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The Theory Of Chinese Food Therapies

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Chinese food therapies depend upon the principles of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are interdependent, independent, and evolving constantly into each other. This is a repetitive arrangement of energy that occurs in the universe and in all life on earth. Yang is within Yin and Yin is within Yang. Each person is born with a unique constitution and the balance of energies of our Yin and Yang decides our dietary requirements that change as we grow older.

According to Chinese medicine principle, foods are chosen based on what the individual needs. Also the season, climate, and geography are considered, and whether there is presence of dis-ease, which is distinguished based on certain signs and symptoms. In its most basic form, people who are dry and cold need moistening, warm foods; people who are damp and hot require drying, cool foods; people suffering from congestion require decongesting foods; and people who are frail and weak need replenishing, nourishing foods. You can harmonize your internal environment with the right food choices if you have a clear understanding of your individual nature that you can use to synchronize and strengthen the flow of your body fluids, blood and Qi. As opposed to the Western nutrition perspective of ‘one size fits all,’ we need to understand that not everyone will equally benefit from foods that have the same amount of nutrients. In short, “one person’s meat is another person’s poison” implies there’s no worldwide standard for what comprises “good food” for any one person.

People in Western societies have the tendency to jump from one magic bullet to another but end up with zero solutions to their health problems. A great number are attracted by the allure (and availability) of trendy diets, prefabricated foods, or the latest herb (açai fruit, goji berries, etc.), mineral, or vitamin fad that promises the perfect health or the perfect body. One needs to make appropriate adjustments and to establish good eating habits, as the body changes with age, as soon as possible, or at an early age. For instance, the foods you have eaten when you were 20 may not be what you need when you are 40. The way a specific food impacts your longevity will be dependent on whether your body requires that food at a specific time.

In Chinese medicine in Winter Park, foods that can cause disease are classified as food injury: overeating (frequency and portion sizes) intoxication, or eating an excessive amounts of foods with cool/cold energetics are typical causes of this kind of injury. Also, long-term or too much intake of greasy foods block the smooth flow of body fluids, blood, and Qi will lead eventually to digestive dysfunction, thereby generating dampness and internal heat. This accumulation of heat and damp can cause loose stools, constipation, skin eruptions, and a slew of other health problems.

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Benefits Of TCM That Aren’t Provided By Western Medicine

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Most of us have probably heard about TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and acupuncture in Jacksonville, and a significant number have actually tried them; however, what many do not realize, is that these healing methods have benefits that go beyond the mere treatment of their conditions.

1. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a very specific system of healing that provides detailed diagnoses for common issues than Western Medicine. This can be perfectly illustrated in the case of the common cold.

Have you ever observed that each person gets a cold in his or her own way?

All of us suffer from colds every now and then. We say “I have a cold” based on the standpoint of Western medicine. In TCM, however, there can be a wide variety of colds with each having a different underlying cause. For instance you can have a “Wind Heat” or a “Wind Cold”, or even “Lung Heat”. To a practitioner of TCM, each case of cold is different and is treated differently. The practitioner prescribes a unique type of herbal remedy and uses a different acupuncture treatment to address each of the 15 or more kinds of colds. This healing system offers a much more accurate diagnosis and a much more accurate solution.

A lot of teachers are terrified of catching a cold, but since they deal with many young students they have no choice but to be exposed to colds on a daily basis. One client of mine who’s also a teacher says:

“I can’t afford to be sick since I’m an instructor. I need to take preventative measures whenever a flu or cold is circulating around at school. Nevertheless, I still succumb to the illness every now and again. My experiences from catching the flu or cold made me realize that, in order to recover from flu or cold, the quickest possible treatment is to undergo an acupuncture treatment and then follow it up with Chinese herbal formulas.”

He was intrigued about why she wasn’t prescribed the same herbal remedy each time he got ill. I told him that there are a wide variety of colds in TCM, and that we correlate both the acupuncture therapy and the herbal remedy to the specific symptoms we observe. A treatment for “Wind Heat” for a patient with a “Wind Cold” problem will not solve the illness and may even actually exacerbate the symptoms. It’s similar to a case in Western Medicine where a physician uses a remedy for a bacterial infection to treat a virus. It not only won’t solve the problem, it also may cause problems in the patient’s stomach.

