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Drug Addiction and Alcohol Recovery with Bellevue Acupuncture

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A recovering addict’s worst enemy is himself.  The urge to experience another fix or drink is one of the hardest things to control but it is the addict or abuser who needs to get past this hardest moment of his recovery if he wants to live a meaningful and happy life.    Many programs for recovery, many of them pharmacological, are at the addict’s disposal but many of them such as nicotine patches to aid in smoking cessation do not really treat the root cause of the problem.  It is quite sad that Bellevue acupuncture being a great way to assist drug addicts and alcoholics, is hardly known especially if people know how natural, safe and very effective this treatment is for helping these specific individuals get back to a normal, happy, productive and spiritual life.  Furthermore, acupuncture is quite a cost effective treatment than most other therapies available in the market today.

Before acupuncture, clinics used for treating addiction and alcoholism were rather rowdy, unpleasant, noisy and chaotic.  When acupuncture for drug addiction and alcoholism was introduced, the former bad environment was then replaced with calmness and peace in the clinic.  The treatment room has chairs arranged in such a way that the patients can talk with and see each other. Those new patients just coming in are greatly benefited by this arrangement particularly if they have anxiety regarding the therapy.  During acupuncture treatment, often 5 ultra thin needles are inserted in the ears of the patients and others may also be treated with needles in their arms, feet and hands, feet apart from the ears.  After less than an hour, the needles are removed from the body and can be done by an assistant or the acupuncturist.

The acupuncture treatment gives the patient a great feeling that takes away the urge for a fix or drink.  This is a key benefit for it greatly assists the patient to control his urges and thereby can proceed easily to the next stages of therapy.  The effects of acupuncture lasts usually a whole day and that is why patients often need daily treatment sessions.  For those dry alcoholics, daily acupuncture is unnecessary and they may get treated periodically instead.  To make the treatment truly long term, the patient needs to change his lifestyle into one that is less stressful.  A continuation of the old life can see him revert back to his habits and may allow the urges and craving to return.  Acupuncture treatments help control the urges and restore the physical health and healthy appearance of the addict or alcoholic.

Recovery programs that have integrated acupuncture into their program have far higher success rates than those that have not.  An addict or alcoholic can be healed, physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually with acupuncture.

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February 27th, 2012 at 1:02 am

Some of the Conditions Treated by Acupuncture Louisville

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Partly because of the Internet, many more people are becoming more and more dissatisfied with what Western mainstream medicine has to offer especially when it comes to pharmaceutical medications.  Many of them now seek alternative solutions to their health problems and needs.  The question for them now becomes what is the best alternative therapy for my health needs or condition?  Acupuncture Louisville is truly one of the best alternative treatments around today.  In fact, this treatment is an ancient one and has been used for over 4,000 years as an answer to various health disorders.  This treatment is so powerful and versatile that it can treat over 40 health conditions acknowledged no less by the World Health Organization.  This article will assist the reader to know what kinds of conditions acupuncture can be effectively be used to treat them.

Acupuncture was introduced in America in the 1970’s solely to treat pain. Most people still think it is only used for the relief of pain.  Some even think it is an arcane therapy that does not really work.  Well, if only these people are aware that the WHO itself acknowledged acupuncture as a viable treatment for not only one but 40 or more different kinds of sicknesses and disorders.  If that is not enough, the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) has also acknowledged acupuncture effective in treating different kinds of diseases that may or may not be related to pain related at all. Examples of these diseases are digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, menstrual, cramps and symptoms and nausea due to cancer treatment Furthermore, acupuncture is widely recognized as a great treatment for many types of infertility.

The list below shows just some of the conditions acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine effectively treat can treat quite effectively.

Disorders of nerves, joints, muscles and bones – fascitis, tingling and numbness, fibromyalgia, facial tics, muscle spasms, sciatica, spine pain, headaches, shoulder and neck pain, low back pain, dizziness, migraines, neuralgias, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, arthritis and Bells’s palsy.

Stress and sleep and stress – fatigue and insomnia.

Circulatory problems – anemia, atheroschlerosis, palpations, cardiac neurosis, pulmonary heart disease, angina, hypotension and hypertension.

