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Bellingham Acupuncture Center

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A lot of you may probably be wondering what an acupuncture center in Bellingham is. What kind of treatment does this kind of facility offer? To understand a little about acupuncture center, here is a little idea. Acupuncture center is healing facility that focuses on the holistic principles of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. If you are not aware yet, acupuncture is a form of alternative treatment that involves the insertion of tine and sterile needles into various parts of the body known as systemic meridians. This form of treatment is renowned for treating pain, tension and chronic conditions. To find relief for any number of ailments like headaches, muscle pain and even infertility, any individual can choose to visit acupuncture centers. Most acupuncture centers offer a variety of treatments that are holistic in approach and these include aromatherapy and herbal remedies.

If you are a patient visiting an acupuncture center, you would have to explain your health problems to the acupuncturists and you will receive information about the procedure. Depending on your condition, you will be instructed to sit in a chair or lie on a table in preparation for a treatment. Initially, an acupuncturist would insert as many as 200 needles into the skin at fixed locations in an effort to promote the flow of energy. With acupuncture sessions, your body will restore its balance and energy to promote its overall wellness. This is according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A lot of acupuncture centers offer a plethora of holistic health treatment options. Some acupuncture center feature chiropractic services, herbal medicine and aromatherapy treatments. Plus, many facilities offer magnetic, heat or light therapy suited to treat a number of ailments. A lot of individuals receive such treatments for sore muscles, arthritis, back pain and even chronic health conditions like cancer.

In a majority of states and countries, acupuncturists who work in an acupuncture center are required to hold a license. Acupuncturists must complete three-to-four year master’s degree programs from accredited institutions. They must pass extensive licensing exams administered by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in order to practice in most regions of the United States. For newly licensed acupuncturists, joining established practices with other professionals can be helpful on getting them started in the business. But there are some who are successful at opening their own acupuncture centers.

When choosing a healing center, it is extremely important to consider an acupuncturist’s credentials. Only licensed professionals are trained in safe and sanitary procedures and have shown extensive knowledge of laws and ethical medical procedures. The ones who pursue to continue their education to stay-up-to-date on practical and technological advances in the field are the most trustworthy acupuncturists. They do this so that they will be able to provide the best services to their clients. Getting information and other facts about an acupuncture center can be achieved by visiting the facility’s website or speaking with the receptionist at the actual center.

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June 25th, 2010 at 12:43 pm

Miami Acupuncture Health Philosophy

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The concept of Miami acupuncture health is that each acupuncturist should take the time to listen to their patients. Each patient’s well being is affected by his or her lifestyle, emotions, attitude, diet, habits and environment. All of these factors can contribute a lot to health issues that makes every person’s needs different. Addressing the different health issues and taking into consideration the different factors will help promote a good health and balance lifestyle for each individual.

Acupuncture health is a natural form of healing and it has many benefits. Acupuncture treatment alone can help provide drug-free pain relief. It effectively treats a wide range of acute and chronic ailments like back pain, menstrual cramps and others. It is also believed to treat underlying disease and illnesses as well as their symptoms. It can assist in the prevention of diseases and illnesses and maintain a person’s overall well-being. It provides a holistic approach to treating illnesses and diseases by linking the body, mind and emotions.

Acupuncture Treatment Benefits

In some countries like the United States and UK, acupuncture is one of the most well established and popular complementary forms of therapies. Approximately, three million people are undergoing treatment each year and this has been stated in the NHS Direct-health Encyclopedia 2008. Many people seek acupuncture treatment to treat specific symptoms or health conditions. It is also prescribed to work alongside with conventional forms of medical treatment or it can be used as a natural medicine alone without the use of drugs.

Thanks to extensive research and practice, it has shown that acupuncture is effective in treating certain conditions such as tiredness, stress, anxiety, depression, arthritis, rheumatism, musculo-skeletal problems, backache, high blood pressure and other circulatory problems, headaches and migraines, asthma and breathlessness, digestive problems, insomnia, gynecological problems and infertility, skin conditions, allergies and addictions.

Acupuncture health is directed at restoring the overall energy balance that will help deal with any health condition and also help the person feel better in a general and holistic kind of way. There have been increasing reports about patients having increased energy, normal sleep, vitality and a more normal appetite. With this kind of outlook in life, any individual treated with acupuncture can have a chance to greater confidence and greater enjoyment of life.

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June 24th, 2010 at 12:31 pm

How Fertility Acupuncture Can Treat Infertility

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Acupuncture is a kind of ancient healing technique that originated from the East. Due to its numerous medicinal benefits, fertility acupuncture in New York is becoming popular since it is capable of treating infertility. In theory, once there is a blockage in the energy pathways which are the acupuncture sites, this can cause illnesses or other disease. With the use of needles, the blockages are cleared to promote a continuous flow of the energy thus resulting to proper physiologic healing. It is believed that acupuncture can possibly treat infertility, as well as other ailments like back pain, dizziness, depression, neuralgia and constipation. So how can acupuncture treat infertility? Here are some steps on how acupuncture can help treat infertility.

