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Acupuncture NYC to Help You Get Re-energized

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Some people are easy to catch various types of illnesses.  One of the most typical illnesses one can acquire is flu.  Usually these people are stressed and their immune system maybe weak to make the body resilient to infections and illnesses.  When a person is stressed out, his body produces cortisol and other kind of chemicals in the body that can be harmful to his health.  One other thing that stress does to the body is it keeps the body in a continuous state of anticipation which drains the energy of the body.

Experts performing traditional Chinese medicine can see the many ways stress can make the body weak and prone to illness.  TCM believes that a certain type of energy flows throughout the body in energy vessels just like blood vessels convey blood throughout the body.  Anxiety and/or stress can disrupt the smooth travel of energy which the Chinese calls chi on energy pathways called meridians.  When chi gets obstructed, ailments, illnesses and pain start to be felt by the person.  The muscles tighten when the person has too much stress in him.  This can lead to headaches, body tightness and pain.

Stress and tension can weaken the immune system since a stressed up body always have constricted blood vessels that can limit blood flow to many parts of the body.  Some conditions like sleeplessness, pain in some parts of the body like the neck and back among others and can aggravate already existing health problems.   To help release energy from meridian blockages, TCM practitioners often avail of acupuncture and herbal medicine to remove the blockages and allow chi and blood to flow freely once more.

In acupuncture, ultra thin non hollow needles are inserted into specific points in the body called acupuncture points or simply called acupoints.  These acupoints are in areas where underneath them are energy meridians. The needle inserted in an acupoint goes into the meridian and its aim is to redirect the flow of energy to allow chi and blood to travel unobstructed once more.  Once the flow is reestablished, the body starts to recover from its illness and pain is relieved.   It also helps remove the physical, mental and emotional stress from the body.

TCM does not only carry acupuncture as a natural form of modality to relieve and remove stress.  There are other ways to relax and dispel stress like breathing exercises, gentle exercises and healthy eating to make you energized, relaxed and calm.

Breathing – In TCM the air is one way where we get our chi.  Slow and controlled breathing can help a person stay calm and relaxed.

Gentle exercise – Some Tai Chi like exercises like Qi Gung can help you reacquire fresh energy in the body as opposed to prolonged and strenuous exercises which can drain you of energy.

Written by Valerie

August 27th, 2012 at 5:56 am

Treating PCOS with Acupuncture Orlando

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A lot of women are in a losing battle with excess weight.  Regardless of what they do, those extra pounds just won’t go away.  All the countless gym hours and dieting leave them frustrated, hungry and tired.  However, their overweight problem might not even be their fault.  Women with overweight problem may suffer from a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS.  This is a hormonal condition that makes it very, very difficult to lose unwanted pounds.  PCOS has many symptoms and fortunately there are many solutions to this problem both in Western and Eastern medicine.  The eastern approach uses herbal medicine and acupuncture while western therapies include different kinds of hormone therapy.

Females having PCOS condition for several cysts in the ovaries.  Other symptoms and signs of this disorder are irregular menses, acne, thinning hair, too much facial hair growth, obesity and excessive weight gain. Even with intense exercise females with PCOS may find it very hard to rid the excess pounds in their stomach.  Victims of PCOS often miss their periods or have delayed menstruation.  When the menstruation comes, it is often painful.  The delayed or irregular cycles make it hard for the female to conceive and get pregnant.  PCOS is actually one of the more common reasons for female infertility.   This problem is little understood because women suffering from PCOS may not know that they have this condition.  One of the more common reasons of PCOS is the high testosterone level in females. This imbalance can be easily remedied by acupuncture and herbal medicine which can correct the hormonal imbalance and bring back the regular cycle of ovulation of the female.

