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Acupuncture Philadelphia and Burnout Syndrome

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Acupuncture Philadelphia does help in relaxing and re-energizing the central nervous system.  It also is effective in treating various kinds of disorders and diseases as well as easing the muscular system and reestablishing the physical and emotional balance of the individual.

Burnout syndrome is severe physical and mental stress due to over work.  The placing of too much responsibilities and tasks on one person causes burnout syndrome.  Less time for rest and relaxation and less social enjoyment add to this problem.  This problem is rampant in industrialized countries especially the United States.  Stress is a normal daily experience in any person’s life but when dealing with the office environment where work overload is often a part of the reality of a person’s job, the mental and physical being of the person is affected in a hugely negative way.  Burnouts can lead to symptoms such as chronic weakness and debility, restiveness, anxiety, depression, apathy, disintegration of social and office relationships, neurosis, poor self-esteem and self-hate, decreased professional and personal performance, poor short and long-term memory functions, muscular and articular tightness, headaches and cephalalgia, sleeping disorders, poor appetite digestion and sexual dysfunction.  An untreated and sustained burnout can further deteriorate the physical and mental health of the person often leading to far worse conditions on the person.  Functions in the metabolic, immune and cardiovascular activity are affected and weakened considerably.

Medical acupuncture treats patients of burnout syndrome by helping the heightened activity of the central nervous system to relax and tone down.  It also improves circulation and oxygen supply to the undernourished and under oxygenated part of the brain allowing the brain to revitalize.  Medical acupuncture also takes away the stress and tension in the muscle tissues and supplies blood and energy to the undernourished affected major organs.  It also normalizes body metabolism and boosts immune functions, enhances concentration and memory and helps regain physiological and emotional balance. Acupuncture with help from herbal medicines detoxifies the body of waste products, allows more cell oxygenation and basically improves the overall functions of the body.

For burnout syndrome, auricular acupuncture or electro-acupuncture maybe used to help with release of endorphins and enkephalins to deal with the severe negative emotions this disorder entails.  Upon consultation, the acupuncturist may do some physical examinations of the patient as well as interview the patient regarding what he/she feels and the overall state of his/her health.  The symptoms presented and the interview will enable the acupuncturist to know the diagnosis and what best approach to take.  The duration of the treatment will depend on the severity of the symptoms presented. Oftentimes, the use of herbal medicine is used together with acupuncture.  However, unless the person changes his lifestyle and work environment, burnout recurrences will be almost inevitable.

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June 25th, 2011 at 11:30 am

Chemotherapy and Bellevue Acupuncture

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Bellevue Acupuncture has been highly recommended by many physicians and patients as a very good vehicle for achieving well-being in the mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual sense.  It is one of the oldest medical treatments in the world dating back more than 2500 years ago.  Acupuncture utilizes reed-thin needles inserted and left in place for 30-40 minutes in certain parts of the skin to take away many types of pain and disorders.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture assists in balancing and normalizing the body systems to make them function efficiently.  Acupuncture restores balance and enables healthy unhindered energy to flow in the body.  Western science does not fully understand how acupuncture works but acupuncture has shown its effectiveness in relieving many kinds of pain and distress including the alleviation of nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is a very toxic treatment for cancer and it involves the use of chemicals to kill cancer cells; however, its toxicity kills not just the cancer cells but the healthy cells as well. Its track record of treating cancer is very poor and yet it is the main “therapy” used by almost all hospitals in the treatment of advanced cancer.  Its horrible side effects can be effectively remedied by acupuncture and all cancer patients given acupuncture treatment after chemotherapy can benefit greatly from acupuncture, especially the lessening of nausea and episodes of vomiting, according to the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

For the treatment of nausea, the acupuncture point P6 located in the wrist is usually treated with a needle.  Besides needles, this point can be activated through electro-acupuncture, electro-stimulation without the use of a needle or acupressure.  In one of the issues of the Journal of the American Medical Association, a large percentage of patients undergoing high-dose chemotherapy experienced less bouts of nausea and vomiting through electro-acupuncture in combo with anti-nausea drugs.  .  This proves that alternative modes of treatment such as acupuncture can be very beneficial for patients coping with the side effects of chemotherapy.  A number of oncologists then are recommending acupuncture nowadays to their patients before and after chemotherapy.

