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Ways to Stop Smoking

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Smoking is an addiction in the emotional and physical sense that is why it is a very difficult habit to stop.  Of the two aspects of smoking addiction, the more difficult part to break is the emotional addiction.  Acupuncture has been proven to be quite good at controlling the withdrawal symptoms and the strong smoking desire by ridding the body of nicotine and other toxins caused by cigarette smoking.

The emotional craving to smoke is indeed hard to break.  Alcohol and drug addicts even confess that among drug, alcohol and cigarette addiction, the hardest one to kick out is cigarette addiction.  The contrast between smoking and emotional addiction to drugs can be gleaned by comparing the short term consequences with the long term consequences.  In alcohol and drug abuse, the short term consequences are as extreme as the long term consequences (i.e.: loss of life due to drug overdose,  financial cost of the habit, loss of wealth, loss of family and friends and imprisonment among others).

We can only appreciate the harm done by cigarette addiction from long term consequences which are primarily health related.  That is why there is no sense of urgency why a person addicted to smoking needs to quit smoking.  The phrase “I can always quit smoking anytime” is a cop out and almost always never happens.   Thus, we can see why the emotional bondage of a cigarette smoker to his habit is difficult to resolve.

Below is a list of advices to help you quit smoking:

  1.  Consult with a good acupuncture NYC detoxification program for your physical addiction.
  2. Always remember that it is only yourself who could help you get out of this addiction and you alone are capable of overcoming your emotional addiction to cigarette smoking.
  3. Initiate the addiction break by going cold turkey.  Discard all tobacco substances now.  When you will to quit, then do it.
  4. Do not eat mints, candy, gums and sugars or drink anything with caffeine in it as they can help amplify your emotional and physical cravings.
  5. Whenever you need to hold something to just like you do a cigarette, grab a pen, pencil or anything to at least satisfy that urge.  If you feel like putting something in your lips or mouth then do it without using cigarettes.
  6. Shun away from places that may trigger your smoking cravings.  They can be people who are smoking, the smoking section in eateries and smoking designated places.
  7. Relax.  Actually smoking as a form of relaxation is a myth because smoking raises blood pressure levels, tightens up the muscles and blood vessels and causes the heart to beat faster.
  8. Even if you relapse do not be disheartened.  Most people who escaped their smoking addiction can tell you that they did not succeed the first or even the second time they attempted to kick the habit.  If you truly want to stop smoking, you will!

Written by Valerie

March 25th, 2012 at 4:10 pm

Laser Acupuncture Orlando Therapy

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People who are in regular physical pain live less fulfilled and happy lives.  Their pain affects their whole life in terms of less work productivity, unemployment, depression and immobility.  And as if these aren’t enough, the pain when left untreated can lead to worse health problems eventually.  Socially, these people cannot enjoy activities.  Friends and family get affected by the person’s obviously abnormal life experience. The only way then that the person can become is emotionally and physically down.

People with regular pain often are not anymore capable of dealing with their pain.  They obsess about their pain but see little hope in finding a solution to their problem.  They try not to use their painful joints and just keep still so that pain may not flare up; however, the swelling and inflammation does not go away all at once and may even continue unrelentingly for days or even weeks. Pain killers are their main recourse but chronic pain patients who use them in the long term develop liver and kidney diseases as well as other types of organ problems.

Actually, there are other alternative types of treatments for chronic pain and their applications are concentrated on a particular type of painful condition.  Chiropractic medicine and physiotherapy are among the more popular alternative remedies for pain and oftentimes they are combined to become an effective answer to back pain for many patients.  Another effective alternative form of treatment is acupuncture Orlando, which is a very old form of Chinese treatment used for thousands of years to treat painful conditions and a host of other health problems.  This treatment uses needles inserted at different parts of the body to treat pain.  Studied for thousands of years, Chinese physicians have devised a map detailing a network of body energy branching throughout the body just below the skin’s surface.  The map plots the network’s connection to the body’s major organs.  The map also shows how the energy called chi works to balance and harmonize the body’s digestive, muscular, nervous and circulatory systems.

The needles act as stimulators to release beneficial body chemicals such as endorphins and other natural substances which generate effects that make the person experience pain relief.  Some people do not think actually acupuncture will work for them because they think it is archaic; however they begin to get interested when laser therapy is integrated with acupuncture.

Cold Laser or low level laser Therapy has actually been around for 30 years and is used mostly in Asia and Europe.  The success rate of this therapy is much higher than most other pain treatments.  A qualified practitioner uses low level verilase laser to stimulate the production and release of endorphins.  Through multilevel interaction the laser energizes the cells to metabolize faster and create bio-energy. This bioenergy is then converted by the cells to endorphins which relieves the body of pain.