The advantage of Eastern medicine vs the Western approach is that the former takes a holistic approach while the latter focuses on the symptoms alone.  Eastern medicine in the form of herbal treatment and acupuncture sees PCOS conditions as unique in each female.  In traditional Chinese medicine which acupuncture and herbal medicine is a part of, PCOS can be the result of three distinct diagnoses.  A patient may manifest one, two or all of these syndromes and they include stagnation of blood and/or chi, lack of yang kidney and the accumulation of damp and/or phlegm.  A patient manifesting all three syndromes often has one dominant syndrome.  Acupuncture that treats damp and phlegm use procedures that boost yang kidney and move blood and chi.  Research has demonstrated that electroacupuncture therapies are the most potent procedures for PCOS patients.  The electrical impulses generated in electroacupuncture treatment lessen the testosterone level of the female in the body.

PCOS patients should have their condition treated since PCOS can lead to more serious conditions like cardiovascular disease, stroke, obesity and diabetes.  Acupuncture as well as herbal therapy can help restore balance in your hormone levels.

Written by Valerie

August 20th, 2012 at 12:52 am

Treating Migraine with Acupuncture St Helens

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Medical researchers in the West are divided about the benefits of acupuncture and if it truly works or not.  Acupuncture has been treating countless numbers of people for more than 5,000 years for so many health conditions.  Even the World Health Organization and the US National Institutes of Health have validated acupuncture to be effective in treating dozens of health problems.  Still acupuncture is still highly criticized by certain “experts” even if billions of people around the world are still using it today.

Migraine strikes around 15% of the people all over the world.  This painful problem may have a number of causes.  Any type of migraine treatment is welcome news for every migraine sufferer.  When the onset of this headache comes, it is best to have a fast working treatment on hand; allowing the migraine to go untreated means unbelievable pain for the poor migraine sufferer.

Unfortunately migraine can occur any time and at any place.  There may be some things that can trigger a migraine attack and there may be unknown variables that can easily cause migraine to erupt which is beyond the control of people.  For the migraine sufferer, the need to search for a really good cure is imperative.

Happily, it has been found that acupuncture can help put a stop to the migraine pains or at least effectively minimize it. Many physicians may prescribe expensive painkilling drugs that they need to sell to please the drug manufacturers who shower them with lucrative benefits and incentives.  Because of the negative publicity of alternative natural modes of treatment in the corporate mainstream media, many of which have transnational pharmaceutical companies as sponsors, people are skeptical about the benefits acupuncture can bring so that the doctors may keep on prescribing more very harmful medications to their patients.

If you don’t fall to the propaganda of the corporate media and do avail of acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist oftentimes will recommend you follow a healthy diet to help augment the benefits of the acupuncture treatment.  The acupuncturist, for example, may recommend that you drink tea rather than soft drinks.  These simple recommendations often make a lot of sense and pretty soon, you can begin to notice that the attacks have lessened in frequency.

To help you treat your migraine, the acupuncturist may begin by massaging your head.  After the massage the acupuncturist will then insert very thin non hollow needles into certain parts of your body.  These needles are not as painful as the needles used in hospitals and medical clinics which use hollow needles used basically to put in fluid into your body.

After going for a few acupuncture treatment sessions, you will notice good results in just a few weeks.  The frequency of migraine attacks will drop considerably and after a number of months the migraines may completely go away.

Written by Valerie

August 14th, 2012 at 4:27 am

Helping you Find a Good Bellevue Acupuncturist

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Acupuncture has been healing all types of ailments in the United States ever since it was introduced there in the 1970’s.  While there are some that will endlessly debate the effectiveness of this treatment, there are many who are adherents to this type of treatment.

Acupuncture was developed more than 3000 years as an alternative to surgery.  The ancient Chinese used this treatment to try to make it an all-encompassing solution for their sicknesses.  Records of thousand years of research and study formed the basis on how it is practiced in the modern era.  Acupuncture is about using very thin and non-hollow needles to treat the patient of whatever ails him/her.  The needles just barely pierce the skin and are placed in a way that causes changes in the energy balance of the body.