In a research experiment done in December 2000, more than a hundred women with breast cancer who underwent chemotherapy before having bone marrow transplants took anti-nausea drugs.  Besides taking -nausea drugs, some were also treated with electro-acupuncture once a day for five days, some were treated with minimal insertion of acupuncture without electrical stimulation once a day for five days and some were not given acupuncture at all.  The women treated with electro-acupuncture had substantially fewer episodes of nausea and vomiting A few percentage of those given acupuncture without electrical stimulation also had less bouts of nausea and vomiting while those not given acupuncture treatment at all experienced nausea and vomiting.  This experiment showed the efficacy of acupuncture in treating nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy.

Written by Valerie

June 25th, 2011 at 11:12 am

Acupuncture Seattle for Adolescents

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Pre-teens, teens and young adults are one of the age groups were acupuncture Seattle works so effectively.  In the United States as in many developed nations, many in these segments of the population suffer from depression, anxiety, anger, sleeplessness and stress due to the way of life people in these countries live; filled with pressure and stress.

In terms of health, adolescents are in their prime and their body tends to heal faster than most age groups.  A body, which has the ability to heal fast usually has the most to benefit from acupuncture because acupuncture works so effectively with people whose immune system is in top shape.  Another reason why acupuncture works extremely well for adolescents is that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that children are pure yang.  Yang in essence is a transformative force and that is what adolescents practically are; transformative bodies.  This age group has the fastest growth spurts and their physiology literally changes by months or even days.  In terms of healing, that is a good thing because as adolescents grow, they also heal quickly.

However, too much of a good thing can have drawbacks as well.  TCM believes that changes entail a smooth energy flow and quick changes can also entail forced adaptations to these changes especially with the environment.  As kids become adolescents, they need to adapt not only to their physiological metamorphoses, they also need to adapt to the increasing stress of school and peer relationships.  Sudden spurts of hormonal growth also entail changes in emotions, energy and desires with emphasis on desire.  This causes in them mental and emotional health issues.  So then, another reason why acupuncture is so effective on adolescents is that acupuncture affects the biochemical mechanism of the brain.

Countless studies have verified that acupuncture stimulates production of endorphins, enkephalins and other beneficial chemicals in the brain, causing a calming effect.  Because of this, acupuncture is an excellent therapy for those suffering from extreme emotions such as stress, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.

This is good news for parents who earnestly want to help their kid’s growing pains in a less radical and safe way, especially when their kid is experiencing anger or depression.  Parents usually are aware of the inherent dangers of medications (side-effects and dependency) and they desire a more natural and less harmful approach to helping their growing child.

The fact is that acupuncture is a very safe and effective treatment for anger, anxiety and depression.  It does calm and relaxes the patient and is a very good removal of stress.  In an age were exotic things such as tattoos are all the rage, acupuncture is virtually a novel and cool experience that only helps in making the child healthier physically and emotionally.

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June 19th, 2011 at 8:16 am

Acupuncture Louisville and Food Poisoning

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More than 30 million people in the USA suffer from food poisoning annually.  Food poisoning causes episodes of vomiting and diarrhea.  Typical cases are sporadic and isolated but once in a while a major outbreak can be a cause for concern.  The more common outbreak of food poisoning is Salmonella poisoning, which can affect hundreds or even thousands of people.

Acupuncture Louisville can be very effective in helping relieve symptoms of food poisoning.  It also helps the victim recover quickly.  As a rule, the advice for those suffering from food poisoning is plenty of rest and copious drinking of fluids.  Acupuncture, apart from relieving symptoms and facilitating recovery can reinforce the digestive system allowing it to be resilient from future food poisoning.  Acupuncture also helps prevent the rise of chronic immune dysfunction and boosts the body’s energy levels.

Food poisoning basically means any illness caused by eating contaminated and/or infected foods.  Food can be considered poisonous if a microorganisms such as parasites, viruses and bacteria contaminate it. The most typical microorganisms that spoil and poison food are Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella and E. coli.