The best thing about TCM is that the teacher patient recovered faster than her colleagues which she thrillingly reported:

“When it comes to acupuncture and TCM, the amazing thing is I always recover more quickly than my colleagues who have sought treatment from Western medicine, and after I have completely recovered, I actually feel even stronger than before.”

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture are holistic therapies: it considers the whole person and takes into account the things happening in his whole life.

Medical exams from another patient of mine who was suffering from painful back pain showed no cause for his ailment. After we talked for a while, it became obvious that the real cause was his job. His employer recently significantly shortened his work hours and he became extremely anxious about how he would pay his bills. He really sought to solve the problem with his job and what steps he needed to do to address the problem. Aside from using acupuncture to treat his back pain, we worked together to devise a plan of action to remedy his job problem.

Oftentimes, pain is the way our body tells us that we need to pay attention to something, whether it’s arthritis, a physical injury, or some other condition.

Another patient I saw suffered from severe arthritis. He was a professional athlete but now retired and was experiencing arthritis in his legs and hips. The pain became so severe that he had a difficult time walking. I questioned Henry about his diet, because I had a feeling that perhaps there was something in his diet that was responsible for the kind of arthritis he was experiencing. When I questioned him about his diet, I asked whether he drank alcohol, ate a lot of lot of dairy products or a lot of sugar. He confessed that he did take a significant amount of alcohol, and he asked if I wanted him to cut back. I told him, “Actually, I wanted you to try a little experiment here. I recommend that you reduce your alcohol consumption and see what happens.” So he very meaningfully reduced his alcohol intake, and he observed that the more he reduced it, the more the swelling and pain went down in his hips and leg. He was willing to make the changes and was able to see the connection between his lifestyle and the result he didn’t want. He decided finally to reduce his alcohol intake on an ongoing basis so that it could help relieve his pain and increase his ability to walk.

3. My patients are often excited to discover that certain Chinese diagnoses that are not used in other types of medicine can actually describe their problems quite accurately.

One female patient of mine was an extremely health conscious lady. She told me that she recently visited an older sister in another state. After spending a week at the home of her sister, she returned home suffering from a very unusual cough. She told me that visiting her sister always made her tense and stressful and this visit was no exception. Her cough was puzzling because it felt as if she had something in her throat and she can’t get it to go down her throat and neither could she cough it up. I told her that this is a classical case of “plum pit throat,” which is a condition that exists in traditional Chinese medicine. She was astonished that her condition had a name. I treated her with acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs which worked marvelously.

Another instance of a TCM diagnosis and treatment that proved extremely effective involved a young graduate student who was suffering from strange digestive symptoms associated with stress. Symptoms included stabbing, fixed pain. She underwent every possible medical test for her symptoms, including an endoscopy to verify that she wasn’t suffering from stomach cancer; however, there was no one who could come up with a conclusive diagnosis. One of my very skillful and experienced teachers diagnosed this young woman as suffering from “blood stagnation” which he cured with a couple of Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture. The symptoms that plagued her for over a year vanished entirely.

4. More often than not, Chinese herbal formulas are more effective than medications and utilize non-pharmaceutical solutions. A recent patient who suffered from extreme work-related stress reported that she was experiencing a lot of UTIs or urinary tract infections. She would get a secondary infection whenever she used antibiotics to address her symptoms. This is because the antibiotics destroyed both the bad and good bacteria in her body. She got better faster and never got a secondary infection when I used acupuncture and Chinese herbal antibiotics to treat her.

Compared to conventional Western medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine is a more powerful form of treatment because it considers the person as a whole and takes into account everything that is happening in a person’s life. A lot of the diagnoses and recommendations for common illnesses provided by TCM are more specific compared to those provided by Western Medicine. TCM even includes diagnoses and treatments for problems not identified by Western Medicine. Chinese herbal remedies provide non-pharmaceutical solutions that are often more potent than pharmaceutical remedies.