Written by Valerie

March 19th, 2012 at 3:00 am

Acupuncture St Helens and High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

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Blood Pressure is basically how strong blood flow is against the arterial walls. Blood Pressure is measured as two numbers, the systolic and diastolic. In this blood pressure 110/90, for example, the upper positioned number, 110, is the systolic blood pressure.  This is the measure of the pressure in the arteries when the heart contracts and squeezes out blood per beat of the heart.  The lower positioned number, 90, is the diastolic blood pressure which shows the pressure when the heart relaxes before another beat begins.

High blood pressure can result when the heart exerts massive pressure pumping blood or when the smaller blood vessels become more narrow, which necessitates more pressure from the heart to help blood pass through these more narrowed vessels.  The heart may be strong enough to tolerate an elevated blood pressure for several years; however, eventually, it may enlarge and become diseased.

High blood pressure has really no obvious external symptoms and it can remain hidden for quite a while.  While it is left untreated it can wreak havoc to the major organs like the blood vessels, liver, kidney and the heart.  Oral contraceptives can cause high blood pressure or hypertension.  Treating high blood pressure or hypertension often includes dietary and lifestyle modifications and use of natural alternative treatments.  Lifestyle changes involves being physically active and avoiding stress filled work and environments.  If prescribed medications are essential for the person’s high blood pressure, they can be combined with herbal medicines to complement the prescription drugs and even neutralize the harmful toxins that cause side effects to the body.

Exercising is an excellent way to lower one’s blood pressure.  One can exercise at least 20 minutes a day to achieve a good cardiovascular workout and to control blood pressure.

Acupuncture St Helens for the lowering of high blood pressure is particularly effective for patients with hypertension.  The acupuncturist may physically examine the patient and observe the patient’s symptoms to determine a diagnosis and then identify the meridian points that are to be needled.  The patient who has high blood pressure or hypertension importantly needs to control this disease at all times as it can all of a sudden lead to a stroke or heart attack.  Electrical stimulation integrated with acupuncture or electro-acupuncture can bring faster lowering of the blood pressure in individuals as observed by researchers who have conducted studies analyzing the potency of electro acupuncture to certain types of diseases including high blood pressure.

Ignoring one’s high blood pressure is a very risky undertaking.  Hypertension or high blood pressure is known as the “silent killer” since it does not exhibit obvious symptoms and can lead to a fatal heart attack or a stroke anytime.  When you discover you have blood pressure, take the necessary steps to control it everyday.

Written by Valerie

March 11th, 2012 at 1:17 pm

What to Look for in a Cosmetic Dentist in Fort Lauderdale

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Knowing that your smile is one of your best assets, cosmetic dentistry is there to help you fix any problems with your teeth and smile.  Whether you have a crooked smile or yellow teeth or anything that causes your smile to suffer, cosmetic dentistry is there to help you acquire the wonderful smile you deserve to have.  Finding the right cosmetic dentist Fort Lauderdale is the first thing you have to do on the road to a great smile.  You can start by knowing if the cosmetic dentist is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).  If he is, then he is properly trained and qualified as a cosmetic dentist.

When going to talk to a prospective dentist, it is advisable to see his portfolio of snapshots of his patient before and after treatment.  This greatly assists you in seeing the quality of work the dentist does.  You can talk to those patients in the photos and ask their views and opinions of the dentist and if they feel completely satisfied about the work the dentist has done on them.  Lastly, know if the dentist is still on an ongoing education to know about the latest dental techniques, procedures and instruments available that give more quality and superior treatment and care for the patient.  It is vital that continuing education is practiced by the dentist so that he may employ the best dental practices and procedures now available to maximally treat his patient.

Typically, the most popular dental procedure now is braces.  Braces often are installed on teens and children who seem to be developing misaligned teeth when they reach 12 by a well trained orthodontist.  Orthodontists are specially trained in the realigning and straightening of teeth.  This procedure helps achieve a beautiful smile for the patient as well as prevent the patient from developing potential jaw problems in the future.

Orthodontics is considered a branch of cosmetic dentistry.  Cosmetic dentistry when dealing with adults’ smile problems usually resolve these problems with bonding, veneers or teeth whitening.  These procedures primarily are for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons bereft of any health benefits; still, the emotional benefit to the person is inestimable.

Teeth whitening procedures are becoming more popular each year partly because there are now teeth whitening home kits where the user can apply the procedure on himself.  These kits enable the user to achieve a brighter more dazzling smile without needing to make an appointment with the dentist.  Office bleaching, as the phrase indicates is teeth whitening done supervised by the dentist in the dental clinic that usually lasts an hour.