Food poisoning symptoms are severe loose bowel movement, abdominal pain, vomiting, cramping, fever and flu-like symptoms. For most people, the body heals itself by clearing itself of the bad food in less than a week sans the requirement of medical help.  Still it may take a few months before regular bowel movements return to its regular function.  Food poisoning can impair digestive function and make the victim more prone to future episodes of food poisoning.  There are a few who after a bout of food poison develop Reiter’s syndrome.  This disorder may take months or even years to resolve and may result in chronic arthritis.

In traditional Chinese medicine viewpoint, by dampness and/or heat in the stomach and intestines because of intake of “dirty” food or drink causes food poisoning.  The aim of acupuncture is to remove the dampness and heat from the body and expel or kill the pathogens by stimulating the production of antibodies and white blood cells in the body. Acupuncture and other types of TCM can help in relieving vomiting and nausea.  Acupuncture can quicken recuperation by helping the body to facilitate the removal of the pathogen and it reinforces the digestive system making it more resilient to harmful foreign agents.

Acupuncture together with Chinese herbal medicine can be very beneficial for treating various kinds of diseases and disorders in the digestive system.  It also enhances the digestive function by improving blood flow to the stomach, intestines and other parts of the digestive system as well as improving body metabolism by allowing the body to absorb nutrients efficiently thus making the need to eat more food unnecessary.

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June 19th, 2011 at 8:08 am

Acupuncture St Helens and Fibromyalgia

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Acupuncture St Helens is one of the most popular forms of alternative treatments around the world.  It is about the insertion of sterile needles into the skin to elicit a desired medical response. Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, which believes that the underlying cause of all pain and illness is blocked or stagnant energy (chi).  A blocked chi can be likened to heavy rainfall where the water from it is obstructed by a canal system filled with debris, preventing the water to drain out to other drainage systems.  Acupuncture treatment removes this blockage by inserting needles placed in certain parts of the body. The acupuncturist’s goal is to release blocked chi and restore the body then to optimal health.

Acupuncture is an ancient medical art practice for over 5,000 years in China and other parts of the Orient.  Acupuncture is an effective treatment for fibromyalgia.  Various tests and studies have been done citing the beneficial use of acupuncture for treatment of a wide range of pain and fatigue disorders.  However, the fundamental viewpoints of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine are very different which makes a cogent and empirical conclusion from Western medicine regarding the efficacy of acupuncture in treating a wide range of disorders extremely difficult to reconcile.  For Western medicine, a cure for one specific disease will apply for all individuals with this type of disease.  With acupuncture, each individual in a group with the same disease may be given different customized treatment plans.

There are over 6 million Americans suffering from fibromyalgia with really no substantive remedy for its symptoms offered by Western medicine and that is why more people are beginning to realize the power of alternative medicine.  The March/April 2006 edition of Alternative Therapies reported that acupuncture has been proven to have a therapeutic effect in treating fibromyalgia. Besides showing proof of reversing arthritic conditions and other chronic pain issues, acupuncture has also shown to relieve the painful symptoms of fibromyalgia.

When people envision acupuncture, they always associate it with needles, which prevent some of them from benefiting from it.  However, the needles used in acupuncture are very thin and not the type of instruments one uses to draw blood or inject substances inside the body.  The sensation one gets from an acupuncture needle is light, negligible and ignorable.

The importance of staying calm and relaxed in acupuncture therapy can be understood when the efficacy of the treatment depends on the muscles being relaxed so as to allow the effect of the needles to work properly.  When the muscles tighten up because of the fear of needle pain, the treatment will never work because the tightening will hinder chi flow, which is the aim of the treatment in the first place.   Therefore, if the patient is not relaxed during treatment, the therapy itself will be useless.

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June 11th, 2011 at 11:31 pm

Acupuncture Davis Treatment

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Traditional Chinese medicine believes that energy, which the Chinese call Qi or chi flows unhindered on energy pathways called meridians.  When meridians become blocked or obstructed, the yin and yang of the major organs in the body become imbalanced which causes illness.  Acupuncture Davis is used then to restore the balance.

Chi is the energy that animates the human body.  Yin and yang are the dual forces in chi similar to the positive and negative forces found in electricity.  The relative balance of these two opposing but complementary forces is what gives well-being to the body.  Yin is associated with the female principle and is inherently passive, dark, cold or moist while yang represents the male principle and is associated with light, active, warm and dry.  No creation or creature is 100% yin or yang.  Every element in nature has yin and yang attributes.  Human beings are product of the yin (female, mother) and the yang (male, father).  This belief is the foundation or principle behind acupuncture.