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The Importance Of Yin & Yang In Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Traditional Chinese medicine can be quite complicated for people who have relied on Western medicine for a long time. Don’t the planets revolve around the Sun and doesn’t each of them have their own moons that orbit around them? Isn’t our own Milky Way a lenticular type of galaxy that spins like a giant cartwheel in space?

Let’s take a look at our Earth. In summer, it gets very hot in many places but when you fetch water from a well, the water is quite cool. In winter, this planet tends to get cold on both the northern and southern hemispheres. The well’s water may be frozen in winter, but in caves and deep excavations sites where miners work, the temperature can become extremely hot. Plants grow and blossom in spring but lose most of their leaves in autumn. Aren’t these mysteries of Nature an indication that there are dual forms of energy on earth which are flowing and transforming each other?

This invitation to observe the earth and the universe is not an exhortation to study or learn astronomy, but to show that while the flowing movements within the human body are invisible to the naked human eye, traditional Chinese medicine in Vancouver can only have recourse to analogy with the universe to assist people in understanding and perceiving the internal mechanisms of the human body.

The ancient Chinese were aware of these phenomena and since man is a product of Mother Nature, he is also subject to her laws. There are circulating movements in the human body similar to those of the planets in our solar system. The Chinese espoused a viewpoint of “harmony between human beings and the natural environment”, of which the easiest example is that a person essentially enjoys good health if he wakes up for work with the rising of the sun and goes home to rest with the setting of the sun.

This observation of humans made the ancient Chinese realize that the circulating movements within the human body depend on energy, known as yin and yang, that this energy is a dual force the flows in a linear direction and that the human body enjoys good health if the two forms of energy that completely change into each other in circulating movements are equal and if such equality is lacking, the human body is likely to suffer from certain types of disease.

What is “Chi”?

We all are aware that air is invisible but we sense its power whenever a typhoon passes by? The ancient Chinese suspected that air must be made of matter that carried energy. They concluded that since man depended on water, food, and inhaled air for the energy needed by their bodies, this energy is generated by these three factors. In traditional Chinese medicine, this energy is called “blood and chi.” The circular movements inside the human body for sustaining the equality between yin and yang is based on the invisible energy of chi and the energy of visible blood for momentum. This may also be depicted as the mechanical activities of viscera such as the kidneys, traditionally manifested as “kidney chi”. Chi is the term that denotes the vital energy within a person – his life-power.

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How To Derive The Benefits Of Falun Dafa

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Falun Dafa is a total ‘cultivation practice’ to hone the body and mind. Also known as Falun Gong, ‘cultivation’ is an exact word to explain the impact it has on the spirit, mind, and body since the demands work on the part of the person practicing this process. Like a garden, one literally ‘cultivates’ traits, by sowing seeds of goodness and not allowing that goodness be harmed by any event or circumstances. Genuine cultivation practices are designed to increase vitality and physical health of a person; however, the overall aim transcends that— it is to completely change the entire person. There are five basic exercises in this practice.

Utilize Tolerance, Compassion, and Truthfulness as Your Measuring Stick

The central tenets of tolerance, compassion, and truthfulness are at the heart of Falun Dafa. As a person continues practicing, he learns how to make use of these three standards as a yardstick to observe how he measures up to the everyday situations he encounters in everyday activities, in his work environment, and in his family life. Because the road to cultivation promotes awareness and self-reflection, the individual naturally can give up selfish emotions, desires, and addictions. The process of cultivation creates a mind that’s more benevolent and helps detoxify the physical body.

Who may perform Falun Dafa?

Falun Dafa is being by practiced by over a hundred million people in 114 countries.

The practitioners come from all walks of life and range from four year old children to seniors. The practice encompasses also people who are in the best of health and those who are frail and suffering from ailments; it is also accessible to veterans and newcomers alike. To learn Falun Dafa, the only requirement is a strong mind that’s devoid of mental problems, so that people receiving an education can be in total control of their consciousness.