Gastrointestinal problems – irritable colon syndrome, ulcerative colitis, dysentery, biliary colic, vomiting, nausea, gastritis, anorexia, indigestion, chronic diarrhea constipation, peptic ulcers, abdominal pain and food allergies.

Gynecological conditions – lactation deficiency, hypo-ovarianism, herpes zoster, infertility, induction of labor, malposition of fetus, morning sickness, menopause, fibrocystic breast disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, PMS and painful, heavy or irregular menses.

Urogenital conditions – sexual dysfunction, prostatitis, renal colic, retention of urine, , urinary tract infections and incontinence.

Respiratory disorders – bronchitis, allergies, whooping cough, bronchial asthma, sinusitis and emphysema.

Endocrine dysfunction – obesity, hypo/hyperthyroidism and diabetes.

Addictions – drug nicotine and alcohol addiction.

Written by Valerie

February 27th, 2012 at 12:57 am

Treating Very Painful Conditions with Acupuncture Davis

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Acupuncture Davis for the treatment of pain is far more effective than medications can ever be. Acupuncture is the process of inserting needles as thin as human hair at points in the body called acupuncture points to help stimulate physiological effects to relieve pain. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), life energy called Chi exists in the body and travels along invisible energy vessels called meridians. TCM believes that when chi stagnates, the body experiences pain and suffering. Acupuncture is required to restore normal flow of chi all over the body. This restoration takes away the pain and eliminates suffering.

Arthritis is brought about by swelling or inflammation of the tendons, ligaments or joints. Severity of the condition may range from joint stiffness to severe disability; this condition even becomes more painful as soon as the person wakes up from sleep. Arthritis manifests in the form of gout, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, all conditions that cause tremendous pain.

Acupuncture treatment for knee and ankle arthritis can effectively relieve the pain in just three or four sessions. For this type of treatment minimum of four to a maximum of 10 needles are applied to your skin and left there for 20 to 40 minutes. The needles target the muscles underneath the targeted meridians and the other affected tissues.

In the treatment for migraines, headache and sinus often giving rise to a pulsating, pounding and throbbing sensation in the head for migraine attacks and pain in the nose, eyes and temples, irritability, photophobia, fatigue, appetite loss, vomiting and nausea, for sinus, ear acupuncture is the best acupuncture treatment for these disorders.

For carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition manifested by numbness and tingling in the hands and fingers occasionally affecting the elbow also, acupuncture therapy is most effective via scalp needling. This procedure involves using magnets, staples and metal pellets taped on specific acupuncture points on the body, tongue, face and earlobes to give prompt relief from the distressful symptoms.

For fibromyalgia pain, acupuncture is also applied to the ears. Occasionally, parts of the body where the pain is felt needles are also inserted. As with the aforementioned conditions, fibromyalgia has no known conventional or alternative treatment. What is worse is that the medications that supposedly are there to alleviate the pain often result in serious side effects and more problems to worry about.

Practitioners often include Chinese herbal medicine to acupuncture to quicken the relief of pain and to extend the effectiveness of the treatment. The practitioner should be a licensed herbalist since there are herbal formulas that often counteract the effect of certain medications which some patients with these conditions are taking. Many patients have tried acupuncture do report a more substantial relief from pain that they have not found from their prescription painkillers.

Written by Valerie

February 19th, 2012 at 12:24 pm

Acupuncture Miami Treatment for Knee Pain

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Acupuncture Miami is a proven and guaranteed answer for pain and other kinds of ailments. Thousands of people in the United States now seek acupuncture treatment for the relief of pain. The National Institutes of Health has confirmed acupuncture’s power to neutralize knee pain induced by osteoarthritis.  The effect of acupuncture can help cut the down the need for pain medications by around 40% and also helps prove knee functionality by also around 40%.  A Danish study also proved acupuncture’s ability in providing alternative treatment for knee problems which considerably lessened the necessity for knee replacement surgery. Acupuncture can also sufficiently reduce swelling and pain brought about by rheumatoid arthritis, injuries, bursitis and swelling caused by tendonitis.