Acupuncturists can utilize nine types of needles.  The needles differ in length, width of shaft, and shape of head and are usually single-use, disposable needles.  Needles maybe inserted in 15 to 90 degrees to the skin depending on the treatment needed.  Upon insertion, a usual semi-painful sensation maybe felt by the patient called deqi, which is a positive sign for the acupuncturist that the treatment is working.  An acupuncturist may utilize techniques such as raising and thrusting or twirling or rotation among others to achieve a desired stimulation.

Some variations of acupuncture such as electro-acupuncture can be used to quicken or enhance the treatment.  This procedure is used to elicit analgesic effects.  Usually a charge between 5 to 2,000 Hz is applied for this treatment. The higher ranges are commonly used for surgery and the lower frequencies for general analgesic effects.

Electro-acupuncture is a common analgesic procedure for surgery in china nowadays.  Some other modern acupuncture procedures are laser acupuncture and sound waves or Sonopuncture.  Auriculotherapy or Ear Acupuncture is a very effective and popular treatment due to the abundance of meridians on the ear and these meridians connect to many major organs and tissues of the body.  Auricular Acupuncture is a very successful procedure for the treatment of behavioral, chemical and food addiction.

Moxibustion is another popular treatment used by acupuncturists around the world.  This procedure entails the burning of an herb called moxa and applying the burning moxa to the skin or through needles inserted in acupuncture points.  Acupuncture and moxibustion are commonly used together to greatly enhance the healing effect of acupuncture.  Moxibustion is often applied for respiratory disorders such as bronchial asthma or bronchitis or for certain kinds of paralysis and arthritic pain.

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June 11th, 2011 at 11:22 pm

Acupuncture Miami Treatment for Urticaria

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Mainstream treatment (antihistamines or a corticosteroid drug) for urticaria is focused in relieving the distressing and itchy symptoms.  With acupuncture Miami, people are now finding it to be a treatment not only for symptomatic relief but also for a solution to the root problem that caused this disorder and also for preventing its recurrence once and for all.  Hives or urticaria are inflamed welts or red bumps abruptly manifesting on the skin.  It has an itchy sensation and some people may even report burning or stinging sensations.  It usually manifests in the including lips, hands, tongue, ears, face and in the throat.  Hives are an allergic reaction to a number of things.  Some of these are food allergies or allergy to food additives, extreme emotions, sunlight and medications.  Urticaria may last for some minutes or for many weeks; however, it is not fatal and does not require emergency attention but they can be distressful like causing shock and breathing difficulties.  Its treatment is based on the easing of symptoms, particularly, itching. Medications such as prescription or over-the-counter antihistamines are the Western conventional treatments.  Corticosteroids are used when antihistamines fail.  In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), hives are seen as wind causing skin disorders and the energy pathways, causing inflammation and itching. When the skin disorder turns red, wind and heat is the culprit.  When the skin disorders are white or pale pink it means that wind-cold factors influences the skin.  The diagnosis will determine the acupuncture points to be treated with needles, the herbs to be used and the lifestyle recommendations to be followed.

Acupuncture treatment always aims to treat the symptoms and the root cause of urticaria by giving prompt relief from the inflammation and itching while normalizing the triggers and imbalances, which caused the problem.

Various acupuncture sites can be potentially treated, the sites chosen are contingent on the state of one’s health and the manifested symptoms and.  Below are some acupuncture sites applied with needles for urticaria treatment:

Spleen 10 – A major site for the treatment of skin problems such as hives and eczema.

Large Intestine 11 – This point has meridians that aid in minimizing heat and wind from the body and alleviating swelling.

A study done at the Isfahan University in Iran observed how acupuncture effectively treats chronic urticaria.  For 3 weeks forty students of which half were given genuine acupuncture treatment while the other half were given sham acupuncture treatments revealed the effectiveness of acupuncture in reducing the duration and frequency of urticaria by 25% as opposed to those given sham acupuncture.  Most of the patients who were given acupuncture had positive albeit partial relief of symptoms.  The people who conducted the study also saw that three weeks after the optimal effect of the treatment was realized.