The excellent benefits to health of Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa involves the growth of a person’s xinhsing, which is his heart nature, mind, or his moral character. Consequently, mild physical exercises and meditation are included in it. In the cultivation of the heart, the principle involves a method of learning to let go of attachments. Freeing yourself of attachments such as fear, anger, and jealousy makes your heart more compassionate and benevolent. The method of freeing sentiments is a journey of steady learning and passes a lot of levels. Everything in life becomes lighter once you understand how to take attachments and sentiments more lightly.

Based on the Oriental medicine concept of diseases, obstructed energy channels or meridians hinder the flow of energy, which is responsible in the occurrence of diseases. This is exacerbated by the burden and stress that a person encounters in life, especially because of karma. Only by practicing cultivation practice such as Falun Dafa can one restore the balance of energy to the body that then alleviates an ailment.

Transcending Optimal Health

Performing Falun Dafa is ideal for both the mind and body because it brings about peace of mind and mental clarity; alleviates stress; and infuses energy. If you could cultivate your mind based on the principles, setting aside physical problems, dramatic or even significant improvements are likely to arise. There are actually lots of interesting anecdotes that pertain to Falun Dafa’s outstanding cures. From almost every practitioner, one can hear the legends about its wonderful effects on those who would have either experienced it themselves.

When Exercising, Work on One Level

Falun Gong is comprised of five exercises that are very easy to learn and complement each other with their gentle motions. One can learn the fundamental movements of all the five exercises within an hour. As the first exercise opens the meridians in the body and eliminates energy blockages, the second exercise increases wisdom and promotes endurance. The cleansing of the body is attained in the third exercise and the fourth causes the energy in all energy channels to circulate through the stimulation of the Grand Cosmic Circuit, which is the main meridian of the body. After completing the four exercises, which are performed in a standing position, the number five exercise is done in a sitting meditation that strengthens a person’s divine powers and boosts the transformation of his karma.

Falun Dafa is something that neither offers any easy solutions nor cures any illnesses. Those who have great health benefits from practicing it did not gain them due to a strong desire to have their sickness cured. While most people have tried a ‘quick fix’ before truly understanding the principles of Falun Dafa, they will start to cultivate the more superior principles this practice has to offer once they begin.

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Cupping Therapy For Treatment Of Respiratory And Lung Conditions

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Most of us are probably familiar of herbal medicine, massage therapy, acupuncture in Maitland and the other more popular modalities of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine. But, when we study TCM a little deeper, we find that there are other lesser-known treatment protocols that TCM practitioners use on a regular basis. One of these therapies is called cupping therapy which is used to alleviate a host of maladies.

Cupping therapy involves the application of small jars or cups to the skin and suctioning toxins away from the body. It is a practice that dates as far back as 1500 B.C., when the ancient people of Egypt used it to address a wide range of health conditions including pain, weak appetite, menstrual disorders, vertigo and fever. Cupping therapy was used by Taoist herbalists to encourage relaxation, eliminate toxins from the body and bring about healthy circulation, to mention just a few.

Nowadays, this incredibly versatile yet simple procedure is still used to treat all types of health problems making it an ideal replacement to surgery and drugs for a lot of individuals. The cups may be made of bamboo, plastic, glass, or even silicon but they possess an impressive track record of clinical effectiveness that justifies their worth for further study.

How does Chinese cupping therapy work?

The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine states that a practitioner of TCM will generate suction first inside the cups. This is done by placing rubbing alcohol to the cup’s bottom and then lighting a match stick to set the cup on fire. The oxygen inside the cup gets used up producing suction inside the cup and the heat within the cup eventually cools.

The cups are then either moved across the body in a circular or to and fro motion (which is a process known as gliding cupping) or placed stationary on the skin. In both processes, the suction within the cups creates negative pressure which lifts the skin towards the cup, contrary to the positive pressure brought about by massage. The negative pressure tranquilizes the nervous system, encourages healthy blood circulation, and helps relax the muscles.

According to the PCOM or Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, while it is sometimes used as a standalone treatment, cupping therapy is usually combined with acupuncture in one treatment. It is used to relieve treat, cellulite, rheumatism, migraines, fatigue, anxiety, tight muscles, and neck and back pains.

