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The Way Out of Cigarette Smoking

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Cigarette smoking is such a difficult habit to break that even drug addicts say that quitting drugs is much easier to do than stopping cigarette smoking.  Unfortunately, there are a great number of people all over the world who are smokers but lack the strength to cease from this habit.  Most of these people have planned to wean themselves out of this nicotine addiction but do not where to begin or what treatment path to take.  Herbal formulas are widely available to help lessen the impact to health of cigarette smoking.  The herbal treatments are a great way to start on the path to complete and permanent smoking cessation.  This article will mention a couple of approaches that can help a person break his smoking habit.

There are so many kinds of herbs that many say are quite effective in controlling smoking urges.  Lobelia is one of them. It is an herb that is commonly included in smoking aids.  It has the ability to neutralize withdrawal discomforts because of its active ingredient, lobeline.  Several researches have shown that the application of lobelia greatly help cigarette smokers by causing a pleasant feeling and a better mood, sensations that nicotine itself produces in a person.  The drawback to this is that lobelia is quite toxic and should only be used only under the guidance of a natural health professional or a doctor.

St. John’s wort also is an herb that can be helpful in stopping cigarette smoking.  This herb is often applied to individuals who suffer from depression but various researches have shown it also to be beneficial for smoking cessation.  Unlike lobelia, St. John’s wort is considered a safe herb to take.  The drawback to it though is that it often affects and neutralizes the benefits of prescription drugs for other health problems.  To avoid this, it is advisable to talk to a natural health professional or to your doctor first before embarking on this treatment.

Another helpful procedure for ending cigarette smoking craving does not involve any drugs, herbs or any chemicals.  This procedure is called acupuncture.  Acupuncture has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years as treatment for many kinds of emotional, psychological and physical conditions.  It is also a great and effective way to neutralize the smoking craving.  Hair thin needles are inserted into certain parts of the body and they help people control and neutralize their cigarette smoking urges.  Acupuncture points on the ear are often selected to control smoking urges.  Treatment may last for at least 20 minutes or more.

Cigarette smokers often need to several sessions of acupuncture to help the kick the habit completely.  Acupuncturists will offer other drug-free solutions that facilitate the weaning out process and to help you better manage your cravings in between sessions.

Thrive Wellness Center is an acupuncture clinic in Fort Lauderdale, FL with licensed acupuncturists, physicians and therapists.

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Written by Valerie

April 29th, 2012 at 12:56 pm

Some Helpful Ways to Manage Chronic Pain in NYC

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Pain has usually two types.  The first is a type of pain that is sharp, quick and ends abruptly.  This pain is called acute pain. The other type develops progressively and when it strikes the pain is sustained for a relatively long period of time.  The type of pain is called chronic pain. Both of these pains are potentially debilitating, especially affecting the back.  Both can persist and can truly take away the happiness out of a person.  If left untreated these pains can even cripple and prevent one from having any reason to be cheerful and gay.  Some chronic pains sadly do not have a cure but there are helpful ways in dealing with chronic pain particularly chronic back ache.  Not all of these approaches work with every person. You must know what procedure is most effective for your condition. You need to consult with your doctor so he may devise and prescribe a plan for you to better manage your chronic back pain.

  1. Acupuncture New York is widely accepted as a very effective treatment in Asia and Europe.  It has been around for millennia and it has been used in the treatment of so many types of painful conditions not the least is back pain.  In the US, it is also recognized as a treatment for painful conditions.  It is a safe procedure to use and can be helpful as a pain management tool.  Some patients have foregone and opted out of prescription drugs after they experienced the potency of acupuncture in alleviating their chronic pain.  It is very important that you seek treatment from a licensed and qualified acupuncturist to avoid any wrongful procedure and complications that may arise during therapy.  Acupuncture is contraindicated for persons who use blood thinners. The effects of acupuncture are many and one of them is to help soothe the nervous system at the same time it stimulates the release of biochemicals that help treat the body of pain.
  2.  Lotions with Capsaicin – The active ingredient that makes red peppers and cayenne hot is known as Capsaicin.  This substance has anti-inflammatory attributes. It is used like a balm to soothe and relieve back pain.  Capsaicin can be really hot on the skin and you should use it minimally when you are starting out with this approach.
  3.  Deep respiration does work in the management of chronic pain.  This technique allows you to focus on other things other than the pain and its cause.  The good thing about deep breathing is that you can do this therapy anywhere.
  4. Deep muscle massage – Incredibly soothing and very helpful in lessening chronic pain.  This approach may also lessen anxiety and melancholy that is often caused by the nagging chronic pain.