If a person is in pain, anything that reduces the pain is good and a 40% reduction in pain is truly good news for pain sufferers.  People with painful conditions usually experience an almost total (80%) relief from knee pain after eight acupuncture sessions.  What’s more the health benefit of needing less pain medication intake is obvious with the lowered risk of side effects connected to long-term medication use.  And talking about side effects, acupuncture has very few and minor side effects to speak of.  In fact, people who have tried acupuncture never complain about side effects and instead talk about the feeling of tranquility and comfort during and after the treatment.

Western medical science is puzzled about the true workings of acupuncture in treating health conditions but they do have two running theories about how it works against pain.  One theory called the Gate theory states that the acupuncture needles retard the nerve functions that send out pain messages.  Another theory is endorphins, which is the body’s own powerful natural painkiller, which when released removes or greatly lessens painful sensations. Both theories are accepted by the medical community but they are still merely the tip of the iceberg in explaining the entire mysterious workings of acupuncture in the body.

The needles used for acupuncture are entirely different from hypodermic needles and needles used for vaccine, dextrose or blood extraction.  Acupuncture needles are much smaller and a licensed and well-trained acupuncturist can insert these needles in the body with nary any pain felt by the patient.  For a typical pain relieving treatment six to twelve needles are used at the sore areas or on specific parts of the body.  Depending on the skill of the acupuncturist or the degree of severity of the pain, as few as one needle can be enough to relieve the pain.

Rather than taking painkillers, use acupuncture so that not only pain is relieved but the cause of the pain is treated as well.  Acupuncture is versatile enough that it can also be used in conjunction with other pain relievers or anti-inflammatories and is also good with massage and physical therapy

Written by Valerie

February 12th, 2012 at 11:00 pm

Acupuncture NYC Treatment for High Anxiety

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People with anxiety problems have great difficulty in addressing it and unfortunately there are very few solutions conventional medicine offers to help with this condition.  So people with extreme anxiety often turn to alternative treatments.  Acupuncture NYC is one of the more effective alternative therapies around for addressing anxiety.

Anxiety is a state of feeling that a person has when reacting to something that is difficult to control.  Events or activities such as public speaking or exams are events that can produce anxiety.  However, there are people who suffer from runaway anxiety or anxiety that is excessive that it greatly affects their health.  People who have this kind anxiety often feel on edge most of the time.  When they find difficulty in accomplishing a certain task this causes them to have panic attacks.  Sleep is also hard to obtain when suffering from high anxiety and other symptoms may arise if the level of anxiety is not reduced.

Acupuncture is a treatment that came from China and has been used for thousands of years as treatment for various kinds of physical and emotional conditions.  Practitioners of this art believe acupuncture is based on the principle of energy or chi.  Chi is believed to circulate all over the body like blood through energy vessels called meridians.  If a person is sick, an imbalance in energy exists caused by energy blockages arising in the meridians.  Using reed-thin needles inserted at strategic points in the body, acupuncturists remove the energy blockages and aid chi to flow throughout the body unimpeded once again, treating the sickness in the body as a result.  At the beginning of the treatment, the acupuncturist will review and interview the patient regarding the latter’s medical history.  This is to determine what points in the body are required for needling.  The acupuncturist will need to devise a treatment plan specific to the patient’s constitution and needs.

Studies done throughout the years have proven the efficacy of acupuncture in treating anxiety, especially for anxiety that conventional medications could not treat.  The studies were so convincing that many doctors in the United States have now included acupuncture into their anxiety therapies with satisfactory results. Patients who have been treated of their anxiety say that acupuncture is a great way to revitalize the body and a very good way to relax and be in a mentally and emotionally tranquil state.  This means that anxiety has been banished from their minds replaced with a feeling of calm and peacefulness.  This is experienced due to acupuncture’s ability to elevate the serotonin level in the body, which reduces the amount on anxiety in the mind.

Find out more how acupuncture can help you with your anxiety problems by doing a few more research about acupuncture and its power to treat extreme anxiety.

Written by Valerie

February 4th, 2012 at 10:48 pm