until the woman has showed symptoms for several years, Western medicine will only be able to make a diagnosis of this condition. Furthermore, Western medicine can confirm a diagnosis of endometriosis only by surgery.

Pain is mild in some sufferers who may be aware that they have endometriosis only because of exploratory surgery performed to find out the reason for their infertility. Some women may feel significant pain that would impact their lives a few days each month while others may experience severe pain that may force them to get out of bed, strain their relationships, and/or miss work.

The pain may be experienced during a bowel movement, urination, sexual activity, or ovulation. There are women who may have to endure the pain at unpredictable times, randomly, or even every day.

Unfortunately, Western medicine has no cure for women with endometriosis and there is little it can offer them other than to manage the pain through the use of anti-inflammatory medications, pain killers, hormonal drugs, or surgery. And because this condition tends to come back, sufferers have to endure decades of their lives struggling with infertility, and taking painkillers and hormonal drugs.

In certain cases, patients have to go through several operations; for some, this can be as frequent one surgery every nine months. Besides that, endometriosis, oftentimes come with other conditions such as immune system dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. For a lot of women, the situation seems hopeless

Can Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Cure Endometriosis?

One can understand the despair that endometriosis can cause for any woman who has experienced the painful symptoms of this disease. A lot of Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists in New York who specialize in treating endometriosis have developed an effective plan of treatment that can drastically lessen any infertility problems, bleeding, and pain.

The 5,000 year-old Chinese healing technique of acupuncture comes with no side effects, is less costly, less risky, and far less invasive than pharmaceutical medications or surgery. One does not require a surgical diagnosis of endometriosis in Chinese medicine in order to effectively treat it. This is because Chinese medicine does not make a distinction between endometriosis and other diseases with the same symptomatic presentation.

However, this type of medicine does make a distinction when it comes to signs and symptoms patterns that mark the uniqueness of each patient’s disease. Through these patterns, one can identify the root cause of the disease or the underlying imbalance of the condition. This is how Chinese medicine comes up with a diagnosis which leads to a formulation of a treatment plan that would address both the signs and symptoms of the patient and her underlying root problem.

Some acupuncturists may ask the patient if she experiences recurring vaginal infections; when the pain is most experienced; whether pressing on the lower stomach makes it worse or better; whether the pain is stabbing, sharp, fixed, down bearing, or dull; or whether the application of cold or heat help improve the symptoms. The practitioner may also ask questions about your menstrual cycle. The information you provide will give the practitioner an idea about your underlying energetic imbalance and the Chinese medicine treatments (nutritional therapy, Chinese herbs, and acupuncture) to be used to resolve the problem.

The treatment of endometriosis also requires the inclusion of nutritional therapy. This therapy strengthens the body’s ability to create natural anti-inflammatory compounds that can prevent the development of the disease. Also, practitioners desire to lower estrogen levels naturally by supporting the liver. This organ controls the detoxification of excess estrogen which helps reduce the symptoms, since endometriosis is estrogen-driven. Foods to avoid since they tend to elevate estrogen levels in the body include animal protein, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. Foods that can help regulate estrogen levels and therefore are recommended for eating include high-fiber whole foods, and fresh vegetables & fruits. Your acupuncturist may also need to examine you to see if there is a systemic yeast overabundance in your stomach the may contribute to the dysfunction and inflammation.

Endometriosis patients should remember that for their specific disease pattern, they should take the proper Chinese herbal formulas. The herbal remedies can naturally regulate the immune system function, balance hormones, relieve pain, nourish vital organs, and help detoxify the body.

Endometriosis patients would need to undergo one acupuncture treatment each week for six weeks to a couple of months. Then, possibly prior to ovulation and menstruation, a couple of monthly treatments may be still required. The aim of the treatment is to rectify imbalances to Qi energy, normalize blood flow, and of course, relieve pain.