Initially visiting an acupuncturist, the patient will be physically examined in a way dissimilar to a mainstream physician.  The acupuncturist will examine the head area and will fashion a unique treatment program based on the patient’s unique constitution.  After examination, the patient is laid on a medical table and the treatment will start.  The needles used are sterile stainless steel needles and are inserted in specific points in the skin called acupuncture points or acupoints.  After around 30 to 40 minutes, the needles are removed out of the skin and the treatment session ends.  The acupuncturist will observe the reaction of the patient to see the treatment’s effectiveness.  Most treatments are multiple session ones and the length of the treatment itself will depend on the severity of the ailment.

It is best that one finds a highly recommended acupuncturist if he/she desires to try acupuncture.  If one is near a particular Chinese community, chances are that there are expert acupuncturists staying there.  If there are no nearby Chinese communities, learning centers are good places to look for acupuncturists.  It is also good to look for them in the same areas where mainstream physicians hold office.

When choosing an acupuncturist, safety is the most important criteria.  Good acupuncturists usually will have the appropriate certification and have a registered office for their practice.  All needles should be properly sterilized and the patient needs to ask the acupuncturist if this is so.  After all, the needles will be inserted in the patient’s body.

All the time, the acupuncturist expects this question to be asked by the patient.  Also, the patient should ask what side effects are to be expected from the treatment.

Whether one is looking for an alternative approach to conventional treatment or merely looking for a non-invasive type of procedure, acupuncture can give adequate relief.  Select the best acupuncturist you can find and get the best benefits of a treatment that has been around for thousands of years.

Written by Valerie

August 6th, 2012 at 3:14 am

Home Acupuncture New York

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or any medicinal practice of Asian origin is labeled alternative medicine in the United States and in many countries in the West.  The modalities involved in alternative medicine are moxibustion, acupuncture, massage, movement exercises, dietary modifications and herbs.

Western medicine involves the connection between physiology and anatomical function. TCM, which has been utilized for millennia and still practiced on the other hand, is based on five principles interrelating a higher power, the universe and the world to life and the human body.

One component of TCM is acupuncture, a treatment that includes the insertion and manipulation of reed thin needles in the skin to relieve pain and treat various kinds of health conditions.  Acupuncture points are certain sites in the skin dispersed all over the body.  They are connected to meridians, intangible networks that carry energy all over the body.  Meridians have no anatomical structure in Western medical science because they are invisible.  This issue is a topic of contention among Western medical researches who may be somewhat overlooking the fact neurochemical tracts are likewise conceptual.  Patients react to acupuncture in predictable ways making its positive effects predictably known.  Acupuncture does not cause harmful side effects that prescription medications always do.

Acupuncture has been traced back to its earliest known use around 200 BC.  The Chinese brought this healing art throughout Asia and different versions of it are now practiced all over the world.  The invasive nature of needles insertion has made acupuncture a difficult study for the Western scientific method.  It does not help that many eastern researchers have a certain prejudice for acupuncture.  Still, consensus believes the safety of acupuncture when performed by qualified and experienced acupuncturists using sterilized and disposable needles.  Research is nonstop on how acupuncture works and on the potential benefits of acupuncture for other kinds of illnesses.

Some modern and different versions of acupuncture that enable acupuncture to be self-applied such as acupressure and electro acupuncture are offered by some.  These applications follow the principles of acupuncture and TCM are non-invasive meaning they do not involve the use of needles.

There are countless articles online or in bookstores that allow one to research more about acupuncture.  For those who want to heal themselves with this treatment, it is best to research thoroughly on what acupuncture points associate to major body parts.  One particular type of self-applied acupuncture that is gaining in popularity is electromagnetic wave therapy.  This type of acupuncture relies on electromagnetic energy produced by a gadget that sends out pulses of electromagnetic energy to the fingertips, which stimulates specific organs.  A manual that details the map of the human body and the meridians in the hands that are associated to different body parts is included when you purchase this gadget.