Some Truths Regarding Alternative Medicine in Bellevue

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Alternative medicine is occasionally called complementary medicine and it can be varied in its approach to health maintenance or therapy.  It can mean folk or indigenous medicine, faith healing or even physiotherapy or therapeutic massage.  These kinds of knowledge will never be learned in medical schools and do not expect conventional hospitals to offer these kinds of treatments.  Since almost all kinds of non conventional therapies are considered alternative medicine, the tendency to take them seriously is difficult to consider.  We can also add to the growing list of alternative medicine probiotics, pranic healing or any kind of new age treatment, yoga, herbology, acupuncture, homeopathy and fad diets.  It is essential to bear in mind that not all these approaches fall into quackery and in fact some of them are quite much more effective than conventional (read: Western pharmaceutical) medicine.

There have been numerous scientific researches to validate the efficacy of some alternative medicine procedures.  One can go to the library or go online on the Internet and easily find materials that validate and promote the value of any type of alternative treatment.  Even friends or family can be sources of information regarding specific alternative treatments.  It’s a fair chance that many of them have opted for alternative medicine after knowing conventional medicine can actually be harmful to the health of a person.

Being given chicken soup by your granny for your fever or a friend of your mother recommending applying egg yolk on your acne, which more often than not are effective remedies for those conditions are all considered part of alternative medicine.  This valuable information is not available knowledge in medical school.  Chicken soup is rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, hydration which are good in curing fever; it also good to eat.  Egg yolks are very rich in proteins and they enrich, moisturize and soothe the skin too.  An egg yolk helps remove embedded skin dirt and impurities without adding oil to the skin or drying it.  Would you ignore these fine alternatives because your doctor did not recommend them to you?

Some alternative medicines by the sheer force of overwhelming proof, have been begrudgingly accepted by Western medicine. Bellevue  Acupuncture is one of these treatments.  Practiced for thousands of years in China acupuncture is viewed as conventional therapy in many parts of Asia.  In the US acupuncture is only widely regarded as an effective treatment for pain.  However, so many people are now claiming this treatment is very effective in treating several cases of infertility, excessive weight and chemical and behavioral addiction among many others.  Proof of the efficacy of acupuncture is that the World Health Organization and the US National Institutes of Health have officially endorsed acupuncture as valid treatment for many kinds of conditions.

Written by Valerie

April 21st, 2012 at 3:35 am

Some Approaches to Infertility in Louisville

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Infertility is not a rare problem and it can be a social stigma especially for females in certain cultures.  This condition strikes thousands of couples each year and it is up to the couple to find ways to address this problem if they desire to have children coming from their own flesh and blood.

Both female and male can have fertility problems.  Women can be infertile for various reasons some of which can be ovulation problems, few progesterone layers, low ovarian stockpile, ovulation dysfunctions and specific infections.  For men infertility may be due to old age, chronic infections, sperm blockage or low sperm count.  A doctor can diagnose infertility for both sexes.

When the problem is identified, the right solution should be sought.  There are several kinds of medical and alternative (natural) therapies available for infertility.  Knowing what’s right for you is your job to find out.

Listed below are some of the common procedures in the treatment of infertility:

  1. Drugs – For physicians, the first usual recommendations for treating both male and female infertility is prescription medication.   Except for chronic infections and old age, some drugs can be effective with several types of infertility.  The negative side to all this is that these drugs are considerably expensive and are not covered by insurance.  Another problem is that all these prescription medications contain harmful chemicals that result in oftentimes serious side effects to the body which may need more medication to treat.
  2. In vitro fertilization (IVF) – This is a procedure where the egg is fertilized outside the female’s body. After egg fertilization, the egg is transferred back to the woman’s uterus.  This therapy has been introduced in 1981 and has a fair rate of success in terms of successful pregnancies.
  3. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ISCI) – In a controlled environment the sperm is injected directly into the female ova resulting in egg fertilization.
  4. Herbal treatments – There are many kinds of herbal formulas that herbalists offer to combat female and male infertility.  However, like prescription meds, some of these formulas have negative side effects.  All in all, however, herbal formulas are much safer to use than prescription medications.
  5. Acupuncture Louisville – A unique Chinese method of addressing infertility is acupuncture. Acupuncture has steadily been increasing in popularity in the US as a treatment for infertility.  It is a procedure where ultra thin non-hollow needles are inserted at vital points in the body.  This procedure is believed to balance energy (chi, yin, yang) which restores good health to the body and regulates body functions including the hormones which is helpful in addressing infertility since some types of infertility are caused by hormonal imbalance.  Furthermore acupuncture improves blood flow to the uterus producing healthy eggs and strengthening the uterine layer providing a good environment for the fetus to develop and grow.