You should consult with your dentist regarding which teeth whiteners are ideal for your need since not all teeth whitening products work in the same manner.  Your dentist can select the best product for you that also agrees with your budget.

Written by Valerie

March 10th, 2012 at 6:28 pm

Acupuncture – One of the Best Weight Loss Programs Around

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Before you embark on a weight loss program, be sure to do some research on that particular program or consult with your doctor first to know whether that program is the one most fit for you.  You can do your research mainly online since the Internet has chockfull of information regarding all types of weight loss programs available today.

Be sure to know the essential factors about yourself and the weight loss programs you choose.  The status of your health should be factor number one when selecting your weight reducing program.  Your physician should inform you about your condition and whether your heart and other major organs are able to endure the program you have selected.  Physical fitness programs have various cardio workout machines that help monitor your heartbeat as you exercise.  There are also diet programs that can cause your heart to beat irregularly, palpitate or even damage the heart.  There are many kinds of weight loss treatments available and there are some that can be damaging to your health that is why you need to practice due diligence in seeking out the best weight loss treatment plan for yourself.

If you live a life that does not have time for workouts or exercises, diet programs then are things you can consider.  As mentioned some diet programs, particularly the pharmaceutical kind, are potentially damaging to the health when you consider the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.  Never take drugs that were not prescribed by the doctor.

If you have an expanded awareness of life, acupuncture in helping lose weight can be the best weight loss treatment you will ever experience.  It is one of the safest forms of treatment not only for weight loss but for a whole lot of other conditions.  It involves the piercing of needles to certain points in the body to regulate the function of the internal organs and to help manage weight properly.  Acupuncture does have the power to help you lose weight and maintain your ideal weight.

Fort Lauderdale cupuncture does help improve the functions of your digestive organs such as the stomach, intestines, etc.  The result is that the food you eat is digested efficiently and nutrients are better absorbed thus enabling you to get satiated with lesser intakes of food.  The metabolism of the body is also increased with acupuncture that you burn calories at a faster rate than before.  The bowel function also improves making your bowel movements regular and normal again.  Another benefit acupuncture gives the body is its ability to relieve stress.  Acupuncture promotes a feeling of peacefulness, calm and tranquility that effectively takes away stress in the mind and body.  Stress increases food cravings and people find some comfort in foods when they experience too much stress. Thus, the lessening and removal of stress is a great factor in losing excessive weight.

Depression Treatment with Herbs and Acupuncture New York

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Depression is a real problem that has to be dealt with and aided by intervention.  A depressed person though wanting to get out of this condition cannot do it without help.  A desperate feeling can only see darkness without a sliver of silver lining anywhere in sight.  The best conventional way to help treat this disorder is by counseling although most psychiatrists will likely recommend antidepressants for the patient.  A person is said to be clinically depressed when he/she has been depressed for weeks, months or even years.

Psychologists usually categorize depression into three forms:  bipolar disorder (manic depressive), dysthymia and major depression.  Until now, science has no knowledge if depression has a biological factor or of the condition causes physiological modifications in a person.

In China, Chinese physicians see depression in a different perspective than in the West.  The Chinese doctors view depression as caused by deficient energy in the heart and kidneys. The energy that they are referring to is chi, or life energy.  There is also a deficiency of chi as well as imbalance in the neurotransmitters the brain produces.  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) addresses attacks the underlying cause of depression with acupuncture targeting the energy deficient organs (heart and kidneys) and with help from Chinese herbal medicine to optimize the treatment.  These modalities normalize and increase the low energy to the heart and kidneys and restores balance in the neurotransmitters. Being natural forms of treatment, patients undergoing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine usually experience a substantial improvement within two to three months.  When the balance of the body is restored and body functions are regulated, the acupuncture herbal therapies end.

Interestingly many practitioners have differing views on methods and causes of treatments. Some practitioners have had adequate experience to formulate a personalized approach to treating depression while others do it “by the book.”  Those who have extensive experience often see in their patient’s lifestyles factors that contribute greatly to depression – processed and junk foods; avoiding them is to prevent depression from creeping into one’s system.  A healthy diet together (organic and natural foods) with breathing exercises and meditation helps develop a balanced emotion and good physical health.

Acupuncture New York is a highly recommended treatment for depression.  The treatment itself helps to produce a fair amount of neurotransmitters needed to fight the sad and helpless feeling of the depressed individual.  It is advisable to seek help from a licensed acupuncturist who has extensive experience in studying and treating depressed patients.  This professional has probably encountered almost all types of depression and is the most capable professional who can deal with this disease.  One can also undergo counseling, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and even painkillers all at the same time if he/she feels this is the best way to overcome his/her depression.