Combined with acupuncture, cupping therapy can provide incredible relief. One reason it is usually combined with acupuncture is that both therapies exploit the natural meridian lines of the body. These are channels or pathways through which the chi or life energy of the body circulates. Cupping therapy uses the five meridian lines in the back since it is routinely used on the back. This is designed to both relax and balance the chi and widen the meridians through which energy circulates.

The PCOM added, “Cupping is probably the best deep-tissue treatments once can avail of and it is known to impact tissues up to four inches deep from the epidermis. Within these four inches of affected materials, arteries and veins can be refreshed, blockages can be removed, and toxins can be eliminated. The therapy can even be administered on the ankles, legs, wrists, and hands, thus providing healing to certain organs associated with these points.”

Cupping therapy has also been known to treat respiratory and lung conditions, including the common cold and asthma effectively. In fact, based on the earliest recorded conditions, among the various systems of the body, the respiratory system is the system that most especially benefited from cupping therapy.

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What Is Holistic Drug Rehabilitation Therapy?

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Eastern philosophy is a major part of our culture and we often hear people on TV approach physical and mental issues with natural and alternative types of healing. Holistic drug rehabilitation includes the use of a plan of treatment that will help heal the spirit, mind, and body of the addict. This includes the use of medications for detoxifying the patient if that is what the alcohol or drug abuser needs. However, the plan itself will often contain elements that integrate psychotherapy, herbal medicine, acupuncture in Boca Raton, yoga therapy, and vitamin supplements.

If a patient has been diagnosed with a psychiatric classification from the dsm IV-R, has major bipolar depression, or has a dual diagnosis, then a holistic drug rehabilitation program should be used to address these issues. There will be simple exercise classes, meals will be usually prepared using natural ingredients, and the person as a whole will be treated. This won’t mean there’s no tough love or rules but eastern nutritional therapies the east will be also included.

Holistic therapies are unique for each type of patient. Some holistically oriented drug recovery rehab programs may involve group walks, guided imagery, and breathing exercises. Is this therapy for a loved one or for you? If you’re already interested in spirituality, meditation, health foods, and vitamins this can complement your style perfectly. People who promote the holistic recovery path believe that conventional approaches only tackle the physical aspect of the person. They believe that unless the mental and spiritual factors are dealt with as well as the introduction of a new routine of nutrition, success won’t happen. To be fair, all conventional therapies have a psychotherapy component and do help therapists dig in into ghosts from the patient’s past and into their family background that lead to self-destructive patterns. The holistic programs however, do emphasize a natural approach and aims to treat the patient as a whole.

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What Is Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

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There are various forms of alternative treatments and therapies. Some of the popular ones are shiatsu, Reiki therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure, acupuncture in Bellingham, and even crystal therapy. MLD or manual lymphatic drainage is one other example. This form of alternative treatment is based on the premise that treatment and healing can be accomplished by restoring the natural lymphatic state of the body. It actually is a type of massage therapy that targets the lymph vessels and nodes of the body. Read the following facts in order to find out whether manual lymphatic drainage is appropriate for you

The Roots of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a natural form of alternative therapy that began in the 1930’s. It was prohibited to tinker with the human lymphatic system at that time. MLD was first utilized by Estrid and Emil Vodder, two Danish physicians – – to address chronic sinusitis and disorders of the immune system. In 1836, they introduced it to France. Nowadays, MLD is widely used in various areas of the world.

How Does MLD Work?

You will be evaluated by a specialist when you enter a clinic that specializes in manual lymphatic drainage. Your general condition and health will be examined after which you will be given recommendations about the MLD sessions that suit you. A session may last for one hour to one and a half hours. You will be given a light and rhythmic massage combined with specialized and gentle pumping techniques. Generally, the movement aims to follow the direction of the flow of your body’s lymph which stimulates the lymphatic vessels. You need to remember that these vessels play a huge part in delivering antibodies and much needed nutrients to your body. It also plays an active part in freeing waste particles and toxins from your body. Lymph vessel stimulation is vital in eliminating the obstructions within. This action can strengthen the immune system and also help resolve ailments such as infections, allergies, headaches, and even low energy levels.