Written by Valerie

April 21st, 2012 at 3:34 am

Some Ways to Stop Smoking in Davis

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It is time to stop smoking for good.  Time to rid your lungs of toxins and tar accumulated from several years of smoking.  There are many ways to do this and many of them are tried and tested to help you stop your smoking addiction.  There are only a few advantages to smoking as opposed to its tremendous negative impacts to your health.  When you smoke, you increase the risk of acquiring lung and heart problems.  Furthermore, smoking cigarettes not only affect you but also those people living with you including your loved ones and family.  Most cigarette smokers are aware of this problem but find it hard to break their addiction.  Once they start smoking a cigarette a lot of people become addicted to it. Listed below are just some of the effective approaches to smoking cessation.

  1. Self-Discipline – Some people are just inherently strong enough to will themselves out of cigarette smoking.  You may have the discipline, will and fortitude to do so and only if you really do want to cease smoking.  One tip to help yourself stop smoking is to set a time period when you intend to smoke your last cigarette.  After that, throw away all things which may remind you of cigarette smoking including ashtrays, lighters and of course cigarettes.  You also need to avoid being with people who smoke since their weakness may just pull you back in that bad habit. You can also seek help from other procedures like acupuncture Davis or hypnosis to aid you in your battle to stop smoking.
  2. Medications – Some of these procedures include nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and prescription medications.  NRT gives you the addictive nicotine that causes you to be hooked to cigarettes without actually smoking.  The trick is to taper off the NRT day by day until the body is completely weaned off the nicotine addiction.  NRT drugs can be easily bought in your local pharmacy or grocery store.  Some of these drugs are in the form of lozenges, inhalers, chewing gum or skin patches.
  3. Hypnotherapy – With hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind can be manipulated to take away the urge to smoke. You need to consult with a licensed and professional hypnotherapist to ascertain if this approach is the best for you.  When you undergo hypnotherapy, you go into a relaxing and deep trance and the hypnotherapist puts in some suggestions in your head that will remove your urge to smoke.
  4. Acupuncture – Acupuncture can also help decrease your cigarette intake regularly until you are completely off of it.  This therapy involves the insertion of needles at specific pressure points on the hands, mouth, wrists and ears.  The therapy is relatively painless especially if performed by a licensed acupuncturist.  Withdrawal symptoms are greatly mitigated by this therapy.

Written by Valerie

April 14th, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Some Ways To Treat Depression and Anxiety

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Most therapists and doctors will prescribe patients suffering from mood disorders drugs.  A few may suggest scientific techniques such as electroconvulsive therapy, vagus nerve stimulation or transcranial magnetic stimulation for their patient’s depression or anxiety.  These may be all advanced techniques for the treatment of depression and anxiety but like drugs, they have serious body side effects and furthermore these side effects have long term effects which medical researchers have still little knowledge about.  If you are looking for ways to treat your mood disorder with less or no side effects, you may consider the alternative treatments for anxiety and depression including acupuncture, cardio exercises and meditation which are some of the truly safe and effective approaches to remove stress and extreme negative emotions such as depression and anxiety.

Acupuncture Miami – Acupuncture has no equal in terms of versatility and effectiveness in treating dozens of health conditions.  Some of the conditions acupuncture can treat are anxiety and depression and this has been validated by the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health by officially endorsing acupuncture as a valid treatment for anxiety and depression.   Acupuncture works on so many physiological levels in treating these negative emotions.  A qualified and well-trained acupuncturist uses hair thin needles inserted into strategic points in the body to regulate the physiological systems of the body and improve the flow of energy in the body.

Cardiovascular Exercises – Many people run and are active because it makes them happy.  It is a proven fact that cardio exercises including swimming, brisk walking, jogging and running, are extremely effective remedies for depression and anxiety.  This has been proven time and time again by scientists and psychiatrists.  Their researches have concluded that people who perform daily exercise are not easily prone to experience depression and anxiety.  These researchers have observed that exercise effectively neutralizes the stress or “fight-or-flight” hormones of people suffering from anxiety.  When performing arduous workouts the body organs function efficiently and the hormones are properly regulated.  This is important for emotional balance since an imbalanced hormonal function often causes emotional negativity.  Exercising for at least 20 minutes helps produce endorphins, which are the body’s “feel-good” chemicals and the body’s serotonin level is also elevated which effectively banishes any feelings of depression in the person.

Meditation and Breathing Exercises – It is a statistical fact that people who engage in breathing exercises and meditation live happier, placid and longer lives.   Meditation and deep breathing exercises relaxes the muscles and allows the mind to remove any heavy emotions that cause the muscles to tense in the first place.  When one is in this state, endorphins and other calm producing hormones are released removing any anxiety and depression in the mind.