  • First thing to consider is to understand how acupuncture will help. Acupuncture can improve the blood circulation in the pelvic cavity and boost the ovarian function.
  • Second thing to consider is to know what to expect. A lot fertility expert considers acupuncture as just one part of the overall health plan to improve wellness and health. So this means you are still required to make certain lifestyle changes to accomplish your goal. After all, with good health comes fertility.
  • Third thing to take into consideration is to learn how acupuncture can help in regulating hormonal imbalances. Infertility can be caused by hormonal imbalances in some women and this situation can be remedied by acupuncture.
  • Next thing to take into consideration is to know and understand where the needles will be placed. Acupuncture points for infertility are usually found on the lower abdomen, lower back and legs.
  • Always seek the assistance of an expert. Look for an acupuncturist that has experience in fertility issues. There is a lot of information about acupuncturist who deal with fertility issues found on the web.
  • Once you meet with your chosen acupuncturist, give him or her all the information as much as possible like how long have you been trying to conceive as well as a full detailed description of your medical history.
  • Always follow your acupuncturist’s treatment schedule until its completion. Be sure to ask all necessary questions to avoid anxiety and of course to get what your money is worth.

Tips and Warnings to Reflect On

  • Acupuncture’s rates can rise from moderate to expensive. This usually depends on the experience and credentials of your chosen acupuncturist. Aside from that, the city from where she or he is based can also affect his or her professional fees.
  • Like other forms of treatments , it is also covered by many insurance plans. However, this a not covered by Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Supplements and herbs may also be prescribed by acupuncturist to support with your treatment. In these cases, herbs and supplements can be inexpensive and moderate in price. These are not usually covered by insurance plans thought.
  • If you have potentially life-threatening symptoms like extreme abdominal pain, never attempt to use acupuncture as a form of treatment.
  • Always bear in mind that not all alternative forms of medical treatments are scientifically evaluated. Some practitioners only have limited information about their safety and effectiveness. Each state has its own rules regarding how alternative medicine practitioners can be professionally licensed. So if you decide to visit an acupuncturist, choose someone who is licensed and recognized by the national organization. Always keep your medical doctor informed about form of alternative medical procedure you undertake.

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June 7th, 2010 at 3:15 pm

Acupuncture Treatment for Arthritis

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Probably one of the most pervasive diseases and the leading cause of disability in the United States is arthritis. When it comes to treating this disease acupuncture arthritis is all the rage nowadays. Studies show that acupuncture in Orlando for arthritis has been found to be very effective and this has given relief to individuals who were inflicted with this kind of illness.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that one out of three Americans which is an estimated 70 million people is affected with arthritis. Some individuals would claim that as the body ages, arthritis pain and inflammation cannot be avoided. In fact, people over 50 years old already show signs of arthritis since joints naturally degenerate over time. But thanks to acupuncture and oriental medicine, arthritis can be managed and controlled.

Acupuncture Diagnosis and Treatment of Arthritis

Arthritis occurs when there is an imbalance or blockage of the cyclical flow Qi in the meridians. The blockage is referred to as “bi” type pain. Studies have shown that this type of pain can be successfully treated with a combination of Chinese herbs and acupuncture treatment.

Traditional Chinese medicine like acupuncture has been found to be tremendously effective at treating inflammation and pain related with all types of arthritis. Depending on the blockage of Qi or arthritis, if it is caused by damp, cold or damp-heat, the acupuncture points and herbs used would vary. Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM does not distinguish arthritis as one particular syndrome. Instead, it focuses to treat all the specific symptoms that are unique with each individual. To restore balance to the body, a variety of techniques like Chinese herbs, acupuncture, dietary or lifestyle recommendations and energetic exercises are used. Thus, if there are 10 patients who are will be treated with oriental medicine for arthritis then each patient will have their own unique customized treatment plan starting with different acupuncture points, herbs, and lifestyle and diet recommendations.

To determine your Chinese diagnosis and treatment, your acupuncturists will examine you first to decide the onset of your condition and learn the signs and symptoms of your present illness. This is initially done before your acupuncturists will choose the right acupuncture points and treatment plan for you.

In treating arthritis, acupuncture points are located all over the body so basically it does not focus on the affected area alone. During the treatment process, tiny needles are placed along the arms, shoulders, legs and the toes.

A lot may be anxious as to how the needle insertion would feel like but there is only little sensitivity when it comes to needle insertion. There may be brief moments of discomforts as the needle are inserted but once the needles are in place, you will feel relax and may even fall asleep during the whole treatment.

The number, frequency and length of the acupuncture treatment will vary from patient to patient. A usual treatment would last from five to 30 minutes with the treatments repeated once or two times a week. For some individuals, symptoms are relieved after the first treatment. But for more severe and chronic pains, this would usually require multiple treatments.

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June 5th, 2010 at 9:59 pm