Most patients with endometriosis tend to have a 50% to 100% resolution of their symptoms after three to six months of treatment. The benefits of the treatment can include an overall better health, stronger immunity, increased fertility, and a decrease in bleeding and pain. Chinese medicine and acupuncture help prevent or lessen the recurrence of endometriosis for people who have had surgery.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Traditional Chinese Medicine

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For over 4,000 years TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history of treating diverse forms of illnesses and maintaining health. The Chinese and other people in East Asia have relied on this versatile modality for centuries. Two of the most popular TCM treatments in Encino, CA are acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. They have been used for ages to help with a variety of ailments, from the serious ones to the not so serious including heart diseases, diabetes, depression, cholesterol, cancer, arthritis to wrinkles, excess weight, menopause, insomnia, dandruff, cellulite and acne.

Ying and Yang

TCM practitioners believe that Qi or organ energy imbalances may result in health conditions. Their treatment approach is fundamentally different from Western medicine treatments. The human body, from the viewpoint of TCM, is grounded on the holistic understanding of the universe as espoused by Taoist philosophy. Their treatment of illnesses is mainly based on the differentiation and diagnosis of syndromes. TCM’s goal is to harmonize and adjust Yin and Yang – which are the principles of body and mind, cold and heat, and wet and dry. Treatment is attained by the normalization of Qi and Blood and Moisture in the Organ channels. Dryness is then moistened, agitation is calmed, tightness is loosened, cold is warmed, heat is cooled, and congested channels are opened to flow.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Its Advantages

Western medicine has as very different viewpoint and angle in its approach to well being and health. Rather than proactive, it is reactive. Symptoms and science and are its primary drivers. Western medicine dissects and examines to understand the body’s health problems and strives to utilize external therapies such as synthetic medications to treat a condition. On the other hand, TCM concentrates on the reasons for the dysfunction of the body and utilizes specific herbal formulas to restore and rejuvenate the body to its natural state. Synthetic medications, in the long term, always create harmful side effects and cause other diseases to develop whilst treating the other.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Its Disadvantages

TCM is not a perfect healing art and it has also some shortcomings of its own one of which is that it lacks clinical research in the field of heavy metals and toxins. This is due to the fact that when TCM was established, there was no epidemic of toxic chemicals and industrial waste and pollution like what we’re now witnessing today. One other disadvantage is the lack of standardization when dealing with traditional Chinese herbs as well as the potential toxicity that some of these herbs possess. Several instances of potentially dangerous levels of mercury and arsenic in TCM medicines have also been verified. If you are buying Chinese medicines, it is advisable to purchase them from reputable sources that are known to adhere to strict local health certifications and meet the guidelines set by the FDA.

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The FDA Regulates the Usage of Acupuncture Needles in the USA

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For thousands of years, the effective, time tested and natural scientific art of acupuncture has been practiced in China and various parts of Eurasia. It is considered a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and is now widely used all around the world as a powerful type of alternative holistic therapy.

The practice of acupuncture has gained a strong following among Western conventional medical professionals. But, even though its popularity is ever increasing, a lot of people are still skeptical. There are persons who shudder at the thought of undergoing a procedure in which half a dozen or more needles are inserted into their faces and bodies. In most states of the Union, acupuncturists are required to have a license in order to practice their profession. The needles are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which means the ones used by licensed practitioners have passed strict and standard requirements. They are designed to be used once, are disposable, and come hygienically packaged. There is a slim chance of getting an infection.

As mentioned just a while ago, acupuncture is now widely used all over the world. It is an extremely effective treatment for pain and works fast. It can literally cure dozens of illnesses and offers a safer and natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. This treatment works extremely well for sporting injuries, migraine, arthritis, and back pain. Along with most common complaints acupuncture can also control Infertility, smoking addiction, alcoholism, and obesity.

Modern acupuncturists always use filiform disposable, metal needles that vary in size and diameter. The needles are so fine that the patient just feels a slight sensation when they are inserted into the body – no pain is generated at all. Some needles may differ in weight and length and acupuncturists may use some of them in specialized treatments. The chance of a needle being stuck in the wrong place or too deeply is very slim.

Bellingham Licensed acupuncturists In the United States are also approved by the FDA to use needles. As long as your acupuncturist is a qualified practitioner, you will be getting a pain-free, safe and very effective treatment for whatever ails you.

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