What are the Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Now that know what manual lymphatic drainage massage is, we now need to talk about what it can do for your general condition and everyday health. MLD, first and foremost, is actually a remedial therapy. This means that it is a generally accepted form of treatment for certain ailments. It has been shown to work extremely well in removing rheumatoid arthritis, stomach bloating, edema, sinus congestion, and even migraines. Since it promotes tissue healing, it may also be effective in treating fractures, torn ligaments, and sprains. There are reports that MLD can help treat burns, wounds, scars, acne, and even ugly stretch marks. Secondly, it is considered a preventive form of treatment helping strengthen the immune system of the body which prevents you from easily contacting disease. It also helps regulate the circulatory system. Besides its preventive and remedial qualities, MLD massage therapy is also a popular way to alleviate people from tension and stress so it can be part of a relaxing and healthy habit.

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Feng Shui Remedies To Offset The Negative Chi In Your Home

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As per the principles of yin and yang, as there are Feng Shui violations, so too are there remedies that can be used to neutralize the adverse effects of negative chi. Those aids pertain to the internal, external, and historical, factors of a structure.

For every Feng Shui violation that concerns the outside factors and history of a structure, there is a corresponding remedy. It can be a rapid development of a structure on a property that’s been burned to the ground. In such a situation, extract a meter of the property’s topsoil and substitute it with a new one from a good source. This is one way of balancing the negative chi and rectifying the pattern of the energy of the property. If you have a house with a rear lower than the level of the front street, at the back area of your house, install a pole with a 24-hour low wattage lamp on top that measures above the level of the street. This will help bring up positive chi at the back to a level higher than the front of the house. Reorient the house so that its entrance is on the rear. This means the living rooms and the main door are located at the back part of your home so that when entering the house this will give a psychological effect of going up instead of going down.

Property slopes downward to the rear of your house should be emptied. The back portion of your house should be filled up in order to make the back higher than the front. A straight street leads to a home at a Y- or T-junction. So as not to face the road directly, reposition the door and put up a wall to block the sha. In front of the door, you can also put in a flowing fountain in front of the door to diffuse the flow of negative chi and plant tall shrubs to soften the Chiong. If the aforementioned Feng Shui aids cannot be implemented for whatever reason, hang a convex mirror or Ba Gua on the door’s top to redirect the sha. If your house is situated at the dead end of an inverted T-junction, install a concave mirror on top of the door. House fronting a residential subdivision’s entrance. Plant shrubs and transfer the main door of your home to serve as a sha absorber. Consider moving to a more peaceful residential area if your house is located in an industrial complex.

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The Re-Emergence of Gua Sha Therapy In China

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Scraping therapy or gua sha therapy started out as a form of folk medicine in China. Wei Yi Lin, a doctor whole lived during the Yuan Dynasty wrote a book called the Effective Formulas Handed Down for Generations. In the book, the doctor wrote, “Use wet hemp to scrape the surface of the knee, wrist, neck, and elbow until there is only slight bleeding of the skin. Clothe the body with quilts and thick clothing and then feed the patient with fresh Chinese onion tea, fermented soybean and Chinese green onion decoction. This will help loosen the skin make him feel extremely relaxed.”

We Yi Lin accurately described the healing art of gua sha therapy. This process involves the scraping of the skin surface on selected parts of the body opening up the pores in order to expel toxins and accumulated waste material for the treatment of diseases and illnesses.

Expect some miliary bleeding below several layers of the skin after the scraping. Gua sha therapy started out as a folk treatment without any theoretical methodical basis. It is commonly administered for treatment of leg pain, back pain, and shoulder pain, as well as for fever, acute entero-gastritis, heat strokes, the common cold, and many others.

The tools used in gua sha therapy in Tarzana include jade tool, buffalo horn, jade tool, silver coins, chinaware bamboo plates, and various other tools with smooth edges. Prior to the scraping, the practitioner may lubricate the skin with vegetable oil, alcohol, or water.

The ancient folk treatment of gua sha therapy gradually lost its popularity with the advent of modern medical science and with the use of modern medical techniques. This was true in the major cities of China except in rural areas where there was a shortage of modern medical services. It is still used to treat simple illnesses and ailments in those regions.

Today, while people are experiencing good health, thanks to the advancement of modern medicine and the introduction of the latest medical skills, they are also being damaged by the effects of ecological disasters, pharmaceutical medications, and environmental pollution.

According to a report published by China’s Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Center of the Health Ministry, in recent years, there have been about 191,000 deaths each year among hospitalized patients caused by the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. In China, medication-related deaths are ten times greater than the deaths caused by infectious diseases.

This alarming data has caused a huge dilemma in the field of medical treatment. People are starting to realize that a more serious crisis is arising as medical techniques become more advanced. This has forced medical workers to opt for natural modes of treatment rather than allopathic treatments as the new standards of medical therapies. Because of this, Gua sha or scraping therapy is becoming a preferred mode of treatment more and more due to its zero side effects, simple use, and well-known effectiveness.

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What Is Oriental Medicine?

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The system of healthcare that aims to treat the individual as a whole is known as Oriental medicine. As all holistic health approaches do, Oriental medicine, which includes TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, Tuina massage, acupressure, herbal medicine, and acupuncture, is designed to balance the spirit, body, and mind. These treatment modalities have already been in use even before the advent of modern civilization. In truth, Oriental medicine predates Christ’s birth by about five millennia.

Aside from nutritional counseling, practitioners of modern Oriental medicine often utilize a mixed bag of natural healing therapies when treating patients. They include Chinese herbal medicine, cupping therapy, moxibustion, Tai Chi, and acupuncture, among others.

Acupuncture in King of Prussia

In Oriental medicine, acupuncture is grounded on the notion that the body is made up of energy channels or meridians. These channels have “acupoints” that control the flow of vital energy or chi. According to this belief, by inserting hair-like filiform needles into the acupoints, underlying problems can be treated. How? Acupuncturists believe that the sticking of needles at certain acupoints can help eliminate blockages, and enable Chi to freely flow unhindered throughout the meridians. This, in part, helps restore balance and health to the body and balances the life force.


Auriculotherapy or auricular acupuncture is a different type of acupuncture that some Oriental medicine practitioners administer to treat certain types of disease. This unique form of acupuncture entails the sticking of acupuncture needles into the meridians of the auricle or outer ear. Acupuncturists who offer this treatment are usually certified and uniquely trained in this procedure.

Practitioners of Oriental medicine can also treat patients using cupping or moxibustion therapies. In moxibustion, the herb or “mugwort,” or is used.

Cupping Therapy

In Oriental medicine, cupping is used to help eliminate toxins and negative blood from the body. Flame or heat is sometimes used and briefly applied to the inside of the cup(s). They are then immediately placed on the patient’s skin. This produces a suction-like effect on the skin. To promote pain relief and healing, practitioners of Chinese medicine slide the cup from one point to another. This method is also known as “gliding.”


In moxibustion therapy, Chinese herbs are grounded and burned. They then are applied onto the affected acupoints in the body or set on the upper tip of acupuncture needles. Moxibustion is designed to naturally warm these areas of the body and to help improve the flow of Chi.

Tai Chi

Doctors of Oriental medicine may also recommend as a natural health exercise to patients, Qigong and Tai Chi. Tai chi is a slow-motion, defense art widely known for its stress-reducing effects. Moreover, it can be a good way to enhance one’s range of motion and flexibility in the muscles and joints and to improve balance.


Qigong is usually combined as a breathing exercise with Tai Chi practice to maintain and improve health.

As with any health professional, one needs to verify the credentials of a potential doctor of Oriental medicine. Oriental medicine practitioners and acupuncturists should have the license to practice their profession in the State where they reside. To attain licensure, these practitioners are mandated by the State they live in to be certified with the NCCAOM or National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

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