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Acupuncture Can Be a Way of Eradicating Headaches Forever

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If you are suffering from headaches, you are not alone. It is reported that up to 74% of Americans have the same problem. If headaches are basically affecting your quality of life, you should know that Western medicine has actually no cure for this problem. The only thing you can hope for is discover a drug that has very few side effects that gives you adequate relief of your pain. But if you have a headache that is stubborn and no type of drug can seem to help, you may need to turn to alternative treatments that are safe and are actually quite good at quelling headaches. One of the best alternative treatments for headache in Louisville is acupuncture. This treatment has been known to not only ameliorate headache pain but completely cure it as well. And, best of all, no matter if you’ve had this problem for a few days or for several decades acupuncture can break the cycle of pain once and for all.

How Does Acupuncture Treat Headache?

Besides resolving headache pain, acupuncture also addresses the source of the headache. This is how Chinese medicine works. It goes to the underlying cause of the health issue, which in this case is an imbalance within the body that causes the headaches. If you argue that stress might be the one that’s been causing your headaches, you are halfway correct. In most types of headaches, stress plays a huge role. However, if your headache is not due to an internal imbalance, then stress would not be a factor. Sometimes, for example, the wind during a strong storm is why some trees get knocked down. But when you closely study it, you would actually see that the those trees have become weak or rigid due to a certain sickness that made them inflexible to the strong wind which thus caused them to fall. From this we can see that the health of the trees is vitally important in order for it to survive a storm. The same principle applies to disease and humans. Like the strong wind, stress alone would not be enough to trigger health problems such as headaches if a person’s overall health was strong. The patient’s health can become strong and can function like a flexible healthy tree after an acupuncture treatment.

How Can Acupuncture Boost Health?

It’s quite difficult to imagine how inserting a thin needle into the skin can lead to an improvement of one’s health. The acupoints on a person’s skin can be activated when a needle is stuck into it. The effect is similar to a light switch. When you turn it on, the switch causes electricity to flow, turning a light on. The needle in an acupoint affects the function of a specific organ in the body. The Chinese found that stimulating specific acupoints, many of which are found in the legs and arms, dispatch signals to certain organs. When an inserted needle is manipulated, the needle acts like a dimmer switch that controls the flow of the electric current; in the case of the needle, manipulating it in a certain way sends a specific type of signal to the organ associated with it.

A qualified acupuncturist knows how to manipulate a needle in order to send a specific message to an organ in order to treat symptoms and diseases. This is one of the insights of Chinese medicine. A disease is caused by a certain imbalance and can be resolved by needling a specific combination of acupoints. With regards to headaches, 20 types of imbalances are responsible for setting off different kinds of headaches. Some headaches feel like unbearable migraines with light sensitivity and auras, some headaches are felt everyday and are persistent but mild, some may be felt in the back of the head and are achy and dull, while some feel like stabbing sharp pain to the temples, to describe just a few. A practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) such as an acupuncturist needs to know first what kind of imbalance is causing a patient’s headache. After identifying the imbalance, he/she must them come up with a correct prescription that will help resolve the imbalance, and then perform a needling procedure with precision and skill to treat the organs and get the desired outcomes.

The Benefits of Acupuncture Therapy Last Long

This is one of the greatest advantages of acupuncture over Western modes of treatment. A lot of patients have never come back because their headaches have been completely cured. There are some patients who go back for tune-ups when they feel the need to. Acupuncture restores the balance in the body and once it’s balanced, it tends to stay that way.

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Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Therapy can Help Boost Your Chances of Conceiving

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Now one of the most commonly used and widely recognized alternative treatments in the world, acupuncture is a powerful fertility enhancing procedure that has been used successfully for thousands of years to help people overcome infertility.

Acupuncture is an excellent alternative to seldom successful and expensive conventional fertility treatments like IUI and IVF. This article will give you some insight on what Portland acupuncture infertility treatment is all about and some information on how to go forward if you are trying to get pregnant.

How Does Acupuncture for Infertility Treatment Work?

Acupuncture is a 5,000-year old Chinese healing procedure that uses sterile and fine needles stuck into strategic parts of the body known as acupoints. It is a branch of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that works on the principle of chi or qi, the vital energy of the body that flows throughout the body via energy pathways or channels known as meridians. The needles inserted in the acupoints stimulate the meridians in order to restore balance and harmony. Acupuncture helps treat fertility by addressing physiological issues such as endometriosis, hyperthyroidism (an over-functioning thyroid) or hypothyroidism (under-functioning) thyroid. It also generates overall well being and relaxation, both of which positively affects your chances of having a baby.

In the treatment of infertility, most acupuncturists recommend a number of acupuncture therapies, usually once or twice a week.

Is There Any Evidence That Proves Acupuncture for Infertility Treatment Really Works?

In the Western world, acupuncture has been used for a few hundred years oftentimes in conjunction with Chinese herbal medicine. Only relatively recently (since the 1970s) has this treatment been widely used in the United States. Nevertheless, each year there are quite a few studies published on the topic.

In a review published by PubMed, a study conducted by medical researchers concluded that the treatment appears to have some benefits on the increase on live birth rate when done on the day of ET. The researchers added that acupuncture was seen to be also useful in treating male idiopathic infertility as well as PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), and impressively with very few side effects. They recommended that further studies be made in order to verify the clinical outcomes and to gain more knowledge of the mechanisms at work during treatment.

Meridian Medical Group of New York director Doctor Raymond Chang has been using a treatment that integrates acupuncture into his conventional fertility treatments for over 10 years. Dr. Chang states that the treatment (acupuncture) leads to better blood flow and circulation to the womb thus giving the woman’s eggs a better chance to be nourished and carried.

Acupuncture for Infertility Treatment – One Woman’s Witness

The ability of acupuncture in treating infertility has caught the attention of even the corporate mainstream media. Fox News, in 2005, reported on the story of a 36-year old woman named Lucy Appert, who had a series of miscarriages while trying to get pregnant. She told Fox that she did everything possible to become pregnant but almost all of them ended in failure. She finally was able to conceive only after undergoing acupuncture for infertility treatment. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Henry.

Appert recommends acupuncture to everyone who wants to have a baby but suffer from fertility problems.

Acupuncture for Infertility Treatment Tips

In order to be on the right path to successful acupuncture infertility treatment, first and foremost, you need to do a little research in order to find a licensed acupuncturist who specializes or has wide experience in infertility treatment in or near your area. Acupuncturists in most countries of the world are required to have a license and/or certification in order to practice their profession.

Acupuncture infertility treatment has no or very few risks. Be that as it may, the practitioner should know that there are 6 contraindicated acupoints that should never be needled when the patient is suspected to be pregnant or is actually pregnant. These include any point on the lower abdomen, Bladder 67, Bladder 60, Spleen 6, Large Intestine 4, Stomach 12, and Gallbladder 21.

In striving to become pregnant acupuncture is just one among several natural treatments available that can increase your likelihood of becoming pregnant. However, it is one of the most effective. A lot of women who have opted for natural approaches have overcome infertility with most of them choosing acupuncture along with Chinese herbal